WWE Smackdown results and live blog for July 3: The Great American Bash

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: Big Show sits on Alberto Del Rio during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

WWE Smackdown is back with another live Tuesday night special tonight (July 2, 2012) from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, featuring the return of The Great American Bash, as the company is calling it.

I'm not entirely sure what the point is of calling this show by that name, other than the fact that WWE wants to act all patriotic seeing as it's going down on the eve of Independence Day. So expect some sort of silly segment to drive that point home.

The main event of the evening will be a battle royal that features all the major players from both brands. John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show; everyone who is anyone is involved. The best part?

The winner will be Raw and Smackdown General Manager next week. Yippee!

Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are booked to take on Great Khali and Diva's Champion Layla at some point during the evening. This on orders from Teddy Long, who will be running the show. Naturally, tag team matches should be expected and here's the first of what could be many.

Oh, and we could see one more wrestler added to the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match.

All that and more.

Smackdown kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on SyFy so be sure to come back and join us right here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders. It's always a good time. Live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

We go backstage to a tailgate party with a bunch of jobbers partying. Natalya tells Yoshi Tatsu Bret Hart isn't just the best wrestler ever, he's also the best uncle. It's all silly.

Now Hornswoggle gets splashed with water in a pool by a few divas.

Teddy Long shows up and welcomes everyone to Super Smackdown live. He tells everyone to feel free to make a mess because he's got someone to help pick it up.

The camera pans to Eve in a maid suit.

Long then introduces the U.S. champion, Santino Marella. He says he wants to light the barbecue but can't do it with a lighter.

Suddenly, everyone stops and they pan over to Kane. He does his spot where he raises his arms and brings them down and fire pops up. Except this time, the barbecue lights.



Out comes Alberto Del Rio with intro from the esteemed Ricardo Rodriguez.

Del Rio starts by saying he's not here to celebrate America but talk about something much more important -- himself. Finally, he has his one-on-one title match against Sheamus and once he destroys the horrible bastard, he's going to send him back to Ireland crying like a little girl.

He says he understands why the people like Sheamus; it's because he's a common peasant like they are, always trying to take advantage of working people like Del Rio.

"Relax. Don't hate me because I'm successful and you're not. I came to this country legally. I made a lot of money in Mexico and I made a lot of money here. And you people make me sick."

His saying he got here legally got good heat. Which is hilarious.

Suddenly, Del Rio goes out to ask Mexican folks where their papers are. He starts calling them illegal aliens and saying they need to go back to where they came from. He calls out one guy in particular for saying he's illegal.

"No, man, this isn't Arizona. This is TEXAS!" says the fan.

Del Rio goes to rush the guy but Sheamus' music hits and he comes out to brawl with the number one contender. They go back and forth until Del Rio gets the advantage and puts Sheamus in between the hood of his car and the engine and starts knocking him over the head with it.

Good opening segment.


Great Khali and Layla vs. Antonio Cesaro and Aksana -- I truly don't understand what Khali is doing in this match. Layla looks so ridiculous next to him.

The match starts with Cesaro going at him with punches to the gut and forearms to the head but Khali sends him in the corner and hits the slap to the chest that makes the crowd cringe. Cesaro moves away from a boot, though, and takes control but once again gets reversed and slapped.

In come the ladies and Layla gets a two count before Cesaro can break it up. He ends up getting sent out by Khali and that allows Layla to do a bit more and get the pin.

Layla's got new entrance music. It plays and she dances with the big man.


Teddy Long runs into Cody Rhodes backstage. Rhodes says the Board of Directors accepted his appeal and granted him another Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight.

Long says he knows and they entrusted him to decide who Rhodes will go up against.




Cody Rhodes vs. Christian -- They brawl early before an ugly shoulder block from Rhodes leads to a one count. Another low impact move leads to another one count and we're off to a bad start.

Now Christian takes over and hits a medium impact move that gets a one count.

Let's not make this RVD vs. Mr. Anderson from Impact, guys.

Just as I say that, Rhodes tries to pin Christian twice in a row. Sigh. Thankfully, WWE goes to commercial.

Coming back and Rhodes goes for two pinfall attempts within minutes. At least this time they made sense.

Christian gets Rhodes coming off the top and then does his version of the hulk up. Jump out over the rope and punch spot followed by a big crossbody off the top. That gets a two count.

Cody comes back and hits his kick to the gut off the ropes. Roll up from Christian gets two. He rushes into the corner and Rhodes moves before rolling him up and getting two. He gets frustrated and starts trying to remove the padding on one of the turnbuckles but the referee stops him.

Christian tries to take advantage but only gets two. He looks for the spear but runs into a kick. Still, he reverses again and looks for the Kill Switch but Rhodes reverses and gets the Cross Rhodes for the pin.


Backstage again and Zack Ryder shows up to ask Teddy Long if he can be DJ. He says he's got Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, all the goods.

Heath Slater says screw that, he'll be the entertainment. He tries to sing but gets booed and pelted with food and drink.

Ryder takes the DJ booth and Brodus Clay's music hits. He shows up with his ladies and they dance into the next break.


Time for another Money in the Bank qualifying match.

Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler -- They start by jawing at each other before Riley hits a dropkick. He tries to get a quick pin on it but Ziggler kicks out.

That would have been terrible.

Dolph comes back and gets the jumping elbow for two. Sleeper on the ground and Ziggler stands on his head, showing off. Riley eventually fights back and drops Ziggler on his back. Big clotheslines now and then a spinebuster that gets a two count.

Riley tries to set up a DDT but Ziggler pushes him into the corner. He rushes in but misses and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Riley tries to roll him up but Ziggler just kicks out.

Not long after, Dolph hits the Zig Zag to get the pin.

Damn good match for how short it was. Plus, Ziggler in the MITB ladder match? Perfect.


Michael Cole in the ring asks for everyone's attention before introducing AJ for an interview.

She skips to the ring and Cole says he's always been fair and balanced, unlike her. She's been anything but balanced lately. She tries to respond but he cuts her off by telling her she'll get the chance to respond to everything from last night.

Video replay of what did happen last night on Raw. It was actually an awesome little production.

Cole asks, "What the hell were you thinking?"

She says she's been asked that a lot in the last 24 hours. Cole again cuts her off and says she wasn't thinking and she's switched side a million times. He also thinks the Board of Directors made a big mistake putting her in as special guest referee.

"I mean, let's be honest here, AJ. You're nothing but a troubled little girl."

Cole continues by saying she's a teenage little girl living out a fantasy between two guys who, quite frankly, he doesn't know what she sees in them.

"Have you ever thought about pursuing a real man? A man with power and influence. Maybe a former war correspondent now turned voice of the WWE? A man with fame and forturne. I mean, think about it, AJ, think about it. You could have all of this."

Oh my fuck.

Daniel Bryan's music hits and he walks out holding his arm in and not doing his catchphrase. He starts in on Cole while the crowd does the YES! chant for him.

Bryan calls Cole a sexist, emotionally abusive bully. And like the rest of the media, he just makes stuff up and puts words in people's mouths when he gets a story he doesn't like. But this story isn't about him.

Bryan turns to AJ and says she's treating her job as special guest referee very seriously and he knows she'll do an excellent job. And he knows she didn't mean for both he and Punk to go through that table on Raw. She only wanted Punk to go through it and he forgives her for not realizing he was in the line of fire.

Cue Punk's music and he walks out with microphone in hand.

Punk tells Cole to leave because this has nothing to do with him. Cole protests but Punk sends him off anyway.

He gets up in AJ's face and says two people were directly affected by AJ's actions. He feels like shit after going through that table but that's part of the gig. But he won't kiss AJ's ass just because she's the special guest referee in his match.

No, instead he's going to be blunt because that's what she deserves. He says he's worried about her. She's not in a good place mentally and maybe some of that is his fault and maybe he should have said something a lot sooner and because he didn't, he's sorry.

But she needs professional help.

Punk continues by saying he won't do like Bryan and string her along to get whatever he wants, like the title. She's a sweet girl and doesn't deserve that.

Bryan interrupts and calls that a load of garbage. Says Punk is being passive aggressive making a power play here and he doesn't really give a shit about AJ, not like Bryan does. Bryan says Punk knows he needs her to beat him.

They almost come to blows but AJ gets in between the two and then suddenly starts making out with Bryan. Passionately, even.

Punk looks saddened by this and turns around to walk away. He gets out of the ring but AJ stops him and then starts making out with him!

Now Bryan looks upset.

AJ skips out while Punk and Bryan are left to wonder what the hell to think about all this.


Santino Marella comes out and says in honor of Independence Day he wants to introduce Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan has his partners in this six man tag team match.

Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jim Duggan vs. Hunico, Camacho, and Drew McIntrye -- Cole asks why these fossils are always called out for shows like this and Booker T says it's because it's the Great American Bash and that's what it's all about, bringing back legends.

Uh, okay.

The heels take the early advantage with Santino getting beat on by all three of his opponents. He makes enough of a comeback to tag in Hacksaw, who gets a clothesline off the three point stance on Hunico. The pinfall attempt is broken up and Cole literally says, "What a shock, a breakdown in a six-man."

That was great.

Meanwhile, Santino is back in and he hits the Cobra. That gets the pin on Hunico and the crowd seems to have enjoyed it.


Backstage for more of the barbecue. R-Truth makes a plate and tells Long the party is happening. Little Jimmy is jumping up and down.

Damien Sandow shows up and unplugs the stereo. He says this is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they were fighting for our independence.

Ryder comes in and asks what his problem is since they're just trying to have a good time. Sandow calls him a mouth breathing miscreant and they end up fighting. Ryder grabs a bowl of punch and goes to throw it on Sandow but he ducks and it hits Eve, who stands there and cries.

So the babyfaces all gather around and laugh at her. Teddy Long even stopped R-Truth from helping clean her up.


Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in the ring. Reks says he knows he can beat Ryback but they flipped a coin and Hawkins lost so, best of luck.

Hey, a legit wrestler taking on Ryback. Nice.

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins -- Hawkins tries to punch Ryback but he no sells it. Sit down jawbreaker from Ryback after Hawkins jumped on his back. The Goldberg chants start up. Ryback rushes Hawkins, who ducks but ends up running into a huge clothesline.

He picks him up and does the march before hitting the fall away slam for the pin.

Easy peasy.


Another video replay airs of Del Rio and Sheamus earlier and we're told Sheamus can't compete in the Battle Royal tonight.



Teddy Long comes out and says a bunch of crap and says it's time for the main event battle royal match.

They actually do entrances for Del Rio, Kane, Jack Swagger and John Cena before cutting to break to get the rest of the guys out there.

Never mind, they're still doing entrances back from break. Punk and Big Show appear to be the last two and we're underway.

20 man battle royal -- Mayhem with this many bodies in the ring. We'll just try to keep you abreast on the eliminations. Justin Gabriel is out first thanks to Show slapping him off the ropes.

Brodus Clay gets tossed by Show, as well.

Ezekial Jackson is eliminated by the camera is late getting to him, so I'm not sure who sent him out.

Great Khali is sent out by a few different guys, thank god.

Damien Sandow is taken out by Zack Ryder, of all people. That's sad.

Santino Marella is dumped but again the camera is late getting there.

Show tosses both Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston. He was overzealous in doing so and almost sent himself over unintentionally. That would have been awesome.

They cut to commercial and that really sucks for a battle royal where it's nice to see who is getting eliminated and when.

They come back and we're told there are 10 guys left in the match.

Punk and Bryan end up getting tossed out but I missed how. Replay shows that a cross body sent them both over the top.

Tensai rallies a few troops and they got to work on Cena. Naturally, he battles back and takes out three men at once. Big surprise.

Alberto Del Rio is gone, tossed by a hulked up Cena.

Tensai tries to put Cena over the top but Cena sends him out instead. Big Show runs up and ends up tossing Cena out himself.

An attack on Show from multiple guys yields another elimination, this time Christian.

Ziggler jumps on Show's back and Kane knocks them both out.

That leaves just Kane and Zack Ryder. Unreal.

Not surprisingly, Kane beats on Ryder. Eventually, Ryder comes back and sets up Kane for the Broski Boot. He actually gets it and the crowd is hot. Ryder sets up for the Rough Rider but Kane catches him for a choke slam. Ryder gets out and ends up pulling the rope down to win the battle royal.

Zack Ryder is the General Manager for Smackdown next week.

Didn't expect that. Pretty good stuff.


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