E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for July 25, 2012


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RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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This week's show emanated from Danville, Il. and the crowd was pretty hot all night long, as they should've since RPW once again put on one hell of a showing on this episode of Wednesday Night Revival.

The show start with an unadvertised match where the British Team of the Union Jacks had a "try-out" match against the Art of War C.R.A.F.T. The Union Jacks showed ruthless offense and played the number game for much of the match, luckily for the fans in attendance, the fan favorite twins managed to stage a comeback and take the victory with each of the twins delivering the Dragon Driver to one of their British foes, remember that the Dragon Driver is the trademark manuever of the suspended N°1 contender Aron Scythe who was front row in the crowd supporting the young team of twins. After the match Scythe jumped the rail to celebrate with Billy and Jimmy Craft, and they made amends after a misunderstanding last week. Our Interim GM Sir Charles Strickland came out to the stage and he was none too happy about Scythe ignoring his suspension and barging in to be a part of the show, looks like Aron's suspension will be extended to one more show. Did the Union Jacks impress you, do you think they should be hired to RPW? Let us know in the comments.

Speaking about suspensions, the former No Limits Champion Damien Wolfe is working hard to get his suspension uplifted, per order of the board of directors he has enrolled in an Anger Management class and he seems to be doing....well, better every week.

Brett Bannion continued his winning streak in the undercard of the show and he along with the uber annoying Matt Josham continued to trash talk and bury "The Lethal Injection" Alex Monroe, Monroe off course had a slot in the main card and he was tasked with providing a welcome to one of RPW's newest stars, the extravagant Taiga. Taiga's flamboyancy seem to have induced a rage into WNR's color commentator Benjamin Washington, but it looks like this issue might be personal and go beyond what Taiga just showed on his debut. Apart from his outlandish conduct, Taiga did show some pretty good wrestling prowess, he imposed his highly physical style in the much smaller Alex Monroe and dominated from the starting bell, that wasn't enough to take Monroe who one again proved that he can finish anyone off if given the opportunity, one move was all that it took to turn the tide for Monroe and earn him a victory, The Geno in Vultus is a move that must be instilling fear in the hearts of every RPW competitor.

After the match Alex Monroe gave Taiga a lesson on respect, Monroe keeps looking better and better every week and after a rough start he seems to be adapting well to RPW because as Taiga just found out, your outside accomplishments won't be enough to carry you in RPW as we boast the most hard-working, and arguably the most talented roster in the planet.

We finally got to meet Shirley Watson, an old aquaintance of Super Agent Jackson Gerritt, she's seems to be the newest member of Ronnie Reynolds' ridiculously large staff, she seems to be working to solve the mystery that is the RPW wrestler only known as Enigma.

Sir Charles Strickland came out to the ring once again, this time joined in by RPW commissioner Rufus Biggs, both men confirmed Aron Scythe to be suspended for two more weeks, thus missing our next show. More importantly Biggs announced that he's introducing mandatory RPW Heavyweight title defenses every two months, this means that Ian Jones must defend his title between this show and the next or risk being stripped. Since the number one contender is suspended, Rufus and Strickland had to come up with a new Contender for next week's show, they decided that they would both select a candidate and they would face off in a match tonight that would determine the new number 1 contender. The Villanous Strickland surprised a bit by selecting fan favourite Douglas Gallagher, much to the crowd's delight. Rufus instead said that he would need a bit more time to select his candidate.

After weeks of back and forth confrontation, The 1% and The Latin American Wrecking Crew finally went head to head in an official match. This marked the official return to competiton for Espirito do Animal, who had suffered an ankle Injury at the hands of Landon Jackson of the 1%. The 5'8, 190 pound Gustavo Gusmao showed off his Gorilla Strenght by Suplexing Jackson and Reynolds all the way through the ring but when the 7 feet tall, 400 pound Hyperion Rushmore entered the scene Gusmao lost his biggest weapon, he still tried to fight off the Giant although he didn't get much success, Karma came into play as Jackson injured his ankle when Gustavo Gusmao knocked him off the apron, this turned the match into a 4 on 3 situation, and things turned even more dire for the 1% when Enigma appeared on the revivaltron to taunt Ronnie Reynolds.

Enigma boasted of having caught Shirley Watson spying on him, but it turned out to be a decoy and it looks like Watson might now what she's doing since that might've given Enigma a false sense of securite that allowed her and Gerritt to sneak into Enigma's car earler tonight.

Reynolds rushed backstage to answer Enigma's challenge and that made the match a 4 vs 2, Gustavo Gusmao used the interruption to tag El Omega 23 into the match and he was able to take it to Hyperion Rushmore, El Omega dominated the action and locked in the Crossface Chickenwing, Hyperion tried to reach the corner to tag in Jafaar al-Sultan but the leader of the 1% decided to cut his losses and abandon his hired muscle. El Omega 23 turned his submission hold into a millenium suplex and finished things off with the boot of the south.

Douglas Gallagher paid a visit to John "The Brand" Brandenburg, he wanted to wish him luck on their match tonight as he was sure that Brand would be selected as Biggs candidate. Jafaar al-Sultan wanted consideration too and he went to make his argument directly to Biggs office, briefcase in hand.

Taiga wasn't the only debuting star this week on Revival, Emerson Favreau also was scheduled to make his debut against the brutal Excellence, Emerson appeared in the company of Dominic Golden and the deemed this match up too "low-profile" for the Great Emerson Favreau who appears to have aligned himself with the 1%. Excellence ended up facing Gary Graplin instead and he made short work of him using the Mark of Excellence to capture a victory for the second week in a row.

Matt Josham might have pushed his luck a bit to far tonight in an interview with Ironman Champion Halfus Lykarn, he suggested that his challenger tonight, Hakai Dragon was the betting favorite for the match up, Lykarn took this not too kindly and cut the interview short by shoving Josham into the wall, Lykarn showed off some anger and he starts to look more and more like his training partner Damien Wolfe with every passing week.

Jack Dobbs might not be an RPW authority figure but he's still under contract with the promotion and he continues to push for Shane Adames to be signed into the promotion. RPW EVP of Talent Relations Richard Goldstein seems to hold a grudge with Adames for his time as an active wrestler though, that might be the only thing keeping Adames out of the company.

Sirius Danger went one on one with No Limits Champion Mr. Nice Guy in a non-title no limits match, Danger has been asking to be put in No Limits match for weeks now and his wish was granted, the match didn't run long though as Kirk Cobain came out to assault Danger, Kirk wasn't happy at all that Sirius Danger paid a visit to Kirk's mom. The match officially ended in a no contest and Kirk stood tall over Danger, even lifting the No Limits Belt in the air, Champion MNG didn't like that one bit and he stood up to Cobain. Kirk Cobain ended up giving the champion a double arm DDT before leaving and Cobain continues to show a radical change on his behaviour.

Last week Brandy Swinson was injured when Kirk Cobain threw Leonard Knox over the top rope and into Swinson, Knox looked very worried about the situation and even forfeited the match to follow Swinson backstage, Swinson was carried to a hospital and it looks like Knox even tagged along there. Brandy is doing better and should resume her activities next week but she and Knox seem to have something else going on, any guesses Cagesiders?

Ian Jones continues to try and get in the head of Aron Scythe, this time he suggested that he traveled all the way to Japan to intimidate Scythe's inlaws. Ian Jones continues to prove himself as a despicable sub-human being. Stil, a new number one contender for his title was to be decided and while Jones could've stayed at ringside to scout his prospective opponents he paid them no mind, claiming that he would defeat anyone easily next week.

Douglas Gallagher came out first, his opponent not yet revealed, it wasn't until the next entrance when we discovered that it was Jafaar al-Sultan who would face Gallagher, the two had previously cross paths in a RPW Ironman title match that saw Sultan retain his then title. Gallagher was out looking for payback but the Oil Magnate was determined to go 2-0 over the Liverpudlian even resorting to cheating behind the ref's back numerous time, in the end there was nothing tha Sultan could do to stop the Liverpool Sensation who used the Flight of the Liverbird to earn a title shot two weeks from now. Gallagher immediately proceeded to call out Jones call him all talk no action and an embarrasment for the entire UK, Jones came out and said that he would defeat Gallagher in 5 seconds, he acted like he was leaving be he returned and blindsided Gallagher with a gold plate to the face, the two Englishmen will face off for the title in our next show.

Finally we got to our main event were Halfus Lykarn defended against Hakai Dragon in a highly entertaining match which showed a sky high pace and great technical ability, in the end it was the champion who retained his title with an inverted signature brand, Lykarn refused to let go of the hold as our transmission went to black, after the live television feed went off it was John Brandenburg who went to confront the champion, be sure to join our mailing list to recieve the RPW Dirt Sheet and find out exactly what went off between Lykarn and Brandenburg after the show ended.

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