A few things I must keep telling/asking myself.

As a grown man who will now freely admit he likes wrestling again (though probably still only if prodded) there are a few things I can't get over. I can't really think of anything else that has this effect on me. It's shame and joy within a two or three hour span.

I guess whatever you get out of wrestling is your own opinion and affection, but for me as a grown semi-educated adult I admit I feel silly watching it at times, and yet I think that is also part of the attraction. I guess these are a few of the phrases and questions I find my brain pondering.

"Why am I watching this?" Yet I deride other fictional products that probably have more substance.

"What the hell am I getting out of this?" Seemingly half the time I am done watching wrestling I am frustrated at either:
A. Not liking the outcome
B. The actual production itself left me upset

"Isn't this kind of gay?" I don't give a shit who's gay or what anyone else's sexual preference is, that is their life and not mine. But as a heterosexual, there is always going to be that little voice in my head telling me "Bro, this is two men semi-dressed grabbing each other." This one doesn't come up as much as the others but if you spend enough time watching wrestling it has crossed your mind, don't lie.

"I'd better delete my DVR" I wouldn't want anyone to know that I watch, let alone tape wrestling programs. A few close friends know I like wrestling but I generally wouldn't put that in a profile of myself or anything like that. Yet I think this too is also something that I like about wrestling. That I'm able to enjoy it despite keeping it a secret makes it a little more fun, kinda like having an affair.

"I can't because I'm doing laundry" Ya gotta have an excuse that isn't "I can't because I'm gonna watch wrestling all night"

"What things do I actually know I enjoy from this?" This is the question that ultimately answers all. It's fun, very predictable and often childish, yet the times that do surprise, make me feel nostalgic. Wrestling fills a void that regular television, movies, and sports can't. It is all predetermined yet riding out the mystery until it either fufills or dissapoints is still what is fun about wrestling to me. It takes me back to my younger days and also makes me laugh a lot, be it intentionally or by pure accident.

I don't know how you guys watch or what your life is like, but these are just the things that pop up in my head as a casual wrestling fan of average intelligence.

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