Canadian Stampede 1997



With the Dawn of the new era upon us with Raw 1000 I figured I will go to a previous dawn of another era, the Attitude Era. In this case I want to begin in July of 1997 at the height of Bret Harts power in the WWF with the rise of the Hart Family stable. Interesting that in 4 months he would be taken out and sent packing in the screw job of an era. However, what is important is the link the Montreal Screw Job has, as the official start of the Attitude Era and the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. If Wrestlemania 13 spring boarded Austin to the top of the Card, Canadian Stampede solidified Austin's top status. So lets go back to a time when PPVs were 20 dollars and Non Big 5 PPV only lasted 2 hours.

Rating : Are numbered in cans of Coors Beer 5 being best to 0 at worst. 0 makes Austin really mad.

Your announcers are Vince, JR, and The King

Recap of Raw and King of the Ring which sets up the match between:

HHH vs. Mankind.

The one year punishment from the Clique incident is over, and HHH was crowned the new King of the Ring in 1997. A noticeably leaner and muscular Chyna is in the Ring with HHH; still known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Mick Foley as Mankind was always a little off putting. HHH attacks Mankind as he enters the ring. Mankind takes over and launches HHH into the corner and follows up with a nice clothline. A dirty stinking leg dropped is hit by Mankind along with a little mockery of HHH's then blue blood gimmick. A nice knee by HHH on a reversal but he is flung over the top rope after a miscalculated charge. Back in the ring Mankind covers and gets two.. Another toss to the corner and HHH does his spot where he flips over the corner top rope and hit’s the floor. The match moves to the ramp and Mankind hits sweet suplex on HHH . Ouch even my back hurts. I still cant get over how lean Chyna looks. Its like a different women. Finally HHH sunset flips in, but a mandable claw by Mankind and Chyna finally interdicts herself in the match with a forearm. I can say this during most of her career Chyna could work. Now HHH and Chyna do an awesome spot on the floor where HHH whips Mankind into Chyna, who then body slams Mankind into the steel ring steps. HHH then introduces a chair to Mankind’s leg and now back in the ring begins to work on the knee. Blue blood bow is follow by another kick on Mankind’s knee. Hey psychology, who’d a thunk it. HHH beating Mankind in the corner, an attempted whip to the corner is hampered by Mankind being unable to stand on the leg. Now Figure four. HHH grabbing the ropes for heel ish leverage. Mankind breaks the hold by punching HHH in the face. HHH head is introduced to the top turnbuckle, reverse whip sends Mankind to the corner, attempted Pedigree is blocked with an attempted sling shot. That’s blocked by HHH pushing Mankind into the corner who then falls head first into HHH crotch. Its so sad and a shame that HHH couldn’t pleasure Chyna that night. HHH is flunged into the corner upside down, nice elbow by Mankind. Mankind gets the piledriver but only a two count. HHH is cloth lined over the top rope . Chyna blocks Mankind chair use and clothelines Mankind. Hmmmm, me thinks this is a handicap match. HHH is crotched on the top rope and mandible claw by Mankind. Oh more crotch shots as Chyna pull Mankind to the ground and crotches him on the steel pole. Now they are fighting in the crowd, a wild brawl as the Canadian crowd is going crazy for this. They are briefly separated but the fight continues, through the stands into the parking lots. Oh the humanity won’t anyone think of the poor referees. The zebras try to separate the two . A replay shows Chyna’s Shenanigans. Double DQ??

Rated: 2.5 cans of Coors (would have been higher but I hated the schmoze.)

The Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku

Match starts with a stare down and feigned shots at eachother. I’m afraid I won’t be able to call this match remembering the Great Sasuke’s pedigree. Wrist lock by Sasuke, several switches to a leg scissor, several two counts and Sasuke pushes out and stands up. Kick by Sasuke and Michinoku is stuck in the leg scissors again reversal and Taka begin to stretch out Sasuke and work the arm. TaKa sent to the rope and a good kick drops Taka. Kicks by Sasuke and its caught and he gets a forearm for his trouble. Ooh Sasuke is hit with a drop kick straight to the head. Sasuke drops Taka to the outside. Sasuke to the top and a kick to Taka partially misses from the top rope to the outside. Sasuke back in the ring, kicks to Taka ala Daniel Bryan and Taka is dropped hard by a round house kick to the noggin. Kick by Sasuke is caught by Taka as a he hits a leg drag. Taka sends Sasuke to the floor and running Suicide Topa to the Floor smacks Sasuke that was awesome. Back In the ring Sasuke attempts a back suplex and Taka flips out of it hurricarrana by Taka hits two. Another pin attempt hits two. However, retaliation by Sasuke sends Taka to the floor and another backward flip off the ropes lands on Taka. Back In the ring Taka hit’s a Belly to belly suplex. Sasuke sent to the corner running leg kick by Taka and flying drop kick this leads to the Michinoku Driver but Sasuke kicks out. To the top is reversed by a drop kick by Sasuke. A pin and two by Sasuke. A modified Razors Edge leads to a pin and Sasuke wins clean. The finish was rather anti-climatic.

Rated 3.5 cans of Coors

Now its time its time its Vader time!

Vader vs Undertaker for the WWF Title

Doc (I am really Michael Hayes) Hendrix is interviewing Paul Bearer. Usual interview by Paul stating; you will go down you will lose, Oh yess. Review of Royal Rumble shows Vader beating Taker. Hey how about that; the WWF Champion is not in the Main Event, I wonder who will Main event, oh yeah now I remember, not Undertaker. Vader is in, its dark, the Bong hits, and the Undertaker appears. Damn this entrance is taking a long time. Let me make a sandwich. Hey someone turned on the lights. Back with my Peanut Butter sandwich. On a side note squeezable strawberry jam is very convenient..

Taker starts off strong with strikes to the corner, Vader is down and another stinking smelly wart infested leg drop of doom. Vader into the corner again and a splash by Taker. Only a two count. Taker is up and walking the rope before Old School was cool. A kick out by Vader and Vader reverses the situations. A sit up is quickly halted by Vader. Taker sent to the rope, ducks and flies off the other rope with a high clotheline and knocks down Vader. A two count leads to Vader taking the advantage and Vader is holding Taker in a front headlock.. Sent to the ropes reversal by Taker, big boot stalls Vader and another boot sends Vader to the outside. Ouch Vader reverses an Irish whip and sends Taker to the steel steps. Now Paul Bearer is talking smack to Taker and beats him with loafers. Hey that’s mean Paul! Vader bringing Taker in the hard way but drops down to the floor thus cloth lining Vader on the top rope. Flying cloth line by Taker off the Top rope only gets a two count. Ooh Vader tossed hard to the floor. Taker then chases Paul but his struck in the back by Vader. LOL at a cheerful Paul is hitting the Undertaker with his shoe. Vader now beating down Taker in the corner. Short arm clotheline and a flying clothline by Vader. Only a two count. Vader now sets and gets a suplex on the Undertaker. Big splash by Vader but Taker still kicks out. Ugh now a nerve hold of excruciating numbness. Unfortunately Vader is blown and they need a long rest spot. Taker gets some action but its back to rest holds as Vader is visually gone. Back in the middle of the ring and a testicle kick by Vader stops the choke slam. An attempted tombstone piledriver is reversed. Taker is still out and we are gong to the Vader bomb. The stalling is of gigantic proportion. And a ball buster by the Undertaker leads to a chokeslam off the top rope. Vader kicks out. Another Choke slam and Vader kicks out. Tombstone pile driver and its crazy to look at Vader upside down. It hits and a three count. Undertaker is still your WWF champion.

Besides the ending sequence and Paul getting some cheap shot I am calling this fight: 1.5 Cans of Coors.

The Main Event The Hart Family and Brian Pillman vs. Austin, Golddust , Ken Shamrock, and the Legion of Doom

Austin and the rest are in the ring awaiting the Hart Family. Remember since we are in Canada the Heels are faces and the faces are heels. The crowd is hot for the Hart Foundation as they are being introduced one by one. Big pops for Anvil and Davey Boy Smith w/Diana Hart (ugh). LOL at the sign for Family Values. Our IC Champion and Slammy Award winner Owen Hart is introduced to another huge ovation. All that is left is for the Leader of the Harts to be announced. Here we go Bret Hart music hits and Canada just exploded. Huge pop as the Hart stable walks down the aisle and into the ring. We get a shot of crusty old Stu and Helen Hart. Now the stare down and trash talking commences with Bret and Austin starting the match. Slug fest and the crowd is hot. Bret gets the upper hand and beats on Austin into the corner. Austin takes control, head butts Bret and gives a two finger salute to the Canadian crowd. Hart then regains control, clotheline and rubs Austin’s head on the top rope. Ball buster by Austin and he regains control. Austin is going full heel on the Hitman. Million dollar Dream by Austin and Hart is fading. Bret reverses Austin into the pin maneuver he used at Wrestlemania 8. Hart regains control and now moves Austin into his corner. The anvil is tagged in. Whip to the rope missed by Anvil and a Lou Thez press by Austin. Austin tags in Shamrock. He is from the world of no holds barred fighting you know. LOL, at the What’s Kayfabe sign in the background. Side kick by Shamrock and quick attempt at the ankle lock. Pillman interferes and Shamrock is distracted. Anvil regains control but Shamrock with a nice rollup pin attempt. Pillman is in and a arm drag by Shamrock transitioning into an armbar. Shamrock takes Pillman into the corner but Pillman rakes the eyes. Position reversal and chops to Shamrock, and a back suplex. It gets two. Shamrock again to the corner and is dropped to the ground. A two count again and Pillman is up and slapping Shamrock in the face. Sharmrock back to the turn buckle but comes off strong and double over Pillman. A belly to belly suplex on Pillman and in comes Owen. Golddust is tagged in and Owen works him to the corner. Reversal by Golddust sends Owen into the corner and a back body drop. A quick enziguri by Owen gets two. JR comments on Owens nice hair cut. Ya its cool. Golddust tags in Hawk and nice gut wrench suplex followed by a leg drop. Hawk slams Owen and goes to the top and an awkward splash by Hawk gets two. Owen sent to the ropes, holds them and Hawk hits air on the attempted drop kick. Davey is tagged in and hits a sweet standing suplex. Powerslam attempt is successful and Golddust breaks the tag. Animal and Bret are now in. Head butts by Animal, Bret whipped into the corner and a kick to Animals head and he gets clothlined down to the floor by Bret. Animal moves away and tags in Golddust. Test of strength is broken with a kick to the gut by Bret. Golddust now hung upside down on the corner by Bret. The Hart Foundation now takes turn stomping and kicking the crap out of a helpless Golddust.

( LOL at the total heel move by the Harts and the Canadian fans cheering like mad men. This just exemplifies the paradox that exited in the WWF at the time. Bret is a Face in Canada and a heel in the United States. It had worked out almost too perfect. )

A melee breaks out and now everyone is in the ring fighting everyone. The Zebra strangly sends the US Faces back. Now its Owen and Golddust. Golddust sent to the corner and gets out the way as Owen charges. He hit’s the pole and Animal is tagged in. Owen gets worked but reverses to an enziguri again and a good drop kick off the top rope drops the Animal. Owen sent to the ropes, attempted hurracarana by Owen is turned into a power bomb. Animal gives the sign for the LOD Dooms Day Device. Hawk is up and yes he hits Owen with it. Anvil bum rushes in to break the count. Chaos reigns oncemore as Stone Cold is all over Owen, busting his leg on the steel pole. Austin kayfabing the chair on Owen’s leg and then Bruce Hart gets involved. Owen is led away from the match as he is hurt. Austin is going berzerk on the Harts and begin assaulting everyone. Finally Pillman is brought in and the resulting beating gives everyone a free moonbeam. Flying birds lead to a goofy stunner on Pillman. But Pillman roles to the Hart side and Bret drops Austin to the floor and works on Austin’s injured leg and the figure four from the floor is locked in. LOD jumps in and breaks the hold. Hawk is in with Davey Boy and Hawk gets crotched on the top rope. An injured Austin is being forced to the back. Davey and the Anvil double cloth line Hawk but he is able to get to Animal. Now Animal and the Anvil continue another test of strength. Its like 1985 kicked 1997 in the ass. The Anvil cheats and kicks the Animal in the belly which leads to him tagging Bret. An homage to the original Hart Foundation is shown as the Animal laid on Anvils leg and Bret hits him with an elbow after a leap from the second rope. Bret whipping the Animal to the rope but gets kicked in the head for looking down. A Shamrock attempt at a comeback is stymied by a cloth line from Pillman. Bret regains control and crotches Shamrock. Shamrock reverses and throws Bret head first into the corner. Shamrock has Bret on the ground but I guess he is starting to feel a bit too punch drunk and lets Bret stand up who goes all heel on him and sends him to the floor. Pillman grabs Shamrock and launches him into the announcers table. Now its back to a free for all as everyone gets involved. Ouch as Pillman and Anvil slam Hawk into the steel steps. Now Davey is all over Shamrock and goes Stone Cold on him. Ooooh huge ball buster by Shamrock on the Bulldog. Golddust is tagged in and he is all over Davey Boy. Attempted Curtain call is stopped by Pillman storming in. Davey gets up and Superplexes Golddust. That was just awesome. Count is broken up by Hawk. Austin is gimping back to the ring. Austin is tagged and he is all over the Hitman. Birds fly again, Bret flys again, suplexes hit and a two count. Austin now gets hit by a neck breaker. Five moves of doom is stopped at two. Sleeper by Bret is transitioned to a jawbreaker by Austin . Reversal by Bret into a sharpshooter. And Animal jumps in and saves Austin. I say this Face or Heels don’t matter here they are all over each other in this match. Its has been nonstop action. Austin now goes full Heel and puts Bret in a sharpshooter. Owen makes his way in and saves Bret. A slug fest and Owen is sent to the floor. Austin stomping Owen hard and send him back to the ring. Now he goes back and begins to beat on Crusty Stu, Bruce and a nonfamous Hart. Bret gets involved and chucks Austin back in and Owen grabs the role up with a handfull of tights. 1 , 2 ,3 the Harts WIN!!!

Anarchy returns as Shamrock looks like he is giving a legit beating to Bruce Hart. Everyone is in the ring its like we're having an impromptu Battle Royal. Bells are a ringing and irrelevant Harts are in the ring. Hell the entire Hart clan is in there. Zebras are in the ring, security is in the ring, all we need now is Waldo so we can fine him. The losing team is now sent to the back and the Hart Foundation are standing tall in the middle of the ring. Celebration is cut short as Austin return with a chair and politely asks the Anvil to sit down. Now everyone jumps Austin.. LOL at the Austin sucks chants. Austin gets handcuffed by security. Austin is walking away handcuffed and giving the Harts two middle fingers on the way out. With Austin out of the way AARP is being led to the ring to celebrate. I still don’t think Stu had any idea where he was. But it is a celebration for the Hart at the Height of their power. This match was just Awesome!!

This gets 5 Coors Cans and two middle finger salute. Damn how many Harts are there?????

I highly recommend you find any way to watch this PPV, especially the Main Event; it was clearly fantastic. It was also a great event for historical reasons as this was Bret Hart at the height of his power and Main Eventing even though he was not the champion. With signs of the Attitude Era all over, this is the event that catapulted Austin to the toughest SOB we know so well. He was over both as a heel and face. Soon he would be over enough to dethrone HBK. Yes this was the beginnings of Austin becoming the Man. Bret however, would later get the belt and then lead the WWF to Survivor Series where screwing took on a whole new meaning.

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