E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for July 18, 2012


This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief Operating Officer.

You might ask, what is Revival Pro Wrestling (RPW)?

RPW is a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment where everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other weekly for RPW supremacy.

RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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This weeks show came from Chicago, and it started right into the action as we saw the mysterious cruiserweight Enigma make his offcial debut against the skyscrapper of a man known as Hyperion Rushmore. Before the match Enigma made sure to point out that he was going after Ronnie Reynolds and the 1%, but first he had to topple Reynold's new bodyguard. Rushmore doubled Enigma in weight, but the little man made up for it in speed and smarts and gained and early advantage. Then the giant stopped him mid-air with a hard clothesline that turned the tide of the match-up.

Just when we thought that Hyperion was gonna impose his size all the way into a victory, Enigma was able to mount up a comeback and he sealed the deal with a huge double rotation moonsault, that sent notice to everyone in the RPW lockerroom.

Ronnie Reynolds was furious at the defeat of his man and he's using the considerable resources of the 1% to try and find out who this Enigma guy really is. Super Agent Jackson Gerritt seemed to have a plan to unveil the identity of Engima but this ended up causing some internal drama.

Brett "The Chief" Bannion made short work of Gary Graplin in a preliminary match and Matt Josham interviewed him about it, Josham continued to bury Alex Monroe and Bannion didn't have kind words about him either, they both agreed that Monroe was an "easy return match" for Hakai Dragon.

But Monroe proved to be much more than that as he gave Dragon everything he got in route to a very entertaining and even match up. After a back and forth war, Monroe managed to sneak in a brainbuster and was waiting to launch his finishing manuever, the Geno in Vultus, when Brett Bannion's music hit the P.A. System.

The music distracted Monroe for key seconds, which likely allowed Dragon to recover and when Monroe launches himself with his patented knee kick, Dragon managed to duck under it and mount a flurry of offense that culminated in his Tsunami Piledriver and a Mutalock that forced Monroe to tap out. Hakai Dragon was victorious in his return, and he brought in a whole new take no prisoners attitude along with new ring gear and entrance. The crowd still loved Hakai but he seems to be a whole new Hakai Dragon as he even took his time breaking the Mutalock after he had won.

Espirito do Animal was taken out of action by Landon Jackson a month ago, but tonight the strange Brazilian was in the arena. Espirito was sporting a cast on his leg and helped himself along with crutches. He ran into Landon Jackson backstage, after the 1% member taunted him, and unleashed an animalistic rage on Landon, giving him a huge beating with the crutches and even crushing the cast over his face. Jackson was scheduled to wrestle Espirito's partner tonight, and that a cloud of doubt was cast upon that match-up.

Douglas Gallagher continued his current run of success by defeating Sirius Danger in less than 6 minutes. Gallagher is clear on his intentions, he wants the RPW heavyweight title.

Ian Jones and MNG came out to the ring for their 6 man tag team match against Aron Scythe and the Art of War C.R.A.F.T. Before the match could get started, Ian Jones told a story about Scythe's family running a puppet show for charity at a local hotel. He recommended the show to one of his friends, a business man from England who was on the process of taking over a local operation. The workers were shown rioting outside of the hotel and Ian Jones told everyone that they had put a bomb threat on the hotel.

Aron Scythe, who was paying close atention to this rushed out of The Arena with reckless abandon, knocking down everyone unlucky enough to be on his path, but it turned out that it might be Scythe who ends up being the unlucky one as our Interim GM of WNR, Sir Charles Strickland was among the men he knocked out on the way out.

Excellence came out to join the UK team, and they ended up having a 3 on 2 handicap against the Craft Twins. Jimmy Craft almost stole a victory with the Tenkai Kick but in the end the numbers game was too much to overcome and Excellence debuted his finisher, the Mark of Excellence, to win the contest.

Sirius Danger continues to be a thorn on Kirk Cobain's side. The Manifestation of Randomization paid Kirk a visit and insisted that they were brothers in a cause, that they were the same, and then suggested that Kirk got himself in a match No Limits match with Leonard Knox.

The manager for the 1% Dominic Golden went to the GM's office, he claimed that Landon Jackson wasn't going to be able to participate in his match against Gustavo Gusmao, Golden asked Sir Charles to allow a replacement. After a back-and-forth, the GM accepted. Gusmao would face an opponent of Mr. Golden's choosing.

Enigma was seen leaving the arena, and Super Agent Gerritt Jackson was tailing him, the advisor for Ronnie Reynolds was talking on the phone with a girl by the name of Shirley Watson. Who is she? And how is she going to help crack the Enigma?

Gustavo Gusmao then went one on one with former Ironman champ Jafaar al-Sultan, who was supposed to be in vacation. Sultan proved to be a bit too tough of a task for Gusmao, especially as a surprise opponent. Sultan picked up the victory with the Camel Clutch, but after the match the conflict escalated and Diego San Martin and his latin american crew chased Sultan backstage where a wild brawl formed between the 1% and San Martin's forces.

The Art of War C.R.A.F.T was shown backstage and Jimmy Craft was PISSED that Aron Scythe stood them up on their six man tag, apparently they weren't aware of Aron's situation.

Finally Sir Charles Strickland came out to announce our Main Events for the evening, In the Co-Headliner, per request of Kirk Cobain, Kirk himself would face Leonard Knox in No Limits action. Our main event would be Halfus Lykarn defending the Ironman Title against John Brandenburg in a falls count anywhere match where Submission holds were outlawed.

Knox and Cobain went at each other with everything, weapons included, but their match was cut short when Cobain throw Knox out of the ring and he accidentaly knocked out Brandy Swinson, who was out there supporting Knox. an EMT team came to help Swinson to the back and Leonard Knox seemed to have forfeited the match to accompany Brandy backstage.

John Brandenburg then was interviewed by Matt Josham, or something like that as Brandenburg didn't allow Josham to ask any questions and cut a promo instead. Brandenburg then made his entrance but was assaulted by Lykarn during the entrance and brutally beaten on top of the steel cage with several attacks, including the Riley Render, with Brandenburg maimed Lykarn carried him to the ring and forced the referee to officially start the match, Lykarn hit another Riley Render to retain his title and close up the show.

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