TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for July 19: Open Fight Night


Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., July 19, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show of the summer series that will run through the next however many weeks.

It's Open Fight Night and that means anyone can call out anyone for a match. With the Bound for Glory Series still ongoing, that means each man will call out another until they all have a match. At least that means Robbie E will be back on TV, if only for a night.

We'll also get some sort of mention of the attack on Hulk Hogan and Sting last week by "The Aces and Eights." Apparently, "The Hulkster" needs another back surgery and that's why he was taken out. But Sting? Who knows.

Bobby Roode is also all set to challenge Austin Aries to a rematch to prove his title win at Destination X was, in fact, a fluke. Plus, the return of Gut Check with yet another new performer who isn't really new at all.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

They open with Mike Tenay and Tazz recapping the Aces and Eights attacks on Hulk Hogan and Sting from last week. They show a picture of Hogan having undergone yet another back surgery, claiming it was from injuries suffered at the hands of the Aces and Eights, including a broken pelvis.


Sting, meanwhile, has injuries but they don't know what. Neither of the two are at the Impact Zone tonight so aside from the recap we just got, that's likely all on this angle for now, at least this week.


James Storm comes out and he'll be calling someone out for a match.

He has a few things he wants to talk about first. He brings up Austin Aries being the world heavyweight championship and says fans have been asking for his reaction on it. He says last he checked, he's still tops on the BFG Series leaderboard. He'll be getting his shot at BFG in the main event and it doesn't matter who the champion is at that time.

As for Bobby Roode, he hasn't forgotten about him. When it comes down to it, he really just wants to kick the shit out of Roode, so their business isn't solved just yet.

He then brings up the Aces and Eights and says they are cowards for attacking Hogan and Sting behind their backs. They've been running around like this is the Wild West but it's not. He also sends his well wishes to Hogan and says he speaks for everyone when he says he hopes he gets better.

Finally, he proceeds to call out Kurt Angle for a BFG Series match.

Oh, god. They play Angle's music once and he fails to come out. So they stop it and play Angle's music again. And, once again, he fails to come out.

Storm tells the camera man to go get him and it gets eerily quiet in the Impact Zone. Finally, they go backstage and Angle is in the fetal position with the Aces and Eights surrounding him. He's laid out.

"Aces and Eights, motherfucker."

Yeah, buddy.


Samoa Joe out and he'll be next to issue a challenge. He says he knows there isn't anyone in the back man enough to call him out, he's doing to pick a fight of his own.

"Pope D'Angelo Dinero, bring your ass out here so I can tap you out!"

Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero -- Joe spends some time working Pope in the corner with punches and kicks. A splash. Drop kick. Pope gets out and Joe starts selling a jaw injury for something I must have missed. He continues to cover up through Pope's offense, acting like something happened to his face.

Pope works knees to the body but eventually, Joe locks in an armbar and gets the submission win.

That's 10 points in the BFG Series.


Backstage interview with Bobby Roode and the interviewer asks if Roode had anything to do with the attack on Hulk Hogan. Roode shrugs it off by saying a lot of people have issues with Hogan.

He's also asked if he plans on calling out Aries tonight. Roode confirms that he is and he'll prove Aries' title win was just a fluke.



Jeff Hardy out next and now it's his turn to call someone out.

Hardy's deal with painting eyes over his eyelids and closing his eyes to give that effect is the worst. Before he can call anyone out, Robbie E shows up to interrupt him and they'll have a match now.

I wonder who will win this?

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E -- Robbie gets the early edge but Hardy counters with a drop kick. Robbie comes back and puts Hardy in the corner. He gets his legs up when Robbie comes running in. Meanwhile, Robbie T knocks Hardy off the ropes while Robbie E has the referee distracted.

They start talking about matches Hardy has this weekend in the BFG Series. We'll never see them, though.

Back in the ring and Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind. That gets a two count. Robbie E bails to the outside with Robbie T and Hardy tries to springboard on them. He misses, however, and when he gets back up, he goes after Robbie T. This leads to Robbie E jumping in the ring and Hardy getting counted out.

That's actually a perfect finish for Robbie E to win a match like this. He's celebrating like he did something special.

That's five points in the BFG Series for Robbie E, who finally gets on the board. Only Bully Ray is still scoreless.


They run a backstage skit with ODB and Eric Young. ODB is on the phone with him asking about having sent him to get beer two months ago and his never coming back. He says he's close, like close enough to smell.

Then he shows up right next to her.

He explains he was offered to do the show while getting beer and ended up gone for a while. He's going to fix it right now, though, and he does so by kissing her affectionately.

She finds that acceptable and tells him to go get the beer and fried chicken she wanted. He does so.


Recap of the AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Crackhead Claire stuff.

They find Daniels and Kazarian and ask about the situation. They bag on Styles for not being a man and all that



Gut Check time.

The contestant this month is a man named Sam Shaw, who they say competes in extreme sports. His left arm is completely tattooed, to the point of seeing almost no skin. A closer look makes it seem as though it's a cover job.

Anyway, Jeremy Borash is interviewing him, giving him a chance to talk. He starts by saying he's just glad to get the chance to prove he belongs in TNA.

There's commotion in the crowd. Joey Ryan back again?

Nope, it's the Aces and Eights. They attack while Tenay and Tazz wonder why.

I guess this is a full blown invasion type angle. And they still don't know who the guys under the masks will be.


Mr. Anderson is out to annoy us all.

He starts talking about douche bags and calls Daniels a douche bag. The crowd cheers and he calls out the crowd for cheering him.

Tonight, though, he wants to call out a friend of his, a brother, a good dude, all that.

Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles -- Styles works a wrist lock before Anderson hits a hip toss and an arm drag. Knee to a downed Styles followed by an arm lock. Styles gets out by using a leg scissor on Anderson, who rolls out and into a side headlock.

Anderson ends up sent to the outside but slides underneath AJ to get back in. Styles springboards over the ropes for a crossbody that gets a two count and leads to a commercial break.

Good timing coming back, as Styles battles out of a sleeper and hits a big dropkick after the two run the ropes. He takes a long time to cover and only gets one and a half.

Scoop slam into a big running knee on the mat gets another one and a half. Tenay and Spike start pushing the issues with DirecTV and encouraging folks to switch providers. That thing is getting ugly.

Meanwhile, Anderson hits a neckbreaker and barely gets a one count. So he tries again and again barely gets a one count.

What was the point? So dumb. Anderson is so dumb.

Anderson grabs Styles like he's going to to execute a snapmere but he just holds the position. Styles sells by going to his knees. I'm not sure what this move is even doing that affects AJ enough to do this. Despite this, they stick with it and Tenay calls it "unique."

Yeah, that's it.

Styles drives Anderson into the corner to get himself out. It works. They botch a hurricanrana spot and Styles follows it up with a spinning kick to the head and flying forearm off the top for two. He looks for the Styles Clash but Anderson reverses and then AJ reverses into a roll up. Two count.

Samoan driver gets a two count. Mic Check reversed and Styles goes up top. Anderson meets him there and hits the superplex. That gets a two count. Styles kicks out hard enough to end up on top and he gets a two count on the comeback.

Styles looks for the Styles Clash again but there are a series of really ugly reversals that ultimately results in Anderson on top and he gets the three count.

That's seven points for Anderson.


Anderson bails out of the ring quickly and Styles stays in. What do you think that means?

Yep. Here comes Crackhead Claire.

She walks through the crowd with a live microphone. She says she's been calling him all week and he's been blowing her off. He wants to go to the back and talk in private but she says she wants to talk about it in public.

Claire starts going over the night they hooked up. "It was a passionate and hot night, I can't believe you don't remember it."

Oh my god, she's got pictures of AJ passed out and Claire kissing him, snuggled all up close to him. He looks passed out completely while she's kissing on him.

Uh ... are they promoting rape here? What the hell is this?

She slams the pictures at him and takes off. He looks shocked.


Coming back from break, they show AJ in the back looking at the pictures with a distressed look on his face.

I would be pretty upset too if I just found out I had been raped by a psychotic crackhead who was now carrying my child.

And now I've typed that sentence and the world around me looks different. Damn it, TNA.


To lighten the mood a bit, Rob Van Dam comes out and says he's absolutely tickled to be here tonight because he's in the mood to fight.

So he calls out "The Fallen Scumbag," Christopher Daniels.

Good one, Rob.

Here comes Daniels, cool as a cucumber with his drink and tag team championship on his shoulder. He sets the drink at the top of the ramp. I dig that gimmick.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels -- By the way, Sean Wheelock is on commentary with Tazz and Tenay for this match. I guess it's no surprise he's out for this one with RVD here.

I've missed almost this entire match, but it looks like RVD is in full control. He misses a superkick badly but recovers and hits it on the next attempt. He misses a splash off the top but sets up the Rolling Thunder. He misses when Daniels moves out of the way and Daniels uses the ropes to help him get the three count.

That's seven points in the BFG Series.


Now it's time for a phone interview with Brooke Hogan.

She says he's been heavily sedated and had multiple surgeries. "He's in really bad condition and I don't even want to talk about it, I hope you understand."


Sorry, Cagesiders, that Claire shit is bothering me more and more.


Joseph Park is shown backstage talking to Garrett Bischoff and offering his services. Garrett says thanks but he wants to know what happened last week.

Park says he stood up for himself last week and he's proud of it.

Bischoff says he's talking about that moment when Park went nuts looking at the blood and smashed Ray. Park plays dumb and says it was him in there and he thinks Bischoff's taken one too many shots to the head.


There are only two guys left in the BFG Series yet to go at it tonight, so they're next.

Bully Ray vs. Magnus -- Once they get in the ring and the bell rings after some brawling on the outside, Magnus hits a clothesline for two. Ray comes back with one of his own and he takes control.

He sets up Magnus in the corner and hits an open hand slap that sounded disgustingly painful. Two count shortly after. Straight body slam. Ray spits in the air and the tries a splash but Magnus moves out of the way. They exchange punches and the flurry ends when Magnus dumps Ray on his back.

Magnus continues the assault into a near fall but misses coming off the ropes. This leads to Ray hitting a cutter to get the pin and pick up his first points of the BFG Series.

That's seven for Bully.


Bobby Roode comes out with a mic and reiterates that Aries' win was a FLUKE and he's calling him out tonight.

Here comes "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived," and it's time for a rematch. They're getting 15 minutes to work with, too, assuming Aces and Eights doesn't show up to crash the party early.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode -- I think I'm just going to enjoy this instead of bothering to live blog it move by move. This has been a rough night, let's see if they can drag me out of this mood.

Roode in early control and he's working with a ton of emotion, as he should be. Aries comes back with an elbow on the outside. They run back to back commercial breaks.

Roode and Aries were having a fine match and, as expected, Aces and Eights show up to spoil the party.

They don't go after Roode, though. Instead, they attack Aries while Roode sits in the corner and smiles. They turn on Roode and he continues smiling and nodding his head along. He starts to slow clap. He reaches his hand out to them but is met with a kick to the gut.

Now they're attacking everyone and Tazz and Tenay just don't know what the hell is going on. Neither do we.


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