WWE Smackdown spoilers for July 20, featuring Money in the Bank fallout

via cdn0.sbnation.com

This past Monday's (July 16, 2012) episode of Raw featured all the fallout from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that took place this past Sunday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

And it was a damn good show, setting up the major angles headed into next week's historic 1,000th episode where WWE will pull out all the stops.

That means Smackdown this week is in the dreaded position of being a stop gap of sorts. But that's all good because it sounds like it will be an entertaining show.

Advertised already is a special edition of Christian's "Peep Show" with guests Daniel Bryan and AJ, who are in the process of planning their wedding, which is just days away.

Plus, the return of Rey Mysterio!

Find out exactly what went down, courtesy of ProWrestling.net, after the jump.

-- Seeing as the show was taped in San Diego, Rey Mysterio came right out of the gate to a big reception in his hometown. He came out to cut a promo and was ultimately cut off by Alberto Del Rio, who was ultimately cut off by Dolph Ziggler. The three were joined by Sheamus and -- surprise! -- tag team action for later in the night.

-- The Primetime Players, Hunico and Camacho def. Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Epico and Primo. Credit where it's due, at least the tag division is consistently getting on TV with legitimate teams now.

-- After the match, Big Show came out and said he was here to destroy the tag division (HA!). So he did so, cut a promo, and left.

-- Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder because there is no other way to book a match like this.

-- The "Peep Show" with Christian hosting Daniel Bryan and AJ was more or less Christian trying to get to the bottom of the love shared by Bryan and his special lady. He clearly didn't understand the deep bond the two share having traveled through the muck together and come out better for it. To cap it all off, he introduced Kane back into the picture for a match against Bryan!

-- Kane def. Bryan. Naturally, AJ tried to interfere on behalf of her man, which got Bryan disqualified. She teased kissing Kane again but decided not to in favor of kissing the man she will say "I do" to in just a few days on the ramp right in front of the Big Red Monster. Foreshadowing?

-- Heath Slater is the One Man Band and he brought his stylings to Smackdown to thrill San Diego fans. Of course, this just led to the return of another former WWE superstar.

-- Road Warrior Animal def. Heath Slater. OOOOHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!

-- Sheamus and Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler via disqualification. It looks like these four will all be intertwined over the next few weeks/months with Sheamus and Mysterio being all buddy buddy and Del Rio and Ziggler tensely working together against them. Ziggler teased cashing in his briefcase again but was fended off by Mysterio.

This sounds like a fun show, though it feels like filler while we await next week's big episode of Raw 1,000.

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