Then and now: What happened to tag team wrestling?


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I am a HUGE fan of tag team wrestling and its been sad to watch the start decline in good tag teams and tag team wrestling in general.

I especially miss the old southern tag team wrestling style of high flying babyfaces and cheating, stalling heels. When I started watching wrestling in and around 1988 the talent in both World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and WWE was awesome.

Think of all the talent spread across those teams. Among that group were future world champions Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Scott Steiner, Mark Callous (The Undertaker), and Sid Vicious.

In those days, it was tag team wrestling that would carry and fill out not only the house shows, but also the pay per views. It was a change of pace, something different, and always compelling.

A quick list of who was big in those days plus what can be done to salvage tag team wrestling after the jump.


  • Demolition
  • The Hart Foundation
  • Powers of Pain
  • The Rockers
  • The Rougeaus
  • The Bushwackers
  • Rythem n' Blues
  • The Orient Express
  • The Twin Towers
  • The Brain Busters
  • Strike Force


  • The Steiner Brothers
  • The Road Warriors
  • Doom
  • The Midnight Express
  • The Rock n' Roll Express
  • The Southern Boys
  • The Fantastics
  • Fabulous Freebirds
  • Skyscrapers

There seems to be a belief these days that tag teams cannot become "main event" players unless you break them up. The last team that was truly a "super team," meaning you believed they could beat the main eventers in tag matches, was Edge and Christian (and the New Age Outlaws right before them).

WCW, before its death, all but gave up on tag team wrestling in the nWo era as Hall and Nash carried the belts. And then when Russo took over, they were traded by super groups like The Revolution or The Filthy Animals.

We have seen two modern rebirths of tag team wrestling.

Starting in the WWE, from 2000 to 2004 they had two outstanding spurts of tag team wrestling with Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boys, and The Hardys with some Undertaker/Kane sprinkled in there.

Then there was 2002-2003 with the Smackdown Six of Angle/Benoit, Los Guerreros, and Rey Mysterio/Edge trading spectacular matches with each other.

TNA picked things up from 2004 to 2007 with some awesome matches between America's Most Wanted, A.J Styles/Christopher Daniels, LAX, and Team 3D. The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money were good, too.

But a sustained tag team division is a glaring weakness again these days, and with so many good wrestlers going to waste out there, I think it could be done. TNA is in a much better position but even they are struggling and are in the mode to trade the belts between combinations of established singles wrestlers.

Putting teams together is one thing but giving them time to develop and get over is another.

The WWE has some young talent that could really be interesting if allowed to flourish. I really like what I've seen from the Prime Time Players as well as Primo and Epico but they are generally just jobbers. Let's get them over the way Edge and Christian, The Hardyz, and The Dudleys got over.

Put them out there with each other and just let them go.

Here are some other ideas:

William Regal & Drew McIntyre - Mentor/protege storyline is one you can go a lot of ways with.

Michael McGuilicutty & Husky Harris - I really dug this duo a lot

Ted & Brett DiBiase - The little brother is in development right now and this could be a good team.

I am just BEGGING one of these organizations to bring back good old tag team wrestling. You can fill out your shows and it helps create new stars.

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