WWE Smackdown spoilers for July 13, featuring Zack Ryder as General Manager

via fc00.deviantart.net

Thanks to the Waldo Canyon wildfires, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was forced to cancel its planned Smackdown tapings today in Colorado Springs. So instead, they taped the show immediately after last night's (July 9, 2012) episode of Monday Night Raw in Denver.

That episode served as the go home show for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that is all set to pop off this Sunday night, July 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

All told, Raw was decent but certainly nothing special. Could Smackdown provide an even better lead in to the promotion's next big show?

Well, Zack Ryder runs the whole thing as General Manager thanks to his winning the Great American Bash battle royal on last week's live episode and he goes wild with his newfound power. Maybe. But probably not.

Find out exactly what went down, courtesy of PWTorch, after the jump.

-- Ryder kicked off the show trying his best to get the crowd to do the fist pump with him. So Alberto Del Rio interrupted and made fun of him. This lead to his being booked in a match against Sin Cara.

-- Del Rio, of course, went over on Sin Cara via the Cross Armbreaker. So he still looks fairly strong headed into the PPV this weekend.

-- Big Show hit the ring to tell Ryder he was doing a poor job as GM. This after he's made all of one match. Show believed he should be GM and threatened to make it happen by simply knocking Ryder out with the WMD but Great Khali came out and Ryder booked a match between the two.

-- Primo went over on Darren Young, presumably to set up some tag team mayhem later on.

-- Sheamus chatted it up with Ryder backstage until Chris Jericho showed up. After some bickering, they ended up booked in the main event. Apparently, just showing up in the same place with another guy means Ryder will book a match between two people.

-- Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes def. Christian and Santino Marella. This was really all about another tease for the MITB Ladder match this weekend but it's still weird have the champions lose. Ziggler got the pin, for whatever it's worth. He really is that damn good. And how awesome is a Ziggler and Rhodes tag team?

-- Big Show def. Great Khali. This went just how you would expect.

-- Ryback def. Tyler Reks. He really is on the Goldberg track, which is why he's still getting those chants at shows, no different last night. But apparently, he turned the crowd and they were chanting "Feed me more" by the time he was done. That's the definition of getting over, folks, if only for one arena and one crowd, one night.

-- Damien Sandown def. Justin Gabriel via being awesome. Just wait until you see it.

-- Sheamus def. Chris Jericho after a long main event that was reportedly amazing for a TV match. The two went back and forth with plenty of near finishes over 20 minutes until Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. After winning, however, Alberto Del Rio blasted him at the top of the ramp and the show ended with the Cross Armbreaker and Del Rio looking as strong as possible headed into the PPV.

That sounds like pretty damn good booking to me, though I'm sure most of the Ryder stuff is going to be cheesy. How does the show sound to you, Cagesiders?

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