WWC Aniversario 2012: The Sad Truth


I’m from Puerto Rico, what used to be a pro wrestling hotbed of talent where you got to see Ric Flair one week, Macho Man the next then Abdullah the Butcher in a death match weekly. Since those days, pro wrestling in Puerto Rico has gotten sadder every time I see it, with the exception of the biggest event on the archipelago (Yes, PR is many islands not just one), WWC Aniversario. I went last year and it produced one of the most memorable moments I have ever seen in pro wrestling live.

Crowd was hype when the arena lights were turned off and the stage lights were on, they thought the matches were going to start. Instead we got 5 minutes of white balance and about 20 minutes of sound check before some Jonas Brothers look-a-likes sing both Puerto Rican and U.S. anthems.

Out come the WWC commentators and nobody can hear them because the sound is terrible even after sound checks. They dedicate the event to The Invaders (if anyone knows their wrestling history it’s terrible, yet those four dudes are beloved, sadly). Out comes some masked jobbers and the invaders use their signature moves on them and win that impromptu match.

The rest of the show after the jump.

Tag Team title match full of botches of the most basic stuff, most guys were out of shape and the only one in shape did everything right and was pissed because the others fucked up.

Singles match of 2 fat dudes, the highlight was that one of the fat dudes pants fell and his thong was seen by everyone. It wasn’t a comedy match.

4 on 4 match. Two factions fighting and the only guy who was over (Heel legend Chicky Starr) did absolutely nothing. No highlights in this match it was just boring.

Davey Richards vs. Chris Angel (the guy WWC wants to push). Angel is one of those big muscular dudes without much talent. Not only that, he was afraid to get hit by Richards and spent most of the match either making Richards miss or just clamming up so Richards wouldn’t kick him so hard. In the end he went over Richards after getting his ass handed to him during the whole match. I may sound like a mark here but the highlight was when Richards told me and my brother to shut the hell up.

"The precious one" Gilbert vs Apolo (I think he was El Leon in TNA) . The match was so-so but the crowd was into it. The story of this match was actually that WWC gave Apolo their main title after he got out of jail 6 days ago for domestic abuse. Then they set up an angle with the useless Chris Angel.

Primo and Epico vs. Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison. Pretty good match, except the crowd wasn’t really into it. You could tell the difference between this match and the other ones, these were actual pros doing their job very well. Colons went over.

Melina went over Velvet Sky in what was a really good match and the crowd was into it. Also, pictures on the internet don’t do Velvet Sky justice.

Carlito & Ray Gonzalez over Thunder & Lightning (Kane rip-offs) in a mask vs hair match. It was a good match and the crowd was hyped up. But everyone knew what was going to happen so it kind of took away from the ending.

It was terrible, with a few surprises (the quality of Velvet Sky vs. Melina) but it wasn’t enough to make me think it was anything remotely close to a good event. It makes me feel sad since there have been a ton of legendary matches here, now it’s just a shadow of its former self.

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