TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for June 7: the 'Slammiversary' go home show

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TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., June 7, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for the second live show of the summer series that will run through the next 11 weeks or so.

And it's the go home show to the Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) event set to go down this Sunday night.

A six man tag match is booked for the main event of tonight's show, with Sting, Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles teaming up to take on Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Which is rather convenient, considering they're all involved in matches against each other at Slammiversary.

Dixie Carter is also set to address the allegations that she's having an affair on her husband with Styles.

All that and more.

The show has a brand spankin' new start time at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

They run backstory to the angle where Daniels and Kazarian are accusing Dixie Carter and AJ Styles of having an affair. The roll footage that was running after Impact went off the air last week and Dixie makes a beeline for the production truck. She snaps on the guy in charge there and tells him to find out how the hell this happened because she's got a family, just like Styles.

Cut to live and she's in the ring, near tears.

She says she's thought long and hard on what to say but no matter what she comes up with, people are going to be hurt. But the one thing that's clear to her is she feels sorry for Daniels and Kazarian because they're filled with so much hate and insecurity.

There's no other thing she can do but to tell the truth tonight of what's been going on, or at least she tries to say as much before Daniels and Kazarian make their way out to the ring.

Daniels takes the mic from her and tells her not to listen to the people booing her. He says he knows the truth and he'll help her out in telling it.

The truth is she made a mistake and she would have been happy to hide it but she got found out. "Tell these people that you're a woman and you want what you want."

Oh, come on.

Daniels continues by saying she should just admit that she has a hole in her heart that her husband Serg could no longer fill. So she went to Styles, who gave her what she wanted.

Dixie attacks Daniels and he ends up pushing her into the corner while telling her never to put her hands on him. Styles comes out to make the save. Then Serg comes out and blasts Styles. He goes down hard but no sells it and stands right back up.

Serg walks out, leaving Dixie and Styles in the ring together.

Styles says something in her ear and they walk out side by side.

Commercial break.

Oh, no. We're getting an immediate replay of what just happened.

Crimson comes out and they're pushing hard that he's undefeated. Cut backstage and Samoa Joe is talking to Austin Aries. Looks like Aries is doing the job.

Crimson vs. Austin Aries -- Aries gets a chant to start the match, a legitimate one. You know, as opposed to the piped in shit TNA continues to use. Arm drag to start and both men back off. They size each other up. Crimson catches a kick and drives Aries into the corner, where he talks some shit before sending him over to the other side. Aries tries to jump up and over but Crimson catches him. Aries gets down and uses a series of kicks to gain the advantage.

Nice visual on the kneebreaker and Aries is in total control. He's doing what he should be doing and using his speed to stay in control. He loses it when he springs off the ropes and onto Crimson, who gets his knees up.

Crimson misses Red Sky and Aries hits a flying head scissors on it. Crimson gets back up and sends Aries out to the outside. When he climbs out to get to him, Aries had already climbed back in and was running the ropes to hit a suicide dive. Back in the ring and Aries looks for a big move off the top rope but Joe runs in and knocks him off.

With Crimson distracting the referee, Joe takes Aries out and Crimson gets the pin just after.

Crimson gets on the mic and says no one can beat him. "I just single-handedly beat Austin Aries. I've been undefeated for 468 days. That's way longer than that Goldberg guy."

Ha. Nicely done.

He proceeds to issue an open challenge for Slammiversary. Just show up in Texas and get beat.

Backstage and Hulk Hogan is walking around complaining about everything. He whines about the Dixie and Styles situation (what's going on there?), Bobby Roode dominating (he's gotta be stopped), and his daughter, Brooke, becoming head of the Knockouts division (you're in charge now).

But they're calling his name so off he goes.

Commercial break.

We get a pre-tape of Brooke going around and introducing herself to the Knockouts. She's in there with Tara and Mickie James and a few others. She says she's putting the four of them in a match tonight to determine a number one contender.

She says good luck and everyone looks beautiful and she'll see them out there.

Then she stops and says she got Velvet Sky in a music video with Montgomery Gentry. Everyone hugs and that's that.

Back to the ring and here comes The Hulkster to a huge ovation. Mike Tenay literally says, "The Hogan's are running the show."

Not sure I would say that with so much enthusiasm, Mike.

Some of this noise has to be piped in because it's been sustained for a few minutes now, although the crowd looks legitimately pumped up.

He kicks off by saying tonight is a party because this is the 10 year anniversary for Impact. Not just yet, Hulk. The first TNA show was held on June 19, 2002.

Hogan continues by saying the party starts now, runs through Slammiversary, and ends next week on the next live edition of the show. And as a special surprise, the world title will be defended next week no matter who wins this Sunday night.

Roode's music hits and he comes out with a head of steam wearing a shirt that says, "IT FACTOR."

He really should have kept the hair.

Roode says he's got a great idea -- how about Hogan shuts his mouth and shows the world heavyweight champion the proper respect he deserves. Over the last several weeks, Hogan has shown him nothing but disrespect starting when Roode became the longest running champion in company history.

Hogan tries to interrupt but Roode cuts him off and says he's not done.

He continues by saying Hogan put him in a match against Sting and now this week, he's putting him in a six man tag match before taking on Sting this Sunday and now he finds out he's gotta defend his belt next week yet again.

Hogan once again tries to talk but Roode smacks the mic down and again yells that he's not done yet.

Roode says he has Hogan figured out. He's jealous. "Even in your prime, you couldn't even lace up my wrestling boots."


"If you want to be the General Manager, you better get your General Manager ass back to your office. And seeing as you're not an active wrestler, get the hell out of my ring," he says while grabbing Hogan by the shirt.

Cue Sting's music and he's down to the ring. Roode destroys him with punches and kicks but Sting no sells. Roode turns to Hogan but Hulk tells him to turn around, because his puny punches didn't faze the Stinger in the slightest.

This leads to Sting just stomping him all around the ring until Roode finally rolls out and bails.

We get one last look backstage to see the ladies before they come out to determine who gets a Knockouts title match at Slammiversary.

Commercial break.

Joe Park is doing an interview saying he's in the business of truth and justice. And at Slammiversary he might just get a little bit of both. He'll have a contract signing with Bully Ray later on.

Time for the Knockouts number one contender match.

Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara -- The match starts with all four ladies going at each other. First pin or submission wins here. Mickie and Velvet end up in the ring alone when Gail Kim makes her way out to the ramp. James with a roll up only gets two.

Commercial break.

Back in and Kim is on commentary saying it doesn't matter who she faces at the PPV because she's beaten all four of them. In the ring, James hits an enzugiri on Tessmacher that gets a two count.

Facebreaker from Tessmacher gets two before Sky makes the save. She sends her out and Tara shows up with a quick roll up. Kim starts pushing her Twitter on commentary saying she'll be doing a question and answer session. Tenay asks what she thinks about Brooke Hogan taking over and Kim says she doesn't care "as long as she knows who her shining star is."

In the ring and they ladies do a quad submission with each lady locking in a sub on another at the same time. It doesn't go anywhere, however, and we end up with James and Sky in the ring. Sky with the edge early and she gets a hurricanrana but James answers with a slam and a kip up.

Tara in to send her out, though, and she goes up top for a moonsault that misses because Sky moves out of the way. Once Tara gets up, Tessmacher shoves her and then punches her before Tara drills her. Tara sets up but she gets hit with a DDT from Sky. James in to nail her from the top rope but Tessmacher hits a slam that gets the pin to earn a title shot at Slammiversary.

Bully Ray backstage says we know what to expect from the contract signing. He's got a new contract for Parks to sign.

Commercial break.

Another recap of earlier.

Backstage and Hogan is on the phone yelling at Styles, saying he "doesn't give a shit" about his personal issues and he's booked for the main event so he needs to get his ass back to the arena.

They're leading off the second hour with the Park-Ray contract signing.

Before they can get started, Ray tears up the contract for the match. He says that was a standard contract for a standard wrestling match. Then he breaks out the new contract.

The new contract relieves Ray of all liability. So when he kicks Park's ass at the show, he won't face any repercussions.

Park says he's not crazy enough to sign that contract. Abyss is actually pretty good here.

Ray extends his hand to him and when they shake, Ray spits in his face. "What about now? Are you gonna sign it now? Sign the contract you freaking coward."

The crowd starts chanting for Park to "rip it up." Ray starts flipping out and throwing shit yelling for him to sign the contract. Park says Abyss gave his life to TNA for the last decade. He spilled his blood and he gave his body for the fans in the arena and at home. And how dare Ray try to desecrate his legacy by what he's done.

"You want an all out fight at Slammiversary? You're on. And I'm not doing it for me, I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it for my brother Chris."

Suddenly, we see video come on the screen of Abyss telling Joe he's been opening doors he shouldn't have for their whole life. And he's been warning Joseph for weeks that if he plays with fire, he'll get burned.

Abyss then says there's no turning back now and they'll both see just how alive and well he is come Slammiversary.

Ray cheap shots Park while he's begging for Abyss not to leave. Ray then walks out.

They run video of Garrett Bischoff talking to Devon about his title defense against Robbie E tonight. He says Robbie T will be out there and he wants to be in Devon's corner to make sure it's all fair. Devon says he likes him and he would be honored to have him ringside.

Commercial break.

Tazz and Tenay talk about the Gutcheck segment from last week and Tazz says he was unprofessional but he thinks Ryan needs to go get better on the road and not on YouTube or Twitter. They run a video of Ryan getting interviewed last week after he was denied backstage and Al Snow comes up and gets in his face and tells him to shut his mouth. When Ryan calls him pathetic, Snow grabs him by the throat and tosses him out.

TV title match up next.

Devon vs. Robbie E -- Robbie takes the early edge, attacking just as Devon gets in the ring. He sends Devon into the corner and hits shoulder blocks. Devon battles out to the middle of the ring but the heel stays in control.

They cut to Madison Rayne at the top of the ramp and she's putting lip gloss on. The announcers say they don't know why she's here.

Meanwhile, Robbie E gets a two count off an elbow. Devon smacks the mat a few times, presumably to pump himself up. He makes his comeback by picking up the pace. Hits the diving headbutt. Just when he was getting ready to go from one corner to the other, Robbie T knocks him down. Devon goes for a small package but Robbie T climbs in the ring and rolls them over again so Robbie E is on top. He gets caught on the way out of the ring by the ref and Garrett climbs in to put Devon back on top.

The ref doesn't see that part and counts the fall for Devon. The heels work over the babyfaces shortly thereafter but Devon and Garrett send them out to end the segment.

Commercial break.

Hogan back in the ring. Tenay says he'll finish his announcement about next week's episode of Impact. He says he was going to make a major announcement before Roode interrupted him. But now he can totally ...

Cue Mr. Anderson's music. The worst character in pro wrestling history does his ridiculous announcer schtick and Hogan looks annoyed in the ring.

Anderson comes in acting like a complete jackass and the crowd starts chanting "asshole" at him. He asks if they're calling him one and Hogan just holds his hands out and nods his head. He says he thinks Hogan was going to say Anderson was going to get a title shot next week.

Hogan says to calm his jets. Anderson says no he doesn't want to calm his jets, he wants Hogan to make his announcement. Hogan asks for permission and then calls for RVD to come on down. His voice catches at first and he has to clear his throat.

Out comes RVD with some pyro and Anderson is annoyed. RVD and Hogan shake hands.

Hogan says now that he's got them both in the ring, he wants to ask Jeff Hardy to come on down. So here he comes wearing a suit and ridiculous face paint. How this man is so popular is beyond me.

Anderson gets on the mic and asks Hogan if he's going to give "one of these freaking clowns a match." Hogan says they've all been playing the game trying to get a shot at the world title for the last two months. So with Roode vs. Sting happening at Slammiversary and the title needing to be defended next week on Impact, Hogan makes a triple threat match for Slammiversary between the three guys saying whoever wins gets the title shot next week.

Finally time for the main event up next.

Commercial break.

Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Sting -- Styles music hit but he never actually came out. The match kicked off with the tag champs attacking Sting and Angle but the babyfaces locked in the Scorpion Death Lock and the Ankle Lock, respectively.

Daniels and Kazarian managed to get to the ropes while Tenay and Tazz wondered aloud what's going on with Styles.

Commercial break.

Back in and Daniels is working a face lock on Sting that Sting could easily get out of by punching him but he chose to stay in it for reasons we'll never known. Daniels and Kazarian work some tag action with Kazarian coming in off a tag and getting a two count.

Kazarian continues working Sting over, sending him into the corner where Daniels and Roode have boots up on the turnbuckle waiting for him. Now it's Roode's turn to get in and he's going crazy screaming at him.

Tenay continues putting over how weird it is that Styles would disappear the way he has because he's always been a consummate professional.

Sting makes his comeback, or it looks like it until he misses the Stinger Splash. This leads to both guys selling in the ring and the hot tag might be coming. Nope. Daniels goes running over and knocks Angle off the apron where Kazarian takes him out.

Now all three men are in the ring beating on Sting and the referee doesn't seem to give a shit. Roode locks in a submission and all three guys stay in the ring telling Sting to give up. Suddenly, Styles shows up and starts cleaning house.

Angle back up and in the ring and he works over Kazarian. Belly to belly suplex sends him to the outside. Back in the ring and Styles sends Daniels out with a kick. Styles then does a flip out of the ring and takes out everyone on the outside. Looked like he hit his head on the floor.

Roode climbs in the ring at this point with the TNA title but fails to hit Sting with it. Sting ends up locking in the Scorpion Death Lock and Roode taps out.

Two clean losses in a row for the champion leading into the PPV. Maybe he's going over at Slammiversary.

Sting grabs the belt and holds it up while Roode screams that it's his belt. Sting lays it at his feet and raises his arms in the ring.


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