I'm Almost Done With The WWE

I'm 31 years old and started watching pro-wrestling in 1988 just as the Mega-Powers were about to explode and Rick Steiner beating Mike Rotundo was one of the great moments of the year. I've learned that more often than not, pro wrestling feeds you crap. But for every Shockmaster there was a Stunning Steve Austin lurking, for every Giant Gonzalez there was a Bret Hart. I've learned how to deal with the crap shoved down our throat and find the good that is out there.

But tonight I just watched the biggest star in the industry, the face of WWE who does countless Make-A-Wish appearances and BAStar promos, beating the crap out of an announcer in his boxer shorts and covered in BBQ sauce.

I know exactly what pro wrestling is, and I felt for the first time my intelligence being insulted.

It furthered no angle, helped nobody get over, and was a waste of time. This after a show where both Seamus/Ziggler and Punk/Kane rocked the house. THIS is how we close the show? THIS is why Brock Lesnar got jobbed out and sent home? So lets run this down:

  • Cena is feuding with Big Show, but he's nowhere to be seen.
  • Michael Cole's heel act, while great a first, grew annoying and they had started to pull it back.
  • Tensai has done nothing of note since coming on board.
  • Big Johnny is suppose to be a heel but puts Cole in a match against Cena.

The results?

  • Tensai jobs, obliterating his only claim to fame right now (beating Cena)
  • The Big Show storyline isn't furthered.
  • Cena beats up an announcer covered in BBQ sauce
  • Cole is a heel again and now WWE's flagship show is without a lead announcer to balance Cole and King.

The only thing keeping me around is watching Daniel Bryan and CM Punk remind me what pro wrestling is all about. I actually am really enjoying Seamus as well, somewhere around his series of matches with John Morrison a few years back he really began to understand how to work a big-man match.

Its a moment that has shown they have really NOTHING left for Cena to do as a babyface. They dropped the ball with Brock Lesnar, that could have been enormous. Brock returns, demolishes Cena. . . the challenges anyone the locker room and runs through them before Triple H steps up and Brock breaks his arm. He then takes on CM Punk and Punk puts up a valiant effort but Brock destroys him in the end allowing Big Johnny, through Brock, to control the WWE. Cena comes back later this year, fights his way through Big Johnny's minions and takes back the title at Wrestlemania.

Its been done a million times and works when you have the right people.

We are approaching Hulk Hogan '94-'95 territory here with Cena. The rubes still cheer, but his act is stale and they are running out of ideas. His "feuds" with Kane and Big Show this year are recycled super-hero versus monster schtick.

He needs to turn heel.

Both Seamus and especially CM Punk have stepped up and become real stars that could foil him.

But this? Its hard to embarrass a pro wrestling fan but they managed to do it.

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