TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for June 21: Dixie Carter's fleshy indiscretions

Photo by Simon on Flickr.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., June 21, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for the fourth live show of the summer series that will run through the next 10 weeks or so.

On tonight's episode, Dixie Carter and AJ Styles are set to finally reveal just exactly what it is they've been doing that Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have been going on about for weeks now.

And people are going to get hurt. Or so Carter says. Prepare for a swerve!

X-Division Champion Austin Aries will also make his decision on whether or not a heavyweight championship match in the main event of Destination-X is enough to give up his title for.

It's also Open Fight Night. So there's that. And perhaps one of the masked men who attacked Sting will reveal themselves. Or attack again. We shall see.

All that and more.

The show has a brand spankin' new start time at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Hulk Hogan's music hits to start the show. He gets a pretty good pop.

He starts by saying you have to be ready for change. Once it happens, you make some friends but some enemies too. He brings up the three guys who attacked Sting last week. He says they don't know who they were but he doesn't want to give them any publicity, so he won't play the segment from last week. He does promise to find out who they are and bring them to justice.

Or something.

Onto tonight's matters, which are Aries, the Bound for Glory (BFG) Series, Open Fight Night, and Gutcheck. That's all good but it's time for Aries to make his decision.

Aries comes out to cheers and chants of his name. He shuts them down. "I know my name."


Aries starts talking about the opportunity he's been presented with. He can bypass everyone in the BFG series for a title shot but he has to give up the X-Division belt to do it. He pondered his decision and said it should seem like a no brainer to go after the heavyweight title. But on the other hand, the X-Division title is the championship that TNA was built on.

Instead of option A or option B, Aries says he came up with option C. Hogan cuts him off and says he's not here to play games and Aries better come with something great.

Aries says he's willing to hand over the title for a shot at Bobby Roode's belt but the only way he'll do so is if this is a recurring theme every year, meaning whoever holds the X-Division title around this time will get the opportunity to give up the X-Division strap for a chance at the heavyweight title.

Hogan smiles and calls Aries a visionary. Option C it is, he says.

Everyone cheers until Bobby Roode's music hits. He's absolutely pissed. He wants to know who the hell these two think they are coming up with this kind of crap. He says Aries' title means nothing and the heavyweight title is all that matters.

Well, yeah.

Roode continues by saying Aries can bring it if he wants but he should know that Roode is no X-Division wrestler. He's basically god's gift to pro wrestling. Roode says he'll take him out at the pay-per-view (PPV) and embarrass him. Aries says it's Open Fight Night so how about they just do this thing right now.

Roode comes down and they start brawling until security comes down to separate them.

Suddenly, Mr. Anderson's music hits. He comes out and says he could watch them beat each other up all day but he's putting them on notice. He says he doesn't care who wins because he's winning the BFG Series and he'll become champion after that.


He's up next.


Anderson hops on a mic and starts talking like a complete idiot like he always does. He calls out Christopher Daniels, who is drinking a martini. Tazz on commentary says he needs to put his drink down and, as if on cue, Daniels says, "Hell no, I'm not putting my drink down" and walks to the ring with it.


Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels -- Daniels gets to the ring and he's upset so he pushes Anderson. This leads to a knockdown and his being sent to the corner but he knocks Anderson down on the ropes and takes control.

Anderson roll up gets two and then a neckbreaker hits. He gets Mic Check right after and that's enough to get him the pin and earn him seven points in the BFG Series.


Backstage and Carter and Styles are talking. Styles looks like he's about to hyperventilate. Carter asks him not to look at her that way. Styles wants to back out of telling everyone. Carter doesn't.

"Maybe there's another way," Styles says.

"What other way?" Carter asks exasperated.


All the Knockouts are gathered in Brooke Hogan's office to talk about who deserves a title shot. ODB says she's different and then Velvet Sky interferes. She hasn't gotten her rematch.

Mickie James pops in and says she's the best women's wrestler in the world.

Madison Rayne says she was the longest reigning title holder in TNA history. Brooke starts running her down and acting tough, referencing her dad and advice he gave her.

"Madison, I think you need to focus a bit more, hun. I don't think you're ready for tonight."

Rayne bails.

Brooke says she has one more elimination to make tonight, so she'll see everyone later.


Back in the ring and Robbie E is talking about how he isn't scared of anyone in the BFG tournament. He's more jacked and has a better than than any one of them. He's challenging anyone from the BFG Series to come out and take him on.

They cut backstage and it's Kurt Angle who answers the call.

This is a funny match, as evidenced by Angle just laughing as he jobs to the ring.

Robbie E vs. Kurt Angle -- Immediately, Angle does the triple German suplex before hitting the Angle Slam. He grabs the Ankle Lock and just like that, Robbie E taps.

So, yeah, a joke.

The submission win gives Angle 10 points.


Out comes Magnus, mic already in hand. He starts pumping up the BFG Series and says he'll keep it simple. He's decided to call someone out tonight and beat them ... right now, if we don't mind.

He says he's choosing a man whose head isn't in the game. He knows what it's like because everywhere he goes, he's got women lined up for a shot at him. But he doesn't screw around with another man's wife, especially not when she's the one who writes the paychecks.

So he's calling out a selfish homewrecker, AJ Styles.

Magnus vs. AJ Styles -- Styles rushes the ring and gets to work. Reverses an Irish Whip into the corner and gets a big boot. Knocks Magnus down and sets him up to come off the ropes but Magnus catches him with a slam.

Ensuing pinfall only gets one.

After a few punches and a rake to the eyes, Styles hits a drop kick on Magnus coming off the ropes. Magnus responds with a sleeper hold that Styles gets out of by pushing him in the corner. Styles looks for a powerbomb but Magnus sends him flying. Styles lands on his feet and gets a kick to the head just in time for Daniels and Kazarian to come down with some papers. This leads to a distracted Styles to get slammed by Magnus, which gets him the pinfall and the victory.

That's seven points for Magnus.


Time for Gutcheck. Taeler Hendrix is the contestant, the first female of the Gutcheck series.

Her opponent will be Tara.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara -- Hendrix sticks her hand out for a shake but Tara smacks it away. She throws her head down and screams at her. Straight suplex and kip up from Tara and she continues with the assault.

Hendrix with a quick roll up that gets a fast two. Tara keeps going. She's grabbing Hendrix's hair while the referee lets it go down. She drags her over to the corner and works a choke hold from the top rope, lifting her off the ground.

Nice spot.

Hendrix finally gets out and works a few clotheslines and a front suplex. Now she works a choke and sends Tara's head into the mat.

Once Tara gets back, she hits the Widow's Peak and that gets the pin.

Tara shows her respect before exiting the ring.


Backstage and Joseph Park is being led through the arena. Bully Ray shows up and pushes him around. Says if he sees either Park or his brother Abyss, it will be the last time either one of them is ever seen.

Park takes a minute to compose himself after Ray walks off.


Samoa Joe's turn to come out and challenge someone on Open Fight Night.

He says since no one in the back has the guts to say his name, he thought he would come out and kick things off. Says James Storm got lucky last week but he wants to see how lucky he'll be this week.

Samoa Joe vs. James Storm -- Once Storm gets in the ring, Joe's all over him. Sends him into the corner and splashes him before hitting a kick to the head. Shoulder block in the other corner. Joe firmly in control here.

He works a hold while the crowd gets Storm back into it with chants. They aren't as loud as they were in Texas, but I'm actually hearing dueling chants.

Joe snuffs out the comeback but Storm once again avoids a submission by getting his foot on/under the ropes. Joe starts working an arm now. More dueling chants from the Impact Zone. Storm comes back with punches. Ducks under a clothesline and hits a few himself. Inverted atomic drop and a flying elbow, shades of Shawn Michaels.

Storm gets caught rushing in and Joe plants him on the top rope where he hits a snapmare. Storm quickly recovers, though, and hits the Last Call superkick to get the pin.

That's seven more points for Storm.

Joe gets back in the ring with a beer bottle. The referee gets in his way, thinking he wants to hit Storm with it. Instead, he hands it to him as a show of respect and walks out.


A video replay airs showing the storyline with Carter and Styles.

Once again they cut to the backstage area for a pre-tape of Styles with Carter. It seems AJ has come around to the idea of getting everything out in the open. He says he just has to get it out of his head, and he has to do so tonight.

I assume that's the main event angle.


Time for more Brooke Hogan nonsense. She says "talking smack gets you nowhere, talking business gets you somewhere."

God, she's terrible.

She brings up ODB's wedding to Eric Young. For right now, she wants her to focus on those issues, so ODB is out too.

ODB asks where Hulk Hogan's office is and Brooke says she's standing in it.



Out comes Bully Ray and he's issuing the next challenge.

He's already money by screaming for the production team to shut his music off. Tazz, "It's off."

"Do you know who I am? That's right you know who I am. I'm the most hated Bully in the world."

He brings up Joseph Park being gone now and looks to the back to see who's left to choose from in the BFG Series. He sees The Pope, D'Angelo Dinero, and says he'll take an easy 10 points.

Bully Ray vs. D'Angelo Dinero -- Before the bell can even ring, Ray attacks Pope. He works him over early with punches and his usual strong, brawling style. Irish whip into the corner. Pope finally comes back with an inverted atomic drop, then a shoulder block.

Now he's working elbows to the head. He gets cocky, though, and Ray takes advantage with a splash in the corner. He gets up and works punches so the crowd can count along. Suddenly, Abyss comes down through the crowd and Ray gets distracted long enough for Pope to send him to the outside.

Abyss grabs him up. Ray breaks the hold but Abyss jumps the rails. Ray backs away but once he climbs back in the ring, Pope takes advantage and gets the pin.

Seven points for Pope.

Ray runs to the back, scampering to get away from Abyss.


Backstage and Hogan is talking with Jeff Hardy and RVD. He talks them up and says that because neither of them have had their name called, they're facing each other in the main event.

Brooke Hogan is then shown looking at her remaining choices for the Knockouts title match. She'll decide next.


Brooke is telling Velvet and Mickie that they are so great and she's just so proud of them and blah, blah. She says she believes in Velvet but Mickie is getting the shot because she deserves it.

"Go get 'em, girl."


Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James -- Collar and elbow tie up to start. Mickie pushes Tess into the corner and Earl Hebner tells her to back off. So they do the same thing but this time the champion gets the advantage. That is until James flips out and works a facelock. Another reversal sees James work a fireman carry and now she's got an arm.

In the ropes, James with an elbow that only gets a two count.

She comes off with a dropkick that gets another two count. Snapmere into an armlock. James in corner. Wheel kick only gets two. Mickie goes for the Mickie-DT but Tessmacher reverses with a roll up that gets the pin.


Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy -- RVD out quick but Hardy reverses him into the corner. Still, RVD reveres and flips but Hardy moves then misses an elbow. They're moving quick here and Hardy hits a slide on RVD on the outside.

That looked rough.

RVD trips him, though, and regains control. Dueling chants break out for this one. Light voices for Hardy, deeper for RVD.


Rolling Thunder from RVD gets a two count. Hardy makes a comeback but ends up crashing and burning off the top ropes when Van Dam moves out of the way.

Now it's RVD's turn to go up top. He flips like four times but Hardy moves out of the way and hits a DDT that gets two. Hardy is incredulous about it, so he picks RVD up and hits the Twist of Fate and that gets the pin.

Hardy gets seven points.


Out come Dixie and AJ. She says this has been going on for a long time and this situation means people will get hurt and lives could be destroyed.

Suddenly, Styles changes his mind again and says they can leave right now. He doesn't care what anyone says.

He tries to lead her out and it looks like she's going to go with him.

Out of nowhere, someone comes walking down to the ring. Tazz asks who it is and I have no clue. She's crying and asking Styles to let her in the ring.

He holds it open for her.

She gets on the mic.

She says no one knows her and Styles and Carter were hoping to keep it that way. As she talks, the crowd does the "What" thing. She continues by saying she needed help, so she came to them. She puts over Dixie and AJ and says she came to tell them the truth.

Dixie and AJ are not having an affair.

She says she's an addict and she's been trying to get clean. She started out drinking and doing pills and stealing from her family. She talks about waking up in hotels with strangers. That's when she went to AJ and Dixie and they kept the secret because she didn't want anyone to know.

This is the worst secret ever.

This woman is acting like she's crying with ZERO tears coming down her face.

She says she's sorry and they all hug in the ring. Daniels and Kazarian are in the back upset. They come down to the ring and Styles lays them out.

Styles hits a huge powerbomb on Kazarian and it looked like his head slapped the mat hard. He rolls over like he's got a concussion and he legitimately might.

Daniels comes over and Styles goes nuts on him and that's how the show ends.

Worst reveal ever.


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