Detailed Smackdown spoilers from tapings last night for June 22 show


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I saw earlier on the site today a rundown of the Smackdown taping's last night (June 19, 2012). However, I was actually in attendance for the event, which was held in Baltimore, Maryland.

I wont give all the results but instead some of the deeper details and an on site report.

Also included are partial spoilers for the Superstars show that will be released online tomorrow.

Check it all out after the jump.

Although he was not on the Smackdown show, Damien Sandow opened the evening in a dark match against Percy Watson for Superstars. Pretty solid match from both guys, with Sandow winning. Later, he did have a backstage segment with Zack Ryder. I hope they run with these two for a while. I like the idea of the well spoken, intelligent, genius type character against the pop culture, Jersey Shore styling of Ryder.

Sin Cara wrestled a dark match on Superstars against Antonio Cesearo. All that can be said is that mood lighting cant hide the botchfest known as Sin Cara live. He missed at least four spots last night. Crowd was dead for the entire match. Sin Cara won via count out.

Superstars taped with Hunico vs Ezekiel Jackson in another sleeper match that Hunico won. Its hard for a crowd to be alive when a show starts for taping after these two matches. It really sucked the life out of the arena.

Smackdown started with the Big Shows promo and then the altercation with Brodus Clay and David Otunga. Crowd broke out into a "You cant wrestle" chant after just tossing around the "What" catchphrase all through Show's promo. Any other wrestler who this occurs to please use the Big Show as a example of how to handle it. Total deflection back to the crowd and not letting it bother him. For a heel character, he was hated by the Baltimore crowd last night so I would say good job there, Show.

If you watch no other match on Friday night, it's totally worth watching the Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian match. There wasn't a bad moment in the entire match and ADR going over clean was a surprise. Del Rio working the arms all match to set up the Cross Arm Breaker finisher is fantastic to watch. Christian is a great worker and the two pulled together a very entertaining match.

Not mentioned in the earlier post on here was a Jack Swagger promo that was ended by Triple H with a Pedigree that won't air on TV. Not much to tell other than "The Game" comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd, Pedigrees Swagger, and panders to the crowd on the way out to another huge ovation. Baltimore has always loved Triple H so I'm not surprised, but it was still very cool to be a part of. He got the biggest pop of the night.

Not many Goldberg chants during Ryback's match but there was a faint smattering of them.

Back and forth "Let's Go Ziggler," vs. "Let's Go Sheamus" chants added a little life to a match that was pretty much a replay of the No Way Out opener.

Mick Foley got minimal reaction when he came out the first time. He came out before taping the main event for Smackdown to say that a handicap match was advertised and that's what we would get, making it Cena vs. Show and Otunga.

The Cena match was like any other Cena match -- he gets beat up and then responds and wins. John Laurinatis coming down afterwards was an added bonus that no one saw coming. He landed a few chair shots before taking another Attitude Adjustment from Cena. I think that was like five in two nights for him.

On a personal note, my sister tagged along last night. She does not watch wrestling on the regular but knows who some of the wrestlers are. It was probably the sitting in the front row which made her enjoy the show so much, since Smackdown was average at best even with the great Show promo and Del Rio vs. Christian match.

Anytime WWE is in your area for a house show or Raw or Smackdown, it's always worth going to see it and last night I would say was worth the money and maybe the two hours of your life to sit and watch it when it airs on Friday.

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