Chikarasaurus Rex results and live match coverage TONIGHT (June 2) from Philadelphia


CHIKARA Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., June, 2012) from the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 7 p.m. ET, live on internet pay-per-view. You can order the show right here. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Chikarasaurus Rex below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show is stacked from top to bottom and is headlined by Grand Champion Eddie Kingston teaming up with Jigsaw and The Colony to take on the invading force known as GEKIDO. The masked ne'er-do-wells have been causing trouble all year along and the CHIKARA tecnicos are looking to put an end to their villainy.

Also on top is a Campeonatos de Parejas tag team championship match between F.I.S.T. and their challengers, The Young Bucks. This match should be insanely good so you don't want to miss it.

Those matches plus a ladder match, a mask vs. hair match, a loser leaves town match... THIS EVENT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

Seriously, if you haven't ordered it already, what's stopping you?

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


10-man tag match: Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and The Colony (Green Ant/Fire Ant/Soldier Ant) vs. GEKIDO (The Shard, 17, assailANT, combatANT, deviANT)
Lucha de Apuesta - Mask vs. Hair: Hallowicked def. Tim Donst
Campeonatos de Parejas match: F.I.S.T. (c) vs. The Young Bucks
Ladder match: Gran Akuma def. Icarus with Gregory Iron as special guest referee
Intergender (Interspecies?) Handicap match: Sara Del Rey and Saturyne def. The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama/Kobald)
UltraMantis Black def. Ophidian
(Pinned) Loser Leaves Town match: The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield/"Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti def. Colt Cabana and Mixed Martial Archie

Sergio here, Cagesiders.

During the Ustream pre-show, Fire Ant was viciously attacked by members of GEKIDO. His condition is unknown as is his status in the main event.

A little over five minutes away from going live...

We are LIVE from The City of Brotherly Love.

UltraMantis Black vs. Ophidian

Both men getting some offense in but eventually Mantis takes control. Huge chokeslam-type maneuver and then a double underhook release suplex sends Ophidian to the outside.

More offense from Mantis but Ophidian regains control and they get back inside the ring. Ophidian suicide dives outside the ring but drapes Mantis' neck along the middle rope as he does! Wow! Leg drop on the apron and the devious snake is firmly in control.

Back brain kick from the snake. He traps Mantis in the corner and splashes him, leading to punches. He goes for it again but eats turnbuckle. It's not enough to put Mantis in control, however. Unique submission attempt from Ophidian and he's on the top rope.

Mantis sends him crashing down with a suplex! Mantis with the upper hand now and slams Ophidian to the mat several times over. Near falls for the leader of the Spectral Envoy

Sorry, bathroom break!

Ophidian grabs Mantis' staff! The referee takes it away and while his back is turn, he sprays Mantis! NO NO NO! One, two, thr... KICK OUT!

Mantis counters, scoops him up and DOWN!


Winner via pinfall: UltraMantis Black

Video package for the grudge tag match.

The Throwbacks vs. Mixed Martial Archie and Colt Cabana

Mr. Touchdown and Archie start us off and Archie misses with a flying clothesline. Mr. Touchdown avoids another attack and leaves the ring. Coward!

Dasher Hatfield comes in and takes control until Archie locks up the triangle choke! The crowd chants for him to tap but he makes it to the ropes. Cabana tags in and gets a near fall. Cabana works Dasher over and then tags in Archie who makes it to the top rope. Cabana still has a hold of Dasher and Archie jumps...

He lands safely on his feet and scoops Dasher to the mat and GROUND AND POUND! He goes after Touchdown! They're brawling on the outside! They make it to the top of the entrance and it looks like Touchdown might get sent off! But no, he catches Archie!


Cabana from behind nails Mr. Touchdown and send him back to the ring. "Boom Boom" is cleaning house! Modified Lionsault! Punches to both men, double elbow! He stacks them in the corner but misses the splash!

Mr. Touchdown takes over from there. Tag into Dasher who sinks in a modified surfboard stretch. He tags Touchdown back in who bulldogs Cabana. Good tag team work there. Throwbacks firmly in control here, taking it Cabana. The spinebuster might have killed Archie!

Dasher and Cabana get to the top rope and Cabana is fighting back.


Flying forearm! Punches to Mr. Touchdown! He drop toe holds Touchdown into turnbuckle and delivers a vicious elbow to the back! Two count.

Archie makes his way to the top rope AND THERE'S VERONICA! Begone, devil woman! Archie leaps and gets nailed with a cutter! TWO COUNT!

Cabana sails in with a butt bump! Inverted crab! Dasher in and he smacks "Boom Boom." Cabana goes to the outside and a baseball slide sends him over the guard rail. Veronica comes in and lays her baton between both Archie and Touchdown.

They come to, realize what's going and both go for it! They're struggling back and forth! More action and TOUCHDOWN HITS ARCHIE WITH HIS HELMET! He puts Dasher on top and The Throwbacks get the pin.

Sad panda.

Winners via pinfall: The Throwback

Archibald Peck is gone? He's heartbroken and the fans aren't happy either. Veronica comes in and smooches Mr. Touchdown. Devious.

Video package for the ladder match.

Ladder match: Icarus vs. Gran Akuma

Greg Iron is your special guest referee.

Icarus begins taking off his jacket to a chorus of boos but Akuma tackles him into the corner before he can. Snapmare and a kick to the back. Akuma is taking it to his former partner. He leaves the ring and brings in the ladder.


Icarus takes control and begins to brutalize his rival with the ladder. At one point, he props it in the corner and dropkick the ladder into Akuma but it drops down and smacks him in the head. This allows Akuma to gain some momentum.

Akuma avoids a tornado stunner maneuver and nails Icarus with double knees. Ladder in the corner, POWERBOMB! He sets up the ladder but Icarus hits a German suplex. Icarus regains the upper hand and again sets the ladder up in the corner but gets dropped to the mat.

Akuma heads to the back and brings out an even bigger ladder! He tries to get it inside the ring but Icarus smacks it against his face! Blu-ray DVD onto the ladder! Good gravy! Icarus begins climbing the ladder but Akuma shoves it over!

Icarus is sent flying to the outside. Akuma goes the Terry Funk Ladder Helicopter but doesn't nail Icarus. He does, however, nail a rolling death valley driver! Akuma sets up the mega ladder AND HITS A FRONT SPLASH OFF OF IT!

But wait, here comes Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano! They attack Iron and Akuma! They bring a table into the ring and set Akuma on it as Icarus climbs to the top of the ladder. Iron chases them off! Akuma is off the table. POWERBOMBS ICARUS THROUGH THE WOODEN TABLES! He's climbing... he's climbing...


Winner: Gran Akuma

Looks like the Season 11 finale will be in Cleveland, OH this year.

Intergender (Interspecies?) Handicap match: Sara Del Rey and Saturyne vs. The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama/Kobald)

Del Rey and Saturyne take out Kobald early and even the odds against Obariyon and Kodama. A pair of sunset flips get a two count. Kobald is back in and is sent off the ropes. Saturyne gets caught up from the outside and Kobald uses the distraction to take control.

The Batiri cutting off the ring and taking it to Del Rey. It's essentially gone from three on two to three on one.

Del Rey starts fighting back and manages to get Obariyon and Kodama onto the floor. She sidesteps Kobald and the demon imp runs into the ringpost. She makes her way to the apron and cannonballs into all three! This brings her tag partner into the ring...


Wait, what's Delirious doing out here? He says something to The Batiri.

Back inside the ring, The Batiri dropkick the living crud out of Saturn in the corner. The ladies take back control and Del Rey locks up the Royal Butterfly suplex while Saturyne keeps Kobald at bay.

Delirious is inside the ring... chokeslam to Saturyne?! Del Rey turns her attention to Delirious and charges. Drop top hold into the turnbuckle and then a corner to corner attack!

The bell rings and we have a DQ finish.

Winners via DQ: Sara Del Rey and Saturyne

Delirious and The Batiri in the right. He kisses each on the forehead and the follow him out of the ring.

Do what?


Lucha de Apuesta - Mask vs. Hair: Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst

Hallowicked takes advantage early, hitting a head scissors and then a flying forearm into the corner. Mantis is on commentary during this match and is awesome. A boot to the back of the head sends Donst to the outside and a plancha from Hallowicked flattens him out.

Back inside the ring, Donst gets placed on the top rope but some mask play causes Hallowicked to lose sight of his opponent momentarily. Big STO by Donst and it's followed up by even even bigger clothesline.

Donst slamming his opponent against the mat by the mask and then sinks in a rear chin lock. He sends the masked tecnico to the outside and nails him with a suicide dive.

Hallowicked is sent back inside the ring and draped along the ropes. PURPLE NURPLE! That's low. Sweet move from Donst who bounces off the ropes and causes Hallowicked to fall face first. Donst in control until Hallowicked hits a big spinebuster!

They're on their knees, trading blows back and forth! Now on their feet and forearms! Hallowicked gets the upper hand and hits a nice shin to the face in the corner. Snapmare off the top rope from Hallowicked gets a two count. Go2SleepyHollow (man, I love CHIKARA) connects but Donst is able to slap on a submission until his opponent grabs the bottom rope.

On the apron now and Donst is trying to German suplex his opponent onto the floor! Hallowicked hits a back elbow and sends Donst to the floor. Hallowicked with a suicide dive! He appears to connect but Donst somehow dodged it! Donst back inside the ring with both his and Hallowicked's Young Lions Cups.

They're now brawling on the entryway and Hallowicked manages to flapjack his opponent onto the hard, unforgiving steel ramp.

Back inside the ring, and Donst counters a knee in the corner with a powerbomb. He gets his feet on the top rope but Remsburg spots it! They have words and in the meantime, Hallowicked whips his opponent to the corner. They lock up, belly to belly from Donst into the turnbuckle, YIKES!

Both men are now on the top rope and they're battling back and forth. Hallowicked gains the advantage and scores a big spinebuster off the top for two!

Donst whipped to the corner and Hallowicked sets up another running knee! Donst pulls Remsburg in front and the referee takes the knee to the back of the head! Hallowicked slaps on the CHIKARA Special but the referee is out! Donst taps! But the referee didn't see it!

Hallowicked tries to revive Remsburg and Donst comes in with a chair. Hallowicked grabs Donst's YLC and threatens to destroy it. Donst backs off and is tosses his YLC and then booted in the face with it! Cover! One... two... KICK OUT!

Remsburg is still hurting and doesn't see Donst nail Hallowicked with a low blow! Donst grabs the shoelace he's used to win several matches before and starts to choke his opponent. One arm drop, two arm drops, THREE ARM DROPS?!


I seriously cannot believe this!!!!

Winner via submission: Tim Donst

Hallowicked is about to take to take his mask off. Wow. Wow. WAIT! Bryce Remsburg finds the shoelace! He restarts the bout! BIG BOOT FROM HALLOWICKED! He locks on a submission! Donst taps!


Oh, Donst is getting shaved. He throws down his Young Lions Cup as he walks out. Poor guy.

10-man tag team war: Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw and The Colony vs. GEKIDO

Derek Sabato is out with the members of GEKIDO.

Holy crap, the CHIKARA hopefuls are wasting no time. It's a HUGE brawl. Jigsaw and 17 finally find themselves inside the ring but the GEKIDO members sends him back to the outside. He stands there, seemingly waiting to score a high flying move but what's this?!?

Mike Quackenbush is in for Fire Ant!!!

Quackenbush hits a springboard dropkick! Splash to the outside!

Okay, it's all out chaos. Of course it is! We finally get Soldier Ant and combatANT to officially start the match. Soldier taking it to combatANT. He bounces off the ropes but a blind tag gets The Shard in and he trips Soldier up and then splashes him from the apron for two.

Quick tags are the name of the game for GEKIDO. deviANT goes in for a moment but quickly tags back out to combatANT.

deviANT tries to rip off Soldier's mask! For shame! GEKIDO is keeping The Colony member cut off from his partner. 17 is in there for a moment but quickly takes out to assailANT. Soldier bounces off the ropes but is held up by a member of GEKIDO. When he finally turns around, a big boot is his reward. An abdominal stretch is reversed and Soldier tries to take his opponent's mask off!

GEKIDO rushes the ring to stop him! Here comes the CHIKARA hopefuls! IT'S A BRAWL!

17 and Soldier in the ring now. 17 hits a Russian leg sweep and goes for the mask until Jigsaw gives him a boot. Tag out to combatANT. Another trip up by The Shard drops Soldier but the ensuing splash misses! Soldier ducks under a clotheslines and dives to the outside! The Grand Champion storms the ring as the legal man!

KINGSTON IS CLEARING HOUSE! Huge suplex to The Shard! The largest Swarm member, assailANT gets the champion off his feet and he rolls to the outside. Green Ant comes in and nails a big clothesline. assailANT is out and combatANT is in! TKO to Green Ant!

Tons of action going on right now! 17 is now in the ring and Quakenbush and Jigsaw are going to town on him! Jigsaw nails a powerbomb for two on the man who broke "Lightning's" wrist.

The Shard hits Jigsaw with a Gory Bomb but Kingston nails another huge suplex. Saluting elbow from combatANT onto the Grand Champion and assailANT hits a death valley driver for two when Jigsaw breaks up the pin.

He avoids corner attacks from both assailANT and combatANT and nails a superkick to the latter. Both fell out of the ring and Jigsaw is pointing to something?



17 sneaks in on Jigsaw and slaps on a Crippler Crossface but Soldier Ant breaks up the submission. All men are slowly making their way inside the ring. GEKIDO whips the CHIKARA hopefuls to the ropes but two end up getting suplexed. Soldier has the other two and they shove him into the corner where 17 is waiting on the top rope. They're trying to take his mask off!


Quackenbush and Green Ant leap to his rescue and toss the Swarm member to the mat. Kingston with huge suplexes! 17 on the mat.

MEGA ANT HILL! MEGA ANT HILL! Soldier climbs on top of four men and splashes 17! CHIKARA Special and 17 taps!

Winners: Kingston, Quackenbush, Jigsaw and The Colony

Crazy fun match. I question not having GEKIDO go over here, though. Perhaps they'll become more desperate and thus more dangerous. It's looks like Quackenbush breaks one of 17's fingers after the match. Ouch time!

Campeonatos de Parejas: F.I.S.T. (c) vs. The Young Bucks

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