THQ announces Mike Tyson for WWE 13 as part of pre-order bonus

Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Okay, this is pretty cool.

It was announced today by THQ that none other than the former "Baddest Man on the Planet" Mike Tyson would be a playable character for those who pre-order WWE 13.

Tyson first stepped into a WWE ring during the build-up to WrestleMania 14. A beaming Vince McMahon introduced him to the Raw audience only to have perennial thorn in his side "Stone Cold" Steve Austin show up.

Austin did what "The Bionic Redneck" was known to do and gave the former heavyweight champ the middle finger saluting, leading to an all-out melee. This led to the bird-loving pugilist to align himself with D-Generation X.

All was fine between the two come WrestleMania as Tyson revealed himself to be a "Stone Cold" fan after decking Shawn Michaels in the main event of the big show.

Since then, he's shown up every once in a while. Most recently, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Full press release after the jump.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. : Mike Tyson Returns to the Ring - In WWE® '13

Renowned "Baddest Man on the Planet" to Make Flagship WWE Videogame Franchise Debut Through Exclusive Pre-Order Offer

The campaign premise of "Live the Revolution" continues, as THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced the return of the incomparable Mike Tyson to the ring - virtually - in WWE® '13, the revolutionary next installment in the WWE flagship videogame franchise. Often touted as the "baddest man on the planet," the boxing legend and former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world will be available as an exclusive playable character for consumers who pre-order the videogame at any participating retailer in the United States or Canada for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system or the WiiTM system from Nintendo (while supplies last).

Tyson made headlines with WWE (NYSE: WWE) in early 1998 as part of the company's groundbreaking "Attitude Era," a time period prominently featured in WWE '13 through a brand new single-player campaign. He is best remembered for his appearances leading up to and at WrestleMania® XIV, where he was recruited by D-Generation X (DX) to serve as a ringside enforcer during the main event match between DX member Shawn Michaels® and Stone Cold Steve Austin® for the WWE Championship. Tyson, sporting a sleeveless DX t-shirt and black jeans - the same look as his playable character in WWE '13 - interfered in the match, allowing Austin to secure the victory and ultimately abandoning his presumed alliance with the renegade faction. Tyson returned to WWE on January 11, 2010 as a guest host on Monday Night Raw® and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 2, 2012.

"As one of the most dominant champions in boxing history and one of the most memorable guests to ever be featured on WWE programming, Mike Tyson led an incredible revolution that changed the way fans perceive the sport," said Sean Ratcliffe, Vice President, Global Brand Management, THQ. "He was a tremendous addition to the 'Attitude Era' and is certain to attract a wide variety of fans to 'live the revolution' offered in WWE '13."

"The baddest man on the planet is back - and only in WWE '13," said Mike Tyson. "Fans everywhere can now relive what I experienced during the 'Attitude Era.'"

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