Live Notes From a WWE fan attending No Way Out


Editor's note: Watching a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) pay-per-view (PPV) event at home on television gives you a good feel for what's going on but it's not anywhere close to being in attendance at a live show. That's why it's nice to have reports like these from fans who were live and in color, witnessing the event first hand.

I was able to attend the No Way Out PPV show this past Sunday night (June 17, 2012) and I thought I would share a couple of notes from my live experience.

My thoughts are after the jump.

1. Dolph Ziggler was ridiculously over with the crowd. I don't know how it came off on TV but Shemaus was getting booed at a pretty big clip. I would put the crowd at 60-40 in favor of Ziggler. Throughout the night during beer and bathroom trips, I heard many a people complaining that no Ziggler merch was being sold.

2. We want Ryder chants broke out loud and often. They were almost as loud as YES! chants at times. While I didn't see as many Daniel Bryan fans as I thought I would have, we made up for it. Chants came in loud and often almost everywhere. In the parking lot on the way out, many cars were honking their horns in the YES! rhythm which was beyond awesome. On a side note, I was parked next to a guy who had "Asshole" key'ed into his car. He gave a dirty look when I started honking. I guess if the shoe fits.

3. Other than CM Punk fans, the crowd was pretty disappointed with the WWE championship triple threat match. It wasn't so much that Bryan didn't win as much as he didn't even factor into the decision that got under most people's skin. Most Bryan fans I talked to are also disgruntled Punk fans who wanted the belt taken off him in hopes it would give Punk's character a shot in the arm. With the apparent set-up shifting Bryan and Punk away from each other, smark fans in the arena were disheartened to say the least.

4. Huge, huge, huge Cena crowd. It wasn't so much that the Cena haters weren't there but they literally just stopped giving a shit as the match progressed. Marks chanted Yes! when Cena won louder than any Yes chants I heard for DBD, which made me want to kill myself.

5. I get the whole WWE creative team keeping continuity but when Kofi Kingston is the nail in the coffin to a monster heel in a main event, you have a problem.

6. Missed the Ryback and Diva match because I used them as appointed breaks but nothing to write home about other than Goldberg chants.

7. Tuxdeo and Sin Cara matches held literally no ones interest. Intercontinental and tag team matches really only got some interest towards the end. The tag team match spot went over nuts. I wanted to chant "holy shit" but there were a bunch of little kids around me and I felt bad about doing it. Triple H and Vince McMahon, of course, got huge out of control pops.

8. Mr. Excitement got the most heat with Big Show not really getting any. His reaction was pretty blah to say the least.

9. I took my girlfriend with me to her first wrestling match with a bar viewing of Over the Limit and a few Raw's under her belt. She liked it for the most part but said she only came in caring about the two main events and left caring only about three matches (two main events and Sheamus vs. Ziggler). She said that the middle matches is what really killed her interest at times and if that those were better, she would be inclined to watch more. This is the opinion of someone who marked out for Punk and Cena as well as cheered the faces. In other words, it's people like her WWE wants to target. Sometimes it feels like smark complaints aren't shared. This gives more proof to me that we're wrong.

10. Overall, I would give the show a C- when it kinda really deserves a D. Extra points go to WWE missing three upper mid-card players and the tag team match spot. The crowd seemed like it was going to be fantastic at first but really fell apart as the night progressed. Restless and discontent would be two words I would throw out the most.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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