WWE No Way Out results and reactions from last night (June 17): RIP People Power

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was back on pay-per-view (PPV) last night (June 17, 2012) with the No Way Out event that took place at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

And, as expected, John Cena defeated Big Show with the help of the entire babyface side of the locker room (or at least the guys Show has been picking on) and John Laurinaitis was immediately fired by Vince McMahon.

RIP People Power.

CM Punk retained the WWE championship by pinning Kane after a GTS in his triple threat match that also included Daniel Bryan. AJ provided an assist, of course, and acknowledged as much with a wink and a smile.

In addition, Sheamus held off Dolph Ziggler to keep his world heavyweight title in the curtain jerker of the evening.

Enough with the results, though. If you want them in full, click here for the running live blog. You can also listen to Sergio Hernandez and myself on the Cageside Live podcast gabbing after the show right here. Time to get to reactions, posted after the jump.

  • There's nothing to be gained from complaining about John Cena going over or even how it happened. At this point, we know the score. Though he may face a variety of challengers and they all may pose varying threats to his well-being, ultimately Cena will persevere and overcome, no matter the cost. Last night, that cost was John Laurinaitis and his position as the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. This is significant because it could very well mean we've seen the last of "Ace" on WWE television. And you know what? I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to part ways with him.
  • AJ didn't reveal herself to be in cahoots with Daniel Bryan all along, which was disappointing to say the least. In fact, the triple threat match for the WWE championship, which also included CM Punk and Kane, was the most up-in-the-air match of the evening. The promotion played it perfectly by having AJ treat each man in a way that kept us guessing as to what side she would ultimately choose. And then they never paid it off. At least not yet. She made a run-in, sure, but it wasn't to save anyone. She was inadvertently knocked off the apron by Kane, which led to his losing the match. But she allowed him to carry her out to tend to her while smiling broadly and winking at Punk. Bryan, meanwhile, was completely lost in the fray. The good news is this isn't over and AJ is still, by far, the most interesting character on the WWE roster, and maybe even in pro wrestling.
  • Why do I feel like we're looking at Punk vs. Kane and Bryan is the bit player who will get fazed out? Comfort me and tell me this isn't true, Cagesiders. Please.
  • Are you surprised Dolph Ziggler didn't win the heavyweight title? Yeah, me neither. Are you surprised he gave Sheamus a good match? Yeah, me neither. Are you surprised the folks at the IZOD Center showered the former male cheerleader with so much affection? Yeah, me too.
  • Dear WWE: It's not a good sign when your babyface champions keep running into guys the fans want to cheer more. In fact, it's something you should be taking note of and incorporating it into future plans.
  • Triple H is a good promo. I know this because he exhibits all the right qualities and he makes sure to hit all his points while showing the charisma and understanding of the business that got him where he is today. But he's still repeating himself like he's worried the live fans in the arena suffer from short term memory loss. Less is more, Trips.
  • Ryback is not Goldberg. He's similar enough, however, that WWE will continue to draw my ire when they refuse to acknowledge the 800-pound elephant smacking them in the face. Because that's what's happening at this point. The elephant isn't just in the room, it's making loud ass noises and drawing attention to itself. Ryback can ask to be fed another jobber for each of his pointless matches but until he acknowledges the path he's currently riding down was already clear of any obstacles thanks to a certain bald dude with a goatee who came before him, no one is going to give a shit.
  • The Primetime Players led by Abraham Washington? Pretty sure the tag team division just got 348-percent better, though that number isn't exact.
  • Props to Tyson Kidd for hitting the spot of the night launching Primo off the top rope with a hurricanarana ... into six guys on the outside, who all went tumbling down like dominoes.
  • What's that? Kharma didn't come back? Oh, okay.
  • I want to sit here and heap praise upon Cody Rhodes and Christian for putting on a "match of the night" candidate last night. But I can't do that because they didn't. In fact, they seemed to be a little off their game, with odd pacing and a dead crowd contributing to a less than stellar effort from both men. The finish was good and it's not like it was a complete piece of crap but it's certainly not the work we're used to seeing from either guy. I just hope WWE does something with them that makes me want to invest some energy in their characters.
  • The less said about Santino Marella and Ricardo Rodriguez's tuxedo match the better. Vince McMahon, for some reason, must be on a kick where he likes watching guys get their clothes ripped off. Whatever.
  • If I have to watch one more Sin Cara vs. Hunico match, I'll complain a little louder.

This show wasn't exactly noteworthy for much of anything, other than the main event, of course. It should be most interesting to see if Laurinaitis is really gone but other than that, this was a forgettable affair that didn't really leave a lasting impression.

Still, it's worth a C grade from me.

But that's me. Now it's time for you Cagesiders to sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts from last night's No Way Out PPV. How did you grade it?

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