WWE Raw results and live blog for June 18: The No Way Out fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 18, 2012) from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, and features all the fallout from the No Way Out pay-per-view (PPV) that took place last night in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

John Laurinaitis was fired as General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown, which means we could very well see the coronation of his successor tonight. Teddy Long, perhaps?

John Cena triumphed over Big Show, as everyone suspected he would, and now it's time to see how both men handle the occasion. What's to become of Show now that the giant monster has been beaten?

And, of course, AJ seemingly made the decision to side with CM Punk in an effort to help him retain his WWE championship, though it certainly looked unintentional. What does Kane think of all this? And what about Daniel Bryan?

All that and more.

Raw starts at 9 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Damn, they open with the Nickelback theme. Whatever.

Still shot of Vince firing Laurinaitis last night with the voice over. We hear that he's going to be here tonight to give his farewell address.

Cyndi Lauper will be on the show tonight.

Justin Roberts introduces "Long Island's" own, Mick Foley. He's wearing a suit. Does this mean what I think it could mean?

Foley gets a chant after his music stops but before he speaks. He nods his head in appreciation before starting in. Says he was just passing through to help promote Raw episode 1,000 but got a call from the WWE Board of Directors. Apparently, they're looking for candidates for a permanent General Manager but in the meantime, are looking for older folks to run the show for now.

So he's running Raw tonight and Smackdown on Friday.

His first order of business is to do his best Teddy Long impression and announce a tag team match. Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus and CM Punk. Big pop from the crowd for everyone but Kane.

Foley goes on to reveal Laurinaitis is here to give his farewell address before introducing him.

Out comes Big Johnny with his neck in a brace, his arm in a sling, and one crutch. Cole tells us how the PPV main event went last night leading to his being ousted.

"You got fired" chant starts up. Foley gives Laurinaitis a big hug, which he doesn't appreciate seeing as he's in a ton of pain.

He calls for silence but gets nuclear heat when he goes to introduce himself.


He continues telling the crowd to be quiet. They don't listen so he asks Foley to ask them to be quiet. Foley does but quickly turns on him and says "Ace" said Long Island sucks, which he didn't.

Finally, Laurinaitis gets pissed and tells everyone to shut up. Calls them "extremely rude" and he's going to wait until later to give his farewell address.

Before he was fired last night, he made tonight's main event match. A handicap match pitting John Cena vs. Big Show, David Otunga, and Laurinaitis himself.

He calls Foley over and gives him the mic after saying, "Have a nice day."

Before Laurinaitis can make it back up the ramp, Sheamus' music hits and he comes walking down with a big smile. He passes "Ace" by and laughs at him.

Now Punk's music hits and he'll get the chance to walk by Laurinaitis on his way up the ramp. He mocks kicking dirt on him and throwing him out like a baseball game.


They show a video replay of AJ kissing Kane and then cut to Punk and Sheamus making fun of her being crazy.

Bryan has a YES coat that I badly want for the winter this year.

CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane -- Sheamus starts with Bryan and a shoulder block puts the babyface champion in control. He ends up getting sent to the outside when he gets over aggressive and Bryan pulls the rope down.

No matter, he comes back with another couple of shoulder blocks and a backbreaker before tagging in Punk. He sunset flips his way into the ring and Cole tells us Punk has held the title for 211 consecutive days, the fourth longest reign in the last decade, surpassing Triple H's reign of terror throughout 2003.

Bryan takes control of the match and tags in Kane, who works an arm. Punk comes back with forearms and tries to come off the ropes with a kick to put the big man down but gets planted with an elbow. Kane covers but gets two.

Punk regains control, despite being in the heel corner, by knocking Bryan off and hitting Kane with punches. Kane sends him into the ropes and Punk ducks under before hitting a suicide dive on Bryan, who was still on the outside. Punk climbs back in to come off the top ropes for a clothesline but Kane catches him coming in and Punk is laid out while they go to commercial.

They fade back in with Punk doing his best to get Kane up on his shoulders. He can't do it but it leads to a hot tag to Sheamus, who comes in and hits a knee before a slam gets him a two count.

The Irish Curse hits before Sheamus gets Bryan with the forearms through the ropes. Kane tries to make the save but ends up knocking Bryan off. Still, Kane regains control and sends Sheamus out, where a recovered Bryan gets him with a big running drop kick.

Punk protests but the referee is worried more about sending him back to his corner.

Kane tags Bryan in and he hits another running drop kick. He gets some offense in before tagging Kane back in, who takes over beating on Sheamus.

Looks like they're setting up another hot tag. Sheamus teases as much but can't get it and Kane sends him back over to the heel corner, where he tags Bryan in. He misses a big kick in the corner and that's what leads to the hot tag, finally.

Punk comes in but he and Bryan go back and forth for a minute before a slam gets two and then the running high knee in the corner hits followed quickly by the bulldog. Punk goes up top and looks for the flying elbow. Bryan shoots up and stops it before hitting a superplex.

Suddenly, AJ's music hits and she comes skipping out wearing a Kane mask with a red and black suit on. She literally just skipped around the ring once and then left. Kane gets off the apron and goes after her.

Meanwhile, Punk shrugs and picks Bryan up to hit the GTS after tagging in Sheamus, who cleans up with the Brogue Kick.

That gets the pin.


Backstage and Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are arguing. Swagger was heavyweight champion for four months, he says, while Ziggler was champion for four days. Dolph responds by saying he has what it takes.

Vickie Guerrero shows up and says she needs to finally make a choice between them. But instead of picking, she got a match made between the two tonight.


Cut over to Laurinaitis and David Otunga making fun of Mick Foley's "muppet face."

Big Show comes into the picture and he's not happy that they're laughing. "Ace" talks him up before saying Show will knock Cena out tonight before Laurinaitis pins him. Tonight, he'll leave a lasting impression that the fans are never going to forget.

Show says he doesn't find anything funny. Anything at all.

"Ooooh. He's in a bad mood," Otunga says.

"Tonight, John Cena's going to get his," Laurinaitis replies.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger -- The "let's go Ziggler" chants from last night at No Way Out are back. Swagger slams Ziggler and does push ups.

Gimmick stealer.

Dolph returns the favor with a single leg takedown into a strut. They finally break down and start brawling but Ziggler starts selling a knee injury and Swagger immediately goes to work on it.

Ziggler is wrestling as a babyface here. Swagger beating him down and the crowd cheering and chanting for Dolph as he sells the knee that Swagger is attacking. Eventually, Swagger gets the Ankle Lock and after a long tease of tapping, Ziggler sends him off and hits the Zig Zag to get the pin.

All while selling the knee. Beautiful.

Vickie comes in and hugs Ziggler before giving him a kiss straight on the lips. So he's no longer with Swagger but he's still with Vickie.


Video replay of Triple H's promo from No Way Out last night challenging Brock Lesnar to a match at SummerSlam. Or, actually, a "fight."

We see a limo in the back pulling up and they tease Lesnar being the guy to come out of it. But they cut to break before anyone gets out.

Coming back from break and Brock's music hits but it's Paul Heyman who comes down with a smile. He introduces himself as the advocate for BRUUOOCCCKK LLLESSSNNAARRR.

He says he understands that everyone caters to Triple H's whims at the office but that's not how Brock rolls. The answer is NO. Brock won't drop his lawsuit, Heyman won't drop his lawsuit, and Lesnar won't fight Triple H at SummerSlam.

He says thanks and goes to walk out but "The Game's" music hits before he can climb out of the ropes.

Trips says he looks around the arena and it doesn't look like a bingo hall and Triple H isn't one of his cronies from ECW back in the 90s. Triple H says Lesnar is going to fight him at SummerSlam and that's that. Heyman tries to talk but Triple H shuts him down and says he only wants to hear from one man, and that's Lesnar.

He wants Brock to stand up and be a man and accept the challenge. Because Triple H can give Brock what he really wants, which is to be a big star. Take a look -- on the Titantron, they show a poster for SummerSlam with Lesnar's face on it. Lesnar and Lesnar alone.

All he has to do is step up and fight Triple H.

Heyman laughs off Triple H's attempt to play to Brock's ego because Lesnar doesn't have one.

Triple H quickly squashes that by bringing up Brock's demand to Laurinaitis to change the name of the show to Monday Night Raw starring Brock Lesnar. Triple H then brings up the court cases and says he's got a whole team of lawyers salivating to go after Heyman.

Once again, Triple H appeals to "the man" in Brock by saying if he doesn't accept, Lesnar will go down as the guy who was scared of Trips.

Heyman says Triple H really is "that damn good." He's playing the "scared" card and it's not going over. Heyman tells him to stop playing a wrestler and the ass kicker he used to be. Heyman tells him to go back home and play the king of kings to his little princesses at home. Because in Brock Lesnar's world, Triple H isn't the king of anything.

Heyman starts taunting him, asking if he's angry and if he wants to hit him. He says Triple H is getting to be more and more like Vince and just like he knew how to push Vince's buttons, he knows how to push "The Game's."

Heyman basically begs Triple H to hit him because if he does, he and Lesnar will basically own the joint. "We have nothing for you ... but I do have something for Stephanie."

Triple H grabs him up at this point and acts like he's going to hit him. Heyman tells him to do it. But Trips backs off at the last minute and even straightens out Heyman's tie.

"I knew you wouldn't hit me because I can out think you every single time. I know everything you're going to do before you do it."

Heyman is great here.

"I see everything you're going to do from a mile away."

Triple H slugs him.

He picks up a mic and says, "Did you see that coming? You tell Brock Lesnar I will see him at SummerSlam. That is unless he's afraid the same thing will happen to him."


We're told Alberto Del Rio has been cleared to compete after his concussion and he'll be in action next against Santino Marella.

That seems fast and it also seems like quite a drop off from a world title match at a PPV. Then again, it might just be time to get revenge for Ricardo Rodriguez while the big boss was on the sidelines.

Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio -- As soon as the bell rings, Del Rio comes out crazy. He's kicking the shit out of Santino, quite literally. He works an arm but Marella battles back. ADR gets out using a headbutt and Cole rightly calls him out for it.

Guy is just coming back from a concussion.

Santino kicks ADR in the corner and goes for the Cobra but Del Rio gets a dropkick. Del Rio quickly locks in the Cross Armbreaker and Marella immediately taps.

Good strong return win.

Rodriguez gets some revenge before bailing out.


Divas Champion Layla already in the ring back from break. She introduces Wendy Richter and Cyndi Lauper.

They come out looking like they're having an awesome time just like back in the day.

Lauper says it's been a long time. She introduces Richter, who says it feels like just yesterday when Lauper was managing her at the first WrestleMania.

Suddenly, Heath Slater's music hits and he comes out saying he knows they're no longer near the Long Island railroad but this right here is nothing but a train wreck.

Lauper responds -- "Who are you?"

That was beautiful. Just buried him.

Slater tries to put over his Southern Man Rock Band gimmick and tells the ladies to get over to the corner and he's going to perform his first single.

Oh dear god, he's singing. Lauper is making fun of him. He continues on and then the bagpipes hit.

It's Rowdy Roddy Piper and he gets a big pop.

Piper talks up the ladies and tells Slater to get lost. "When girls want to have fun, they call Hot Rod."

He says he doesn't care what anyone says, it was the Rock-N-Wrestling Connection that launched the WWE to where it is today. Which is pretty much true.

Piper says he's been waiting for a long time to do this. He says he loves Lauper and he gets emotional. Cole starts laughing and running his mouth. Oh, shut the fuck up, Cole.

Piper asks for someone to hand him something. He says a long time ago there was a great manager named Captain Lou Albano and he hit him over the head with a record back in the day. And now he wants to give Lauper a restored record. Lauper is the best lady who has ever been paired with the business and she is gold to them.

"I'm about to get sick," Cole says.

"You're about to get punched in the mouth," Lawler replies.

Slater, still in the ring, says "OH MY GOOOOOD, it was 20 years ago. No one cares." He goes on to tell them all to leave the ring so he can perform his single, which will net him a gold record one day.

He starts singing again and Piper eye pokes him before Lauper hits him over the head with the record Piper just gave her. That's it for this segment, thank god.

Cole says he's sorry for this segment because it's been one of the worst in the history of Raw.


Primo and Epico vs. The Primetime Players -- I missed the majority of this. It would appear the Primetime Players were in control early but bailed out at the end and intentionally got themselves counted out.

Titus O'Neil telling folks in the crowd to shut their damn mouth. Love it.


Backstage and Laurinaitis is strategizing with David Otunga and Big Show. Otunga looks really into it, travel coffee mug still in hand, while Show has his arms crossed and just looks pissed.

Main event up next.

Laurinaitis already in the ring coming back from break, presumably to give his farewell address. He says Cena, in an act of cowardice, cheated to win. He and five other men beat down Big Show, allowing Cena to escape and win the match before dumping Laurinaitis through the announce table after Vince fired him.

"I'm not the loser here. Big Show's not the loser here. You know who the biggest loser in this match is? Each and every one of you. Because now you don't have People Power."

He starts pointing at people and calling them a loser. Everyone at home and everyone at the arena, all losers.

"The next time you'll see me is when Mr. Laurinaitis is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. This is one of the darkest days in WWE history."


He continues by saying he's going to give everyone what they may not want to see and that's the biggest beatdown of John Cena ever.

Teddy Long joins Cole and Lawler for commentary. He rips up his name sign.

Show gets on the mic and says it took six men to beat him last night and one of them was Cena and because of that, Laurinaitis was fired. But he wants to thank "Ace" for the iron clad contract, for the big fat bonus, and for letting him be himself finally.

He says he's not beholden to anyone, not even Laurinaitis. "I've proven that I can beat John Cena on my own. I'm off to bigger and better things. What I'm trying to say is I see no reason for me to compete tonight in this ring. Otunga, Johnny, you're on your own."

And then he bails to applause.

Of course.

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis and David Otunga -- Now Cena comes out and he gets to beat on a guy who is half crippled and a guy who can barely execute a clothesline.

This is so John Cena.

He starts by smashing Otunga, who tries hard to tag in Laurinaitis but he keeps running away. Finally, Otunga takes control and Cena actually sells for him. Enough so that Big Johnny wants in on the fun and he comes in, quickly ditches the crutch and arm band, and starts kicking Cena around.

Wow. That's kind of funny. And awesome.

He tries to pin Cena but it fails. When it does, he goes over to Otunga to tag and Otunga gets off the apron and walks away.

Cena gets back up and starts ripping Laurinaitis' shirt off so he can slap him. Five Knuckle Shuffle hits then the Attitude Adjustment. He doesn't go for the pin, however, instead opting to look out at the fans, who ask for another AA. Long does too and Cena obliges them.

Again he looks out and the crowd wants more. So he gives them one more.

I'm now convinced "Ace" is gone.

Cena locks in the STF and Laurinaitis immediately taps.

"The end of People Power," says Cole.

Cena stands tall along with Teddy Long, who Cena salutes.


Fade to black.

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