WWE NXT season six spoilers from Full Sail University, featuring old NXT favorites and FCW stars

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Florida Championship Wrestling's (FCW) television tapings as well as NXT: Redemption is dead and gone but the franchise itself lives on down in Florida on the Full Sail University campus.

It appears as if the sixth season of the WWE program will adhere to a taping schedule much like FCW had before they close their television doors earlier this month.

One a month or so, NXT Superstars -- as well as some top shelf WWE Superstars to help move tickets -- will converge on Full Sail University and film a handful of episodes, which as of this time, have no home.

Will they air online? Will they be only available overseas where NXT had been airing on television?

I don't know and I get the sneaking suspicion no one at WWE does either.

Regardless, we've got spoilers for last night's (June 14) tapings, courtesy of PWTorch.

Check them out after the jump.

First episode

Camacho came out with Hunico and beat Tyson Kidd after Michael McGillicutty distracted the former Hart Foundation 2.0 member.

Bray Wyatt -- formerly known as Husky Harris -- defeated Aiden English.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young -- now known as the Prime Time Players -- beat The Usos. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Second episode

Tamina beat Kaitlyn in what was described as more of an actual wrestling match than your average Divas contest. Please please PLEASE let women who can actually wrestle do so in a WWE ring.

Jinder Mahal squashed Percy Watson and got pretty good rulebreaker heat after he reapplied his Camel Clutch after the finish.

Leo Kruger beat Richie Steamboat with the help of the ropes.

Justin Gabriel defeated former Nexus stablemate Heath Slater.

Third episode

Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty beat Bo Dallas and Derrick Bateman.

Sofia Cortez defeated Natalya by countout after Jim Neidhart's baby girl refused to wrestle her. After the decision, he attacked Cortez and applied the Sharpshooter.

The Ascension -- Connor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron -- squashed Garrett Dylan & Dante Dash.

Drew McIntyre beat Seth Rollins in what was said to be a great match. I'm already liking this sixth season of NXT.

Fourth episode

Raquel Diaz beat Paige and Antonio Cesaro defeated Alex Riley.

Also, Sheamus beat McIntyre in a match that may or may not make television.

Sounds pretty good to me. Could have used more Dean Ambrose, though. Maybe this is a sign he's getting called up to the main roster.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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