TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for June 14: Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., June 14, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for the third live show of the summer series that will run through the next 10 weeks or so.

Thanks to his victory over Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam at Slammiversary this past Sunday night, Mr. Anderson will challenge Bobby Roode for the heavyweight title, even if no one wants to see such a thing.

Austin Aries will also be putting his X Division championship on the line an an Ultimate X match to start the show against Zema Ion and Chris Sabin. Plus, the Bound for Glory Series gets underway as a Gauntlet match will reveal the 12 competitors set to compete for a title shot at the biggest show of the year.

All that and more.

The show has a brand spankin' new start time at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

They open with a James Storm video. Putting his story over big on whether or not he'll be able to complete his championship quest.

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin -- I dig it that TNA is opening its Slammiversary fallout show with a title match. To hell with a 15 minute promo from a big star, let's get this party started.

Ion immediately goes to climb to the title, which is suspended above the ring via ropes, but he gets doubled up by Sabin and Aries and sent out quick. The two remaining guys in the ring put on a show before Aries takes advantage and tries to get to the title himself. Of course, Ion is recovered enough to show back up and thwart that attempt.

Sabin hits a big tornado DDT on Ion and again he gets sent out. Back to the Sabin and Aries battling. Aries sends him spinning around and drops him before going for the belt. Ion back in but quickly sent out, along with Sabin again. Aries with the suicide dive on both men and now Aries makes his way to the center but Ion brings him down just before he can get the belt.

Ion climbs up but is met by Aries, who gets knocked off. Sabin comes in but he quickly rolls back out of the ring after knocking down Aries. I think he might be hurt.

Aries sends Ion out and looks to climb the ropes again. Ion back inside. Oh, shit, Aries with a top rope hurricanrana. Brainbuster just after and he wastes zero time climbing over to the belt to bring it down and retain.

Sabin is still outside and I think he hurt his knee somewhere in that match.They show a replay that appears to confirm as much.


Aries grabs a microphone. He says he made big claims when he showed up to TNA by saying he could beat anyone and pound-for-pound, he's the most complete package in professional wrestling. At first, people thought that was a lot of hot air. But then they gave him an inch and he took a mile. He says whether or not he's the first or last match, he's the main event.

But he's not satisfied with just the X-Division title. He's not here to earn respect, he's here to take it.

Cue Hulk Hogan's music. "There's just the man I want to see," Aries says while the Hulkster walks out.

Hogan says he's been hearing the fans and he's been hearing Aries he's the main event no matter where he is on the card. Naturally, Hogan starts putting himself over as knowing what it's like to be the main event and breaking records and all that.

The crowd starts chanting his name but both Hogan and Aries quiet them down.

That was weird.

Hogan starts putting over Aries as the greatest thing he's ever seen in the ring. Aries tells him to put him in the main event then. Hogan says he can make that happen at Destination X but Aries has to put his money where his mouth is. Hogan is willing to book the world heavyweight champion against the X-Division champion but only if he'll give up the X-Division belt.

It sounded like he was headed towards a title unification scenario but then he turned it and said if Aries wins, he'll get the world heavyweight title but if he loses, he'll lose the X-Division belt.

Aries isn't happy about this but Hogan says he just wants him to be great and he believes that he can do it. Hogan gives Aries one week to answer the call.


Backstage and Joseph Park is proudly telling the story of his victory over Bully Ray at Slammiversary to a few faceless folks. Suddenly, they all get up and bail and he wonders why.

Bully Ray shows up and wants to know where Abyss is at. Park says, "Last time I saw him, he was putting you through a table."

Ray gets pissed and throws Park's food to the side and flips the table in front of him. He vows not to rest until he finds Abyss.


Hernandez vs. Devon -- The weekly TV title defense kind of makes sense once Mike Tenay tells us Hogan was impressed enough with Hernandez's return win over Kid Kash at Slammiversary that he was awarded a title shot for it.

Before Devon can even get into the ring, Hernandez goes flying over the top rope and crashing into him down onto the floor. He did that at the PPV this past Sunday night, too, and it looked even better here.

He sends Devon into the ring and tries to get a quick pin but the champion won't be beat so easily.

Hernandez stays in control and works a bear hug until Devon makes his comeback. They do a decent job of hyping the crowd for it. A shoulder block coming off the ropes is what turned the tide. Devon gets another one, then a neckbreaker, and then the diving headbutt.

Splash in the corner but when he came off the ropes for yet another shoulder block, Hernandez just owned him and sent him flying with one of his own.

This is a terrible match.

Another splash from Devon in the corner. Hernandez tries to go to the top rope but almost slips and eats shit. He hits a shoulder block for two but Devon comes back with a move I didn't see that got him the pin.


Video replay shows Christopher Daniels and Kazarian last week calling out Dixie Carter before Styles made the save only to get punched out by Dixie's husband, Serg.

A pre-tape shows with AJ Styles and Dixie talking in the back and Styles says they can't keep there thing a secret anymore. He says they need to get this thing out in the open.

Carter says she wants to talk later tonight after Styles' match.

He agrees to it.


Okay, so it looks like the Gauntlet match is a BFG Series match.

Tenay explains the rules. Two guys start and every 90 seconds a new guy comes in until they get to 12. Eliminations are only made by sending a guy over the top. The 12 guys in the match are the 12 competitors in the BFG Series.

The winner of this gets 20 points, apparently. Funny they had it right by keeping it simple early and then ended up gimmicking the damn thing immediately.

AJ Styles starts with Jeff Hardy. They go back and forth for a minute and then comes the third man, Rob Van Dam (RVD). He comes in and cleans house by sending Styles flying across the ring before hitting rolling thunder on Hardy.

A commercial break means we'll have another guy in there when they get back, right?

Yep. Magnus is the fourth guy in. Meanwhile, Bully Ray makes his way to the ring as well. No one has been eliminated just yet. Everyone is basically laid out, though, and Ray is cleaning up. He tries to send Styles out but fails. Magnus starts working on him as we get a countdown clock that NO ONE counts down with.

It's Kurt Angle now to get us halfway home.

He cleans house before battling with Ray. They start going to town on each other with Angle choking him in the corner. RVD tries to send Styles out but fails. Angle has Ray up on the ropes but he can't get him out. Hardy also nearly gone thanks to Magnus but he survives as well.

Still no eliminations as we get our next competitor. D'Angelo Dinero makes his return from being off for a few months. He cleans up until Ray drills him and knocks him down. He then sends Jeff Hardy to the outside, who saves himself for a second before Ray eliminates him with a boot.

Shortly thereafter, Abyss climbs out from under the ring and onto the apron, where he grabs Ray and eliminates him by tossing him over the top by his throat.

We're told there were no eliminations during the break but Robbie E did enter the match during that time. That's terrible on TNA's part to have entrances missed out on like that.

Rob Van Dam gets tossed out just before Christopher Daniels makes his way into the match. Naturally, Styles goes off on him. Angle comes over to help but he ends up getting dropkicked in the face by Styles. Daniels, in turn, eliminates both Styles and Angle.

In the ring now, we've got Daniels, Magnus, Dinero and Robbie E. Quite the cast and crew.

The next entrant shows up and it's Samoa Joe. Robbie E goes after him but gets owned quickly and tossed out of the match. Daniels and Dinero gang up on Joe but Magnus makes the save. They were tag partners, after all. Still, they end up brawling. Magnus gets a little too aggressive, though, and Joe eliminates him.

Only two more left to enter and the next in line is James Storm. From the sounds of it, no one is more over in the Impact Zone.

He immediately sends Dinero out before sending Daniels flying through the air with a big back body drop. He misses the Last Call but still clotheslines Daniels to the outside and now we're down to Storm and Joe. Tenay suddenly says there are only 11 guys in this Gauntlet match. The guy who will get number 12 in the BFG Series will be the guy who doesn't win the world title match tonight.

That would have been a good thing to let us know beforehand, guys.

In the ring, Joe and Storm waste no time and Storm ends up eliminating Joe with a Last Call while Joe was on the apron, knocking him to the floor.

That's 20 points for Storm and he's well on his way to winning this thing, which we all assume he'll do anyway.


Storm gets a mic and says he was talking about losing his damn luck last time he was in the ring. So he left and spent time with his family. He figured if wrestling was still in his blood, he would learn it from home.

Then he brings up his daughter asking him if he was going back to wrestling. But it wasn't the question, it was what she meant by it. He knows what pro wrestling means to him but he didn't know how much it means to his little girl.

Slammiversary and his victory over Crimson showed him how much he meant to all the fans. He thanks them for that and they chant for him.

He said he made a promise to himself and to his little girl and now he'll make that same promise to the fans: he came back to be the world heavyweight champion. Again, they chant for him. He says if he didn't make himself clear, he's BACK!

He says he hopes and prays that Bobby Roode will still be champion by the time the BFG Series is over.

Again, he celebrates with beer. Sorry, dude, but that's played out.


They cut backstage and ask Roode how he feels about Storm's return. Roode says he's not concerned and Storm is only back because he's jealous just like everyone else. If he wants to come back and try to take his title, that's fine, but he's got bigger fish to fry tonight.

In the form of an asshole.


Backstage and Angle is yelling at AJ. He wants to know what's going on. He brings up all the crap Styles has pulled lately and tells him to forget about this thing with Dixie.

Angle says he doesn't want them to lose the tag team titles and Styles vows to get better.


Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne -- I honestly wasn't trying to make this a "bathroom break" match but it ended up that way. Sorry. Tessmacher went over.

Backstage and Brooke Hogan introduces herself to Gail Kim. Brooke says they're going to have a match next week on Open Fight Night and it's going to involve four girls.

Kim gets upset and says she has a rematch in her contract. Brooke says she should read her contract a little closer because it never states when the rematch has to happen and Brooke decides when that will be. So because she won't be participating in Fight Night and she's not cashing in that rematch any time soon, enjoy the vacation.


Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode -- I don't know if this is going the full 30 minutes but at least they're treating this like it's a big deal.

Anderson takes control early. Clothesline in one corner before getting reversed and hitting a clothesline to come out of the other. Straight suplex gets a two count. Roode sends him out and tries to hit a splash but misses and Anderson stays in control as they go off to break.

We get back and Roode is working a choke. Anderson gets back up and battles out. He runs the ropes before getting hit with a knee that he no sells right into a roll up. That only gets two. He gets back up and goes for a back slide pin and that only gets two.

They tell us Sting is still to come, so this isn't going the full 30.

Roode regains control and goes right back to the choke on the mat. Anderson gets back up for another comeback. Hits a neckbreaker. He picks Roode up on his shoulders but he fights off. Anderson still hits a kick to the head that gets two.

Roode reverses the Mic Check into a crossface that Anderson rolls out of into a pin attempt that gets two.

They get back up and it's not long until Roode as the crossface locked in again. Anderson teases tapping. The crowd actually starts chanting for him.

After a long while, Anderson taps and Roode retains the title. he stares Anderson down after being declared the winner. Anderson returns the glare.


Backstage and Styles is talking with Dixie again. They both agree that they're going to come clean.

But not until next week.


For some reason, we're getting a prolonged replay of everything that's happened on Impact tonight. Literally, they're going over everything.

They're also telling us what's to come next week. Open Fight Night, Gut Check, Miss Tessmacher will defend her Knockouts title, Austin Aries will make his decision, and Dixie and Styles will come clean on what's been going on between them.


Time now for Sting.

They run the same video they ran at Slammiversary to induct him into the TNA Hall of Fame, the first wrestler to be given that honor.

He comes out and says Slammiversary will go down as one of the greatest nights in his pro wrestling career. He says fans have asked how it could have been that great if he didn't win the title from Roode and his answer is that he just wanted to take a big fat chunk out of Roode's hide and that's what he did.

He brings up the Hall of Fame induction and the fans chant that he deserved it. He says there were so many others in TNA who also deserved it. He starts thanking a few people, like Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter.

He goes to thank a few more but three masked men suddenly hit the ring and start beating him down.

That's the show.



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