WWE Smackdown spoilers for June 15, 2012, show featuring Sheamus and CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler

Just add Kane. Photo via WWE.

This past Monday's three-hour Raw served as the go home show fo the company's flagship program as they roll toward Sunday's (June 17) No Way Out pay-per-view.

Despite the extra 60 minutes, the installment was a pretty decent offering help, in part, by Vince McMahon's return.

Who doesn't love seeing a near 70-year-old-man boogie down with two lovely ladies only to be knocked out by the guy who wore a diaper in Knucklehead?

This week's edition of Smackdown doesn't seem to have much meat on its bones, unfortunately. A great opener involving four of the five Superstars in the two world title matches, a bunch of glorified squash matches and a John Cena promo.

Find out exactly what went down, courtesy of PWTorch, after the jump.

- The show opens with what seems to be a pretty hot segment. The lovely AJ makes her way to the ring but it isn't long until Vickie Guerrero interrupts her. She brings out the World Heavyweight Championship challenger for No Way Out, Dolph Ziggler, and then slaps AJ.


That brings out CM Punk out who is followed by Daniel Bryan and then Sheamus. A huge reaction for every Superstar and then, bam, the main event opens the show. Strike while the iron is hot, I supposed. Ziggler got the pin on Sheamus after some Guerrero interference which led to a showdown between her and AJ. Kane came out to aid AJ but he ends up brawling with his No Way Out opponents, chokeslamming them both.

- Brodus Clay squashes Heath Slater. Otunga comes in for a post-match beatdown on "The Funkasaurus."

- Beth Phoenix squashes former Divas Champion Alicia Fox who she had trouble beating just a few months ago. She mean mugged Layal afterward.

- John Laurinaitis came out next to publically apologize to Vince McMahon for The Big Show knocking him out on Monday.

- Fighting Intercontinental Champion Christian beat Jack Swagger. In what was likely only for the live crowd, Triple H came out and Pedigreed Swagger after the former champ whined over the loss.

- Typical Ryback squash over two jobbers. I'm starting to enjoy the jobbers more than Ryback at this point.

- Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd. Sounds like there's a theme from this card.

- The main event segment saw John Cena come out and call out Show. Laurinaitis said the big guy was sent home so Cena punched Big Johnny instead. Apparently, that means if Cena loses on Sunday, he's fired.

Sounds like you can watch the first 20 minutes or so and call it a day this Friday, Cagesiders.

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