E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for June 6, 2012


This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief operating officer.

You might ask, what is Revival Pro Wrestling (RPW)?

RPW is a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment, everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other weekly for RPW supremacy.

RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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With Revival Pro Wrestling’s next PPV just two weeks away, the crew took to Wednesday Night Revival to help set the stage.

Call to Arms is setting up to be epic and Aron Scythe helped remind us why when he opened the show and emphatically called out the champ. It may be on sheer guts and guile, heart and determination, but I have a sneaking submission that Aron Scythe is going to put on the performance of his career when he steps into the ring at Call to Arms.

The first in-ring action we got to see was a gauntlet match whose opening contest saw half of the Amazonian Invasion, Gustavo Gusmao eliminated Bannion, via a rear naked choke, with relative ease.

After a brief moment where Gusmao’s second challenger The Flying Slapsman flirted with control, Gusmao won again via Brazil’s strongest slam: The Gorilla Mauling. It was Gusmao’s third opponent that showed why the gauntlet match is such a test of endurance and heart as it is a battle of strength and skill.

Landon Jackson stepped through the curtains and was greeted with a chorus of boos and one irate Brazilian. It was Jackson that nearly snapped the ankle of Gusmao’s tag team partner Espirito do Animal last week, causing the high flyer to be sidelined for an indeterminate length of time.

Gusmao was up to the challenge and gave Jackson everything he had, but it was Jackson that emerged victorious when he used his guile to steal a win. With his feet pushing against the ropes for added leverage, a simple schoolboy roll-up was what did the Brazilian in. The crowd was unhappy with the decision, but referee Carlos Perez missed the clear infraction. Under gauntlet rules Landon Jackson got to stay in the ring, but Gustavo Gusmao was eliminated.

Jackson’s reign was short lived, however, as his next opponent – Mr. Nice Guy – used his guile to give Jackson a taste of his own medicine. With Perez’s attention diverted trying to keep Gusmao at bay, MNG walloped Jackson with his No Limits title.

The blow made Jackson easy prey as MNG connected with his signature front flip piledriver, he calls Bad Man Destroyer and scored the victory. In just a few short moments the world got to witness what makes The British Empire, and now the 1%, the most successful and most dastardly men in the RPW at the same time.

Love them or hate them, they just win.

Ryan Mercy was next to run the gauntlet, but his stay was short lived when MNG scored another victory, again via the Bad Man Destroyer. The final gauntlet entrant was Malcolm “The Escape Artist” Valenzuela and he had beef with the Empire after he was attacked during a recent interview. His fury exploded on MNG with a series of mounted punches, which netted him an early two count.

MNG wrestled control of the match from Valenzuela, and seemed to put it in cruise control. When everything comes easy for you, it’s hard to see adversity…even when it’s staring you in the face. MNG was blessed with many gifts, but this has led to over confidence and a fatal flaw, hubris.

MNG, with the outcome of the match all but decided, paused just a moment to admire himself, and was utterly shocked when Valenzuela reversed the Bad Man Destroyer into a jackknife pin. The stunning victory assured Valenzuela a shot against John Brandenburgh later in the night, with the Iron Man Title on the line.

Sirius Danger was next on the docket and he let the world know just why he’s been targeting Kirk Cobain. He sees a similar burning passion to maim in Cobain that he knows is in himself. We’ve been waiting to see Cobain realize his true potential; maybe Danger is just the man to bring it out of him.

The RPW’s newest locker room reporter, Matt Josham, gave MNG the business for his surprising loss at the hands of Malcom “The Escape Artist” Valenzuela. A normally jovial MNG was angry and stormed off, realizing that if he stayed around he would’ve had surely done something that would jeopardize his ability stay on the active roster. Had he laid a finger on Josham he would have been suspended like his British Empire cohort, Damien Wolfe.

Back to the in ring action, we were treated to a ‘technical masterpiece’ when the ever-the-underdog Kirk Cobain squared off with the man in the straightjacket, Sirius Danger. This match was the slobber-knocker it was promised to be. The match’s intensity seemed to grow as it went on, with Cobain’s rage growing.

Just as Danger had predicted, he pushed Cobain past his usual restraint and into unbridled rage. As Danger launched himself off the top rope to the outside, Cobain walloped him with a steal chair and was disqualified for his efforts. Having tasted blood, and perhaps liked it, Cobain lifted Danger onto the announcer’s table and drove him through it with a double arm DDT.

In the 1% locker room a nefarious plot is afoot. An overheard conversation foretells of things to come, and they don’t look good for Malcolm “The Escape Artist” Valenzuela. Outside the building we see the Heavyweight Champion Ian Jones arriving to the building. He was met by Gary Graplin, his unwitting partner on the last Wednesday Night Revival. Jones was derogatory and accusatory and Graplin did not take to kindly to his tone. Graplin even went as far as to challenge the champ for a match later in the night.

What a mistake that was for Graplin. Jones entered the ring for their match, and preceded to knee Graplin in the gut and then land his version of the inverted piledriver he calls The Punisher. Aron Scythe came out with Tomoe and gave Ian Jones a history lesson. The British champ was none to happy and his cold stare matched Scythe’s in intensity. The stare down set the stage for the rest of the night.

“The Lethal Injection” Alex Monroe was next up, making his in-ring debut against Brock Lemon. Monroe, the most prized free-agent of all time, has been trying to let the world know who he is, but has been thwarted at every pass; most recently by RPW’s resident jerk, Matt Josham.

Monroe dominated the match, showing why he was the most sought after free agent. Though Brock took the best Monroe could dish out, when he was smashed in the face with the ‘Genu in Vultus’ Monroe was able to score the win. In a surprising show of sportsmanship, the world traveled Monroe propped up his opponent and shook his hand.

Backstage Matt Josham continued to make it difficult for the RPW fans to like him. He happened upon Leonard Knox and for the second week began to insult Alex Monroe, while gushing praise about Knox. It wasn’t as much an interview as it was a chance for Josham to showcase his ego and ineptitude. Josham went so far as to suggest that “The Lethal Injection” may be a good choice of opponent for Knox at Call to Arms.

Murphy and Washington, being the great announce team they are, took the time to remind us all of the fantastic match-of-the-year candidate we witnessed last WNR when El Omega 23 and Douglas Gallagher beat each other into medical suspension. Though El Omega 23 emerged victorious, the medical suspension kept both men out of action and cost 23 his Iron Man Title shot on this night.

After a riveting video package highlighting their match, Gallagher got on the mic and personally thanked the crowd for their support during the intense match. Ronnie Reynolds who was sick and tired of being overlooked interrupted Gallagher.

Upset about the effusive praise the Gallagher/ El Omega 23 match was getting Reynolds took this opportunity to challenge the “Liverpool Sensation”. After Gallagher accepted Ronnie Reynolds challenge he was suckered into a kick to the gut, and unceremoniously dumped with a full nelson driver. An already injured Gallagher seemed in real trouble when suddenly, and for the third straight WNR the lights went out in the arena. After a confusing video montage the lights returned to normal and Gallagher was nowhere to be found.

The video package, similar to the one that has been showing up on hacked RPW computers, speaks about a coming. The date seems to coincide with Call to Arms. While speculation runs rampant we can all agree that whatever or whomever may be coming to Call to Arms has gotten us all excited.

Jack Dobbs office was over run by Diego San Martin. El Omega 23’s manager was irate about the situation surrounding the Iron Man title. By Beating Gallagher last WNR El Omega 23 earned a title shot this week. Because he was not medically cleared, and because the Iron Man title must be defended every event, Dobbs had no choice by to remove El Omega 23 from the number one contender slot. Upsetting as it may have been, and as deserving as El Omega 23 is, Dobbs made the difficult but correct decision. El Omega 23 will get his shot, it just wasn’t going to be on this night.

Aron Scythe and Jafaar al-Sultan were set to square off, but al-Sultan had other ideas. He tried to sway Scythe to throw the match by offering him a $20,000 dollar check and some sound advice; take the money, save your strength and go into Call to Arms at 100%. Scythe thought long and hard about taking the money, but instead decided to tear the check to pieces and throw it right back at the now incredulous al-Sultan.

Distracted by Dominic Golden, who accompanied al-Sultan to the ring, Scythe allowed the Saudi billionaire to take control of the early part of the match. Scythe was able to stabilize the situation and the match settled in to a back and forth affair.

The heat between Golden and Scythe was evident as there were several situations where the pair found themselves barking back and forth at each other. Once the action got back into the ring the pace quickened. Scythe hit his “Superman Punch” for a two count and then al-Sultan reversed the “Dragon Driver” into a two count.

Scythe look to be headed for the victory when he flattened al-Sultan with a spinning –heel kick, but with the referee incapacitated Scythe was left standing alone. The RPW Heavyweight champ took this opportunity show his face, and perhaps lob the first volley in their battle headed into Call to Arms.

While Jones distracted Scythe when he emerged on the entrance stage, Mr. Nice Guy, Jones’ British Empire crony, emerged –hooded – from the crowd and laid out Scythe via a stiff chair shot to the skull. For good measure MNG also spiked al-Sultan. Always the opportunist, Dominic Golden entered the ring, placed al-Sultan’s unconscious body on top of Scythe’s nearly lifeless body, and helped revive the referee. When the dust settled the British Empire was nowhere to be found and al-Sultan scored the pin fall. It was all the brilliant chaos that makes this mark love wrestling.

Ian Jones may have gained the mental edge by costing Aron Scythe his match headed into Call to Arms. How big this edge is and how Scythe responds may very well dictate the outcome of the pair’s title match. Scythe has shown an innate ability to rebound in the past, but he may be facing his toughest battle ever.

At Call to Arms, Scythe will tangle with Jones in the ring, but Sir Charles Strickland will also be there outside the ring. And lets not forget, though they are barred from ringside – pending State Wrestling Commission Managerial Licensing approval and the indefinite suspension/potential deportation – the British Empire has shown the ability to seize the opportunity and gain even the slightest advantage through any means necessary. At the very least we should be treated great title match between two worthy adversaries.

A disturbing video package overtook the arena. A short video depicting a lunatic asylum as the creepy backdrop for two asylum security guards to not so gently imprison a patient, showed on the video wall. The patient psychotically thrashed and tried to free himself, but was left maniacally laughing as he seemingly broke his own body trying to drive himself through his solid steel cell door.

As a cold chill ran down the audience’s collective backs, Murphy and Washington were left nearly speechless. Thankfully the Iron Man Title match was up next. Malcolm “The Escape Artist” Valenzuela and John “The Brand” Brandenburg were set to square off, but the 1% refused to let the match happen. The assault, led by Jafaar al-Sultan and Brandenburg’s own RPW Iron Man title, allowed the 1% to successfully level the match’s combatants. The intentional disqualification allowed Brandenburg to retain his title, but Dominic Golden had bad news for the champ.

In accordance to his previously inked contract, al-Sultan’s rematch clause allows him to enter the next Iron Man title match. Since that match happens to be at Call to Arms and happens to also be the match that will decide the fate of the RPW, Dominic Golden and the 1% have found themselves right smack dab in the middle of a power play. Jack Dobbs’ sponsored John Brandenburg, Sir Charles Strickland’s sponsored and as of yet unnamed combatant, and Dominic Golden’s sponsored Jafaar al-Sultan will do battle not only for the RPW Iron Man Title, but also for the right to name the location of the next Pay Per View.

Golden let the world know that he would be taking the RPW to New York’s Madison Square Garden, where and I quote, "real wrestling fans are, not the redneck trash that pass for fans down in the Southwest, or the bucktoothed limeys across the Atlantic.” All correspondence regarding this issue should be directed to Dominic Golden, care of RPW Office of Managers, PO Box 23…

Call to Arms is shaping up to be the best RPW card ever. The PPV can be seen live on the Network and websites. We’ve got our two previously mentioned title matches, as well as a third when Mr. Nice Guy will have to take on three unannounced competitors in a No Limits Title LADDER MATCH.

Also in action the “Liverpool Sensation” Douglas Gallagher squares off with “Ravishing” Ronnie Reynolds, Kirk Cobain will do battle with Sirius Danger in a TABLES MATCH, and the rumored Leonard Knox verse Alex Monroe match. With stacked talent like this every match has the potential to steal the show!

Tune in June 17th, live from Phoenix, Arizona and witness a REVIVAL!

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