WWE Raw results and live blog for June 11: Vince McMahon returns for three hour special

Photo via WWE.com.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 11, 2012) from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, and features, according to my cable guide, "Vince McMahon returning to execute General Manager John Laurinaitis' job appraisal."

There's debate regarding whether or not this is a panic move over ratings trending downward recently but either way, we get the return of the Mr. McMahon character.

Anyone think they'll bother to explain the storyline?

This is also a special three hour show, which means more wrestlers should get screen time. Or it could mean John Cena gets one more segment than he would normally. He's got one last show to settle up his beef with Big Show.

Speaking of which, this is also the go home show to the No Way Out pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Closing angles will be shot and final matches added to the card.

All that and more.

Raw starts at 9 p.m. ET 8 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

They opened with the usual Nickelback ear rape. It's funny that in the opening video montage, half the guys shown are out of action right now due to injury or suspension. Crazy.

John Laurinaitis is introduced by Justin Roberts. The People Power scooter brings him to the ring and he's smiling with his single crutch like he doesn't have a care in the world. This man is great.

Jerry Lawler says Vince McMahon is going to fire him tonight based on what he's heard from everyone. Cole disputes this, of course. He goes to do his introduction but Vince's music hits and he comes out doing the exaggerated walk.


The crowd in Hartford is loving Vinny Mac. And he's soaking it all in. "Ace" extends his hand and Vince just looks at it.
"I'm not going to shake your hand, I have no idea where that hands been. We're not buddies here, this is all business."

In fine form.

He asks Laurinaitis for one reason why he shouldn't fire his "pencil neck butt" right now.

Laurinaitis says he has two words -- "People Power." He quickly botches his next line by saying they're approaching their Raw episode 100, er, derp, herp a lah, 1,000. Says the people love him for People Power. Vince asks if they do and they shout no. Laurinaitis says these are the same folks that used to boo him years ago. At least now they respect him as the legend he is today.

The crowd starts chanting "FIRE JOHN-NY."

Laurinaitis says he and Vince have a lot in common. They're astute business man. Vince slams in by saying he hired Brock Lesnar and cost the company two lawsuits. Then says he made a mistake by hiring the wrong one legged guy, and that's a true story. He also signed Big Show to a no-cut contract when he hasn't been an effective performer since 1999.

Man, this is good.

"Ace" says Show is much better now and Vince had to see that two weeks ago. He continues by saying he's got the respect of the locker room and he's made a lot of friends. McMahon responds by saying they can't even understand him, how can he be friends with them?

It's at this point that Sheamus' music hits and he comes out. McMahon smiles wide.

Sheamus says it's great to see Vince back and he looks great. He then says he felt it was his duty to come out and tell McMahon that it's all true, Laurinaitis is a good friend. He's the type of friend who would fine a guy $500,000. The kind of guy who would hold personal vendettas against a guy just because they accidentally ran into him.

Vince interrupts to alert everyone that "Fire Johnny" is trending on Twitter right now. Yippee.

Sheamus then says Laurinaitis is the worst General Manager of all time and McMahon needs to kick him out on his arse.

Laurinaitis tells Sheamus to stay put because he's going to go to the back to find an opponent to make him sorry that he said those things about him.

McMahon says it better be a good opponent for an impressive match. In fact, every match better be impressive and if he doesn't impress him, at the end of the night he'll hear these two words -- "YOU'RE FIIIIIIRRREEDD!"

Laurinaitis is so distraught on his way out, he leaves the People Power scooter. So McMahon gets on and rides it up the ramp while Sheamus smiles like a sheep in the ring. Once Vince gets to the ramp, he sends the scooter flying off the stage.


They try to say Alberto Del Rio's concussion is because of Great Khali's chop to the head on Smackdown last week. Oh, dear god.

Laurinaitis comes out and says he found an opponent and after last week, he's not in a good mood.

Sheamus vs. Tensai -- I love the new aspect of Tensai's character, where he pushes Sakamoto out of the way as he walks to the ring like he's going to murder kill his opponent before the bell even rings.

The match gets underway and this is a true hoss fight here, folks.

It doesn't take long for "Albert" chants to break out. Collar and elbow tie up leads to Tensai running the ropes and getting a shoulder block. They do the same in reverse but Sheamus can't get Tensai down. Actually, he straight up slaps Sheamus across the face.

Never a good idea with an Irish dude with an anger problem, amirite?

Sheamus gets forearms before Tensai answers with a few of his own. Now Tensai takes control. A clothesline sends both men to the outside.

Tensai's in control and the camera does a close up of the big man's stomach to show some seriously nasty welts via Sheamus' clubbing blows. Dude works stiff.

Big splash in the corner and now another of the ropes gets a two count.

Sheamus is actually bleeding now. He battles back, though, and hits all his usual power moves, ending with a forearm off the ropes. Pinfall attempt gets two. Tensai dumps him over the top rope but this is only to set up the forearms through the ropes. He didn't even lock Tensai's arms, the dude is too big.

Sheamus comes off the top but lands right in Tensai's hands for a big slam. It only gets a two count and not long after Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick to get the pin and the victory.


Backstage and McMahon tells Laurinaitis his night isn't going well so far. He asks who will face Sheamus at No Way Out. Vickie Guerrero shows up and says she has two former world champions in Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler who should be considered. Vince says it's a good idea ... unless Laurinaitis has something better.

"Ace" wants to know what Teddy Long thinks. He says there are four former champions here tonight -- Ziggler, Swagger, Great Khali and Christian -- and they should be in a Fatal Four-Way with the winner crowned number one contender. Vince loves the idea and Laurinaitis immediately tries to take credit for it while sending Long off to get coffee.

He tries to fist bump McMahon but Vince says, "You have small hands" and walks away.


Back in the ring, Tensai is yelling at and attacking Sakamoto. He's basically just beating the shit out of him while Sakamoto begs him not to. Finally the referees come running out.

Cut to Lawler and Cole and they tell us this is episode number 994 of Raw. It won't be long yet until the big 1,000. Time to run a video clip of Monday night's most memorable moments.

This one is Seth Green hosting the show and having a match with John Cena and Triple H against Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. He puts over how much fun he had.

Another interview backstage and R-Truth tells Matt Striker he's fine after Big Show's attack. It was Little Jimmy who was up all night crying. He tells Little Jimmy to straighten up. Then says Show is going to lose to Cena on Sunday in the steel cage.

Suddenly he gets blasted in the face and he's knocked out. The camera pans over to Show. He looks down at Truth before walking away.


Santino Marella and Layla vs. Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix -- During entrances, Rodriguez comes out with Phoenix holding his hand and forcing him to come down to the ring. She starts the match and calls for Marella to get in there but Layla starts it out.

They do a spot with Layla kicking Ricardo's hand away while he looks for a tag before finally climbing in and eating a drop kick and going back out. This leads to Beth taking over quickly and once she hits a slam, Rodriguez tags in hoping to match up against Layla. Instead, Santino comes in and apparently the rules are when the guy is in, so is the other guy and vice versa.

Once Rodriguez sees Santino come in he rushes over to Beth and hugs her around the waist. She climbs in the ring and tells him to get out and stay out.

He ends up getting sent to the outside not long after anyway, where Marella busts out the Cobra. When Rodriguez sees it, he turns around to run but ends up going straight into the corner post. Back in the ring and Phoenix hits the Glam Slam on Layla to get the pin.

This leads to Rodriguez coming in the ring and celebrating big time that his team won the match. So Santino rips his shirt off to reveal a purple Justin Bieber shirt underneath. Everyone laughs and that's that.


Backstage and David Otunga is sucking up to McMahon. He says he thinks Laurinaitis is doing a great job but he can't think of a better replacement than a Harvard educated lawyer with a great physique. McMahon says he doesn't like the way Otunga puckers up nor does he like a back-stabber or a lawyer.

Kofi Kingston busts into the office and says he wants Big Show for taking out his tag partner.

Laurinaitis comes in and says fine, he can have him. And it will be a preview of this Sunday night because it's going to be a steel cage match.

McMahon's response -- "Not bad."


Huge pop for Daniel Bryan. The crowd rolls right along with the YES! chants during his entrance.

He clears his throat before speaking. Love that.

He lists off the participants in the triple threat match this Sunday night. Says one of them isn't like the others and he has no problem admitting he's the one who isn't like Kane and CM Punk. They both have a 95-pound distraction named AJ.

In the case of Punk, he's just trying to hook up with AJ to make Bryan jealous just because Bryan already proved he's a better wrestler by making him tap.


As for Kane, he thinks getting to second base is when a woman looks at him and doesn't vomit.

This man is incredible.

Clearly AJ still wants him, he says, because why wouldn't she want "all of this. And everyone knows once you go Bryan, there's no point in tryin', awwwww yeah!"


He says this week's Question and Answer time with Daniel Bryan is going to be very short. Will he emerge as the new WWE champion at No Way Out this Sunday night?


Cue CM Punk's music. He walks out to the ramp with mic already in hand, WWE championship wrapped around his waist.

He starts by saying Bryan sure does talk a lot about AJ for not being interested in him. And the funny thing about her is she's actually pretty cool. Outside the ring, she's out of Bryan's league. Inside the ring, Punk is out of Bryan's league. As for him, everyone knows he digs crazy chicks. The only thing he digs more is his WWE title.

Anyway, one of two things is going to happen these weekend. He'll either beat the deranged, out of his mind freak, or he'll beat Kane.

Bum dum chi.

Either way, he's walking out WWE champion.

Bryan's response -- "No. No. No."

He continues by asking what happened to Punk. He's changed. He called himself the voice of the voiceless but yet he panders to everyone. And there's a reason these people in the crowd are voiceless -- it's because they have nothing intelligent to say.

Case in point, they like to yell at Big Show for selling out but truth be told, the biggest sellout in the entire company is Punk.

Punk responds by calling out Bryan wearing his YES! YES! YES! shirt. Then says it's almost one year since he cut his big worked shoot promo and he gets people telling him how great it was all the time. He then says he still doesn't like people or them saying ridiculous things like that before saying he hasn't changed since then. He's the same guy, just more successful.

Bryan has changed since he broke the glass ceiling, though. He's selfish, self-absorbed, insecure, and a goat-faced moron. "It's a little bit wordy for a t-shirt but I wish you well."

The crowd chants goat-face. Ugh.

Punk says he's giving Bryan at wake up call at No Way Out when he puts him to sleep. Finally, Kane's music hits and ends Punk's terrible promo. He comes waltzing out and let's see what he has to say.

Kane wants to remind everyone who he is and how he got here. His pipe bombs are actual pipe bombs and that's why this Sunday he will leave No Way Out with the WWE championship.

Uh-oh. Here comes AJ and Cole says, "Psycho alert." Lawler -- "I think she might actually be crazy."

AJ says she looked in Kane's eyes last week and she saw that deep down in his tortured soul, he actually has a heart.

Punk -- "You gotta love crazy chicks."

Oh my god, the crowd starts chanting "crazy chicks." Terrible.

AJ goes to Bryan now and says she hasn't gotten over him because they say you never get over your first true love.

Now it's Punk's turn. She says he's just pretty much the coolest guy she's ever met in her entire life.

Bryan asks what the point is here. She says she knows the best man will win.

Laurinaitis comes over the Titantron and says in the name of People Power we're going to see a match never seen before in the world. A tag match pitting Bryan and Kane against Punk and AJ.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Great Khali vs. Christian -- I sure hope no one gets a concussion on another one of those dangerous Khali chops.

The match starts and it isn't much more than Khali just smoking people. He gets ganged up on by the three guys with a splash from Christian and all three pile on to get the pin to eliminate him from the match.

So thank god it won't be Khali vs. Sheamus on Sunday night.

Back in and Swagger and Ziggler are working together. They distract the referee long enough to let Vickie smack Christian in the face. He still ends up sending Ziggler to the outside while Swagger is on his back. He hits a forearm off the second rope and looks for the Kill Switch but Ziggler comes in for a roll up that gets two.

He keeps fighting both guys off until a roll up off the rope gets two. Swagger grabs the ankle and Christian counters by rolling out. This causes Swagger to go flying into the ring post. Christian hits the Kill Switch and Ziggler comes rushing in and pins Swagger himself.

Ziggler and Christian get ready to tango and the crowd in Hartford starts loudly chanting, "Let's go, Ziggler."


He hits a dropkick that only gets two. This is weird. He's getting booed in some spots while Christian is still getting cheers but the chants are coming in for Ziggler. Smart crowd, I guess.

Ziggler works a leg lock but Christian fights out and makes a comeback. Sleeper hold from Dolph is countered and Christian looks for the spear, I guess but can't run across the ring. I'm not sure if he's selling an injury or he really couldn't run over.

He hits a shorter spear after that gets two. Once he gets up, though, Ziggler busts out with the Zig Zag and it only gets two. Now Christian gets back up and hits a slam for two. The crowd chants for Ziggler again as Christian goes up top. He comes off the top but Dolph isn't there, causing Christian to land on his injured leg. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag again right after and that's good enough to get the victory.

He celebrates and goes up the ramp before running into Sheamus. He points at the world heavyweight championship and raises it up in Dolph's face. Ziggler just smiles at him.


Natalya is backstage talking to McMahon and she's asking if the entire Hart family can come to WWE again. He asks to talk about this later. She says she'll be waiting here for them to talk again in a few minutes.

He starts walking away and the Funkettes show up. They ask if he can override Laurinaitis' decision to ban Brodus Clay from Raw. He says he doesn't think so.

When did that happen?

They say they heard he knows how to get funky. So he shouts out, "Somebody call my momma!" and starts dancing with the Funkettes.

What a ham.

They take off and the lighting goes up. He turns around and Zack Ryder is standing there with his mouth wide open.

"Woo, woo, woo; you know it," Vince says before walking away.


Ryback comes out first for this squash. Willard Fillmore and Rutherford PS Hayes are the jobbers and the promo they cut is just them saying they aren't like the rest, they're going to make Ryback wait for them.

Ryback vs. Fillmore and Hayes -- Ryback destroys one of them and the other shits his pants while watching it. He tries to run but Ryback chases him down and destroys him with a clothesline on the outside.


He picks him up and throws him back in the ring. In he goes to "finish them" and picks both up at the same time for the same old finish as usual.

Ryback wins. Again.

The crowd chanted Goldberg's name all throughout. Not sure anyone will ever be able to have a streak or too many quick squashes in a row without his name coming up.


Backstage again and Hornswoggle is showing McMahon video of his impersonation of Jim Ross from Smackdown. Vince says he wants to give him a few tips. So he makes fun of Ross's Bells Palsy and shouts Stone Cold a few times.

"Sauce it."

Fuck off with that nonsense.

John Cena shows up for the first time tonight. He says Laurinaitis is awful and we all know it, so the sooner he's out of a job, the better. Vince says thanks for the advice but he lost to The Rock. Cena says, "Okay, so now WrestleMania wins and losses are how we measure success." Yes, it is. Cena lists off all the guys Vince lost to at 'Mania.

McMahon talks about Cena handling his business at No Way Out. Cena says Vince needs to take care of business tonight.

He bails and Otunga shows up. He's trying hard to kiss ass. Vince stops him and says no one respects a man who will pucker up and kiss another man's behind. He turns around and says "no offense" as the camera pans to William Regal, who just shakes his head and looks away.

That was good.


Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston -- Show mashes Kingston in the early going. This looks an awful lot like a simple squash match to get Show over a bit more heading into his match on Sunday night against Cena. Show picks him up and throws him into the cage before yelling at the crowd.

Again, Show sends Kofi into the cage and gets heat by screaming at the crowd. They get into it, too, yelling back at him and chanting that he sucks.

The assault continues. Kingston is literally getting no offense in. Show tells the crowd they can't stop him. "SMILE FOR ME!" He's great here.

Kofi actually shows up for the match by hitting Trouble in Paradise for two. Show sent him flying across the ring on the kickout. Kingston tries to use his speed to rush out of the cage but Show catches him and destroys him with the WMD.

"Kofi had his moment," Cole says. Yep. That about sums it up.

While Show walks around the ring, the referee checks on Kingston and waves towards the ringside area like the match is over. Show slowly steps out of the cage and that's when they ring the bell. He wins by making another statement. At the top of the ramp he stops and gives the "You can't see me" gesture towards the crowd.

Laurinaitis is shown watching in the back and smiling.


Sin Cara vs. Curt Hawkins -- This match is designed to get Sin Cara over, clearly, and he's hitting all his big spots. Hawkins is doing a good job with him but a wayward fan starts shouting that WWE needs to get Rey Mysterio "back in there now."

Before you can blink, the match is over and Sin Cara got through without any botches. That's what he needed, too, considering this is a live show and they don't get to do retakes like on Smackdown, which is why he's on that brand.

They show replays and that's that.


Bryan is shown stretching backstage. McMahon comes up and wishes him luck. Bryan says he would think Vince wouldn't like a guy like him. McMahon says he wants his opinion on something because they say you can't judge a book by its cover and Bryan is the personification of that. You know, because if someone saw him getting groceries they would think he's a WWE superstars.

Bryan cuts him off and says he's been fired from this company once and he proved everyone wrong. Just like Vince, he's a self made superstar.

Vince calls him out for losing to Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28.


Before a commercial break, it was teased that Laurinaitis had invited a main eventer from times past to come back to Raw for a match in honor of 1,000 episodes. Or something like that. They teased who the mystery man could be.

They gave it away by having Heath Slater cut a promo saying it's "my time. It's Slater time!"

No, Heath, it's VADER TIME!

Vader vs. Heath Slater -- He looks beefy around the middle but he was always a thick guy. The crowd chants for him and they start with a collar and elbow tie up. Vader overpowers him and poses for the crowd.

More chants. Slater screams at them to shut up. He tries to take control with punches but ends up getting smashed with forearms coming off the ropes.

"You still got it" chants. He looks pretty damn good in there. Straight suplex hits and the big man takes a minute to get up. Still, he's in there doing his thing. Slater tries to slam him but Vader falls on top of him. Only gets a two count.

Fans start asking for the Vader Bomb. Belly-to-belly suplex and up he goes to the second rope. There it is and Vader wins in his return to Raw.



AJ is backstage and totally freaking out at having to be in a match. Punk shows up and tells her not to worry because he's not going to let anything happen to her. They've got something going for them that Kane and Bryan don't ... they can trust each other.

"And we both really like each other," she says. Punk just sort of nods and says whatever.

He continues, "I know this goes against every fiber of your being but don't do anything crazy."


She says cool and kisses him on the cheek before exiting to the left. He sighs.


Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and AJ -- Kane starts with Punk and AJ is extremely distracting on the apron. It doesn't take but 30 seconds for Punk to hit the high knee in the corner on Kane. The bulldog right after fails and Kane ends up close enough to his own corner for Bryan to tag himself in.

He comes in and does the YES! kicks before Punk comes back and now he eats the high knee in the corner. No different than Kane, he avoids the bulldog right after. Punk does hit a slam and then goes up top for the Macho Man flying elbow. Bryan moves and tags in Kane.

This match is moving at warp speed. When Kane comes in, Punk looks to his corner to tag in his partner but remembers it's AJ. Kane sends Punk flying over to the corner and apparently a tag was made. The commentators are calling it unintentional.

The ref lets her in and Kane stands over her while she walks up to him and smiles. Whistles from the crowd.

She starts skipping around him while smiling. Stops on his back and then jumps up into his arms. Holy shit, she starts making out with him.

Lucky bastard.

The crowd starts chanting, "YES! YES! YES! YES!"

Punk gets on the apron now and looks confused as hell. AJ climbs off Kane and he goes over to tag Bryan in before just straight up leaving. Bryan comes in and runs over to get to AJ while smiling but AJ manages to tag Punk in. He gets up top and hits the flying elbow.

That's enough to get the pin.

Punk looks over to AJ and she smiles back at him glowingly.

AJ celebrates the win by sitting Indian style in the ring like Punk does. Kane at the top of the ramp continues looking down. Cole keeps calling her nuts. Lawler says, "I may be starting to be like Punk. I may be starting to dig crazy chicks."

The crowd wasn't nearly as into that as they should have been.


McMahon comes to the ring with an entire gang of security.

He starts with saying he's always had a warm spot in his heart for the state of Connecticut. His daughter was born in this state. And he thinks it's only fitting that one life began here and now one will end here (professionally speaking, of course).

Cole starts mourning already.

He takes a while to get in the ring and McMahon looks at his watch. Laurinaitis says he doesn't appreciate what Vince did to his scooter. And he doesn't need all the security guards. No matter the decision, "Ace" would never lay his hands on him.

McMahon says the security isn't for him. There for Laurinaitis. They're going to walk him out of the ring, out of the arena and out of the business.

"Ace" pleads with him not to make a decision he's going to regret. Says Vince will need him when they go to three hours. People Power and all that.

Vince says those two words are synonymous with Laurinaitis. Well, he has two words that are synonymous with him.

"John Laurinaitis, ..."


What the hell is this?

Show says he wants to help Vince with his job review. He's made some mistakes but the one thing he's done right is give Show an ironclad contract, which means he can do whatever he wants. McMahon could fire him, of course, but that would mean paying him millions of dollars per year for many years to do absolutely nothing.

He keeps going and says don't blame Laurinaitis because it's not his fault. It's Vince's fault. He gets in his face and he's really pissed off. McMahon wouldn't let him be a big angry giant because it would scare people. And now that he's got an ironclad contract, he doesn't have to conform to that.

Show continues by saying Vince should be more concerned about the other John. Mr. Cena, the golden boy, the cash cow. Cause at no way out, the golden goose is going to get his feathers plucked.

Cena's music hits and he makes his way out for the first time tonight. He shakes McMahon's hand while Cole calls him "the franchise."

He panders to the crowd for a minute, as usual. He's in jokey mode, talking all weird.

Cena bashes Laurinaitis for backing a dump truck full of money right up to Show's house. All it has led to is Show crying for weeks now. Cena says Show has always been a giant, he didn't just turn into one. So what makes now so different?

He finally figured it out. For once, everything revolves around him. He's got management behind him and all that. But Show backed himself into a corner here. If he doesn't absolutely destroy Cena at No Way Out, he'll just be one big disappointment after all the hyping he's done as the big unstoppable giant. So if he doesn't win, what happens?

Vince says he'll tell them what happens. He'll be at No Way Out Sunday night sitting ringside. And if Show loses, he'll fire Laurinaitis.

Show then grabs Cena by the throat and the security guards get in the way. They get tossed out and now Laurinaitis and McMahon step in to try to stop them. Show throws a WMD and it hits McMahon flush on the chin and he's knocked out cold.

Laurinaitis tells him to get out of there and he walks out. Laurinaitis isn't selling his injuries anymore. Cena is left in the ring looking shocked and concerned for McMahon's safety.

Fade to black.

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