E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for May 23, 2012


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Saosin's "Voices"

♪ Opening music ♪

John "The Brand" Brandenburg stretches his students at the Black Knight Gym while barely breaking a sweat. Sketchy Dan is in a dive bar chatting up a girl much younger than him. He spies the camera and offers the cameraman a PBR. Len "'Ard" Knox takes a pint from a bartender and smiles big into the camera. Mr. Nice Guy jumps rope in an empty gym, ever-present smile on his face.

♪ I miss the part, when weee were moving foooorward now ♪ Malcolm Valenzuela and Gary Grapplin are in front of an RPW-logo bus. They cross their arms and flash a big smile, Ryan Mercy pats them in the back.

♪ (Onnn our way dooown) ♪ Ian Jones bashes away at a punching bag in a dimly lit room, laughing maniacally.

♪ But maaaaaybe someday I'll be something moooore than loooove ♪ A cameraman approaches Magenta Moon, but she is too busy looking at herself in a handheld mirror to notice. Leanna "Sunshine" Moringside greets a camera with a wave and a smile.

♪ Just know I'll never tell ♪ Brett Bannion is at a bar. He grins and lifts a shot as a toast.

♪ And when you're on your way down, ♪ Kirk Cobain is in his room, legs crossed on his bed. He looks up to meet the camera's gaze.

♪ and you're waiting for your body's reentry agaaain ♪ Landon Jackson stands in front of the penitentiary that just recently held him prisoner, he turns around and gets on an RPW bus.

♪ We speeeeak in diff-reeent voiceees! ♪ Damien Wolfe and Mr. Nice Guy stand back to back with arms crossed in front of the white and red English flag. Jafaar al-Sultan rings the opening bell on Wall Street, then stares into the camera with a smirk.

♪ When fighting with the ones we've loved! ♪

Aron Scythe and his wife are seen in a park, holding hands.

♪ We speeeeak in diff-reeent voiceees! ♪ .San Diego Martin stands arms crossed with El Omega 23 towering behind him.

♪ Why can't we say what we're thinking oooof? ♪ Ian Jones hits Hakai Dragon with The Punisher and pins him 1, 2, 3. He raises the RPW Heavyweight title in the air, ending the transmission!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO A WIDE SHOT OF THE ARENA++++++++++++++++++++++

The scene opens inside the arena where the fans are eager to this live RPW event! The crowd cheers wildly as fireworks erupt around the stage area and put up their signs for the camera to see as it pans around the building to catch the throng of RPW fans in attendance.






++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


The sound of Chumbawumba - Tubthumping opens our live feed from Salt Lake City, we are starting with an Ironman title match. Leonard Knox enters to a warm reception and stalks down to ring, pulling at the sweatbands on his wrists. WASHINGTON: No nonsense from the challenger. He's here to fight. Knox enters the ring, punching his fists against his palms. MURPHY: Knox told us earlier that he respects John Brandenburg but once you're in the ring personal feelings are irrelevant. As Knox gets himself comfortable in the ring, it's time to for Metallica - Blackened to grace the speakers. John Brandenburg enters to a very big pop and raises his belt to augment the cheers of the crowd. MURPHY: The champ enters to the sound of Metallica. He says he wants a straight up wrestling match tonight: no Golden; no Wolfe; no Jackson or Reynolds. WASHINGTON: No bullshit. The Champion paces down to the ring, he looks calm and confident.

MURPHY: I know who'd win if it was down to most fearsome entrance themes... WASHINGTON: Fearsome entrances don't really determine winners Murph, a certain Texan Sexy Boy would be offended. MURPHY: Fair point. DUCKY: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for your main event. This match is schedules for one-fall and is for the Ironman Championship. First, your challenger: he hails from Bradford, England and weighed in this morning at 270 pounds: Len "Ard" Knox! Knox raises his fist. DUCKY: And your champion: he fights out of Inglewood, California and weighs in at 200 pounds: John "The Brand" Brandenburg! Brandenburg raises the championship belt. MURPHY: Both men are on great streaks but is the power and passion of the challenger enough to overcome the talent and intelligence of the champion? WASHINGTON: And will we even see a fair fight here? Or will Dominic Golden or Damien Wolfe and their cronies get involved? MURPHY: Don't forget that Leonard Knox has had his issues with these men. Would he help the champ or would his belt be too much of a temptation to resist. The bell rings. WASHINGTON: We'll soon find out. Both men circle each other at the beginning. They get closer and closer, without throwing an offensive move, until they're face to face. MURPHY: Tense beginning to this fight. They stand for a moment, staring each other down, before touching fists, taking several paces backwards and running into each other. WASHINGTON: They're off! John Brandenburg seems to get the worst of the two men's initial contact but clings on to Knox's leg and trips him over. Knox rolls away to avoid the danger of an ankle lock. MURPHY: Smart fighting from the champ. He almost had the big man's leg. They lock up and Knox hurls Brandenburg into a corner in complete brute fashion

WASHINGTON: Oof! Knox goes for a corner clothesline but Brandenburg deftly dodges it. Knox pulls out of the move to avoid contact with the ring post. Knox turns around and they face off again, a tie up is quickly set in place and Brandenburg proves to be one step ahead with a headlock takedown, Knox muscles his way up to his feet, still trapped in the headlock, and uses his strength to go for a back suplex, Brandenburg backflips and lands on his feet.

MURPHY: Technical Ability and Agility too.

A dropkick to the knee buckles Knox, Brandenburg runs to the ropes and rebounds to the front of Knox but the British Brute just stands up and levels "Brand" with a huge clothesline, the champion rushes back to his feet but gets planted right back down with a body slam, Knox hits the ropes and he might be looking for The Bull's-eye, Brand wants none of that and immediately starts rolling out of the way, finding refuge beneath the ropes.

WASHINGTON: Knox needs to weaken Brandenburg a whole lot more if he wants to land that splash.

The Champion stands up on the apron and makes his way back inside of the ring, both men are quickly circling each other at a fast pace, Brandenburg launches himself rolling forward and catches Knox in a leg trip, "Brand" wants to go for that leg but Knox is quick to scramble to the ropes, which he uses to stand up, Brandenburg closes the distance and starts unleashing hard roundhouse kicks to the midsection, "Brand" lets his hands go and Knox has to cover up and retreat into a corner, Brandenburg follows the British Bruiser into the corner and tags him hard with a knee, Knox reverses positions and caves two fists into Brand's abdomen and a hard forearm to the face.

MURPHY: Action heating up!

Knox pulls Brand from the arm, Irish whip out of the corner, but Knox keeps tight hold of the arm and pulls him right back into the corner, Brandenburg goes back first into the buckles and eats a reverse elbow to the face, he then tumbles forward and gets clotheslined out of the ring.

The champion doesn't miss a step though, he lands on his feet and jumps on to the apron, he receives a hard knee to the midsection but holds tight to the ropes to avoid falling, Leonard Knox does his best to send the champion back to the ring via Vertical Suplex but the nimble champion goes up and over and lands behind, he secures a waistlock, if only briefly before Knox elbows him out of it. Brand staggers to the middle of the ring and ducks just in time to avoid a bull's raging clothesline, Knox keeps on the run and bounces off the ropes to take another go at Brandenburg, this time he reaches for the champs and executes a nice running switch Irish whip, now its Brand who hits the ropes and ends up back body dropped by this troubles.

WASHINGTON: Leonard Knox building up the momentum.

Knox has his sights set on becoming the new Ironman Champion and he looks to cap off his impressive performance, Brand is crawling his way back into this feet when he's caught on Knox's powerbomb attempt, the British Slugger lifts the champion all the way up and then some more, but before he can bring him crashing down Brandenburg sneaks out with a sunset flip, the ref counts.



Brandenburg is gonna have to work harder to retain his belt and it looks like he's already planning on it, as Knox is getting up John Brandenburg catches him in a front face lock, the crowd immediately gets to his feet awaiting the Signature Brand. Knox knows that too well though and he immediately reacts, with a big bulrush he drives Brandenburg hard into a corner. Trouble averted, for now.

MURPHY: Knox wanted nothing of that Signature Brand and who can blame him.

Knox unleashes with strikes against the corner to weaken the champion and grabs him by the head, pulling him out of the corner; Knox quickly completes a 360 and sends Brand head first into the turnbuckles again, this time following up with shoulder thrusts to the back.

WASHINGTON: Vicious with his assault is Knox, right Murph?

He is, and he's tuning it up a notch. Knox sets the champion sitting in the corner, facing out from the ring, the back of the champion is wide open and Knox punishes it with clubbing blows, after a few of them he starts climbing to the second rope, he hooks him up and we go for a ride, second rope Back Suplex connects, the pin attempt follows.




MURPHY: Near fall, if Knox can keep this up he can walk away champion.

And it looks like he fully intends to do so, he forces Brandenburg into his feet before he can clear his head, Brand looks lost and feeble in the middle of the ring as Leonard Knox sends him to the ropes via Irish whip, Brandenburg rushes helpless on the rebound and Knox lifts him high in the air and turns 180, Brandenburg is high in the air but he grabs a hold of Knox's head as they are turning, Knox realizes this one split second too late and he's unable to stop his momentum, Knox ends up driving Brand back first into the canvas but Brandenburg's instincts make sure Knox head goes hard into the mat too, Brandenburg powers through the pain and synch's in the Signature Brand, the referee lifts Knox's hand and it falls limps to the mat, the referee breaks the hold and seemingly stops the contest.

WASHINGTON: Is this it?

The Bell Rings!

Brandenburg releases the hold and gets back to his feet, favoring his back. Knox snaps back into his feet as well and immediately starts arguing with the referee.

MURPHY: What is going on here?

DUCKY: And the winner of this contest due to Technical submission and STILL RPW IRONMAN CHAMPION! JOHN BRANDENBURG!!!

Knox is in disbelief as he backs the referee into a corner and demands an explanation, he's arguing that he didn't tap out.

MURPHY: Knox didn't tap.

WASHINGTON: But he didn't answer the referee's call either.

MURPHY: Doesn't the arm have to drop three times?

WASHINGTON: The Signature Brand is too dangerous to allow it to be locked in for all that time, it doesn't just diminish the blood flow to the brain and drain the opponent of his strength like a traditional sleeper, it plains out cut's circulation...and if the brain isn't oxygenated for long periods of time it can lead to brain damage, or worse....death.

MURPHY: Leonard Knox looks fine now though.

WASHINGTON: Yeah, I believe what happened was that Knox was knocked silly by the impact of the DDT and wasn't able to respond the referee's call.

MURPHY: So he wasn't put out by the Signature Brand?

WASHINGTON: If I'm right he wasn't, but you could argue he was about to be put out...again by it.

MURPHY: But doesn't he deserve the chance to try and get out of the move?

WASHINGTON: He does, it wasn't the most perfect call in RPW history but I have to side with the referee in this case, a wrestler's safety comes first.

Knox finally calms down and reluctantly shakes Brandenburg's hand, he then storms out of the ring, allowing for his opponent's celebration. After Knox has left the scene, it is commissioner Jack Dobbs who appears on top of the stage with a mic in hand.

WASHINGTON: Commissioner Dobbs, interesting...I wonder what's his business here.

Jack Dobbs struts his way into the ring and Brandenburg is about to exit it, Dobbs stops him from doing so though.

DOBBS: Stick around Champ, this concerns you.

Dobbs takes center stage in the ring as Brandenburg rests against a corner.

DOBBS: I'm a here tonight for a very important announcement, actually, a couple of them...first of all I'm gonna announce a new match for CALL TO ARMS.

The Crowd pops.

DOBBS: The No Limits division was created to stand out from the rest of our product, to push out the boundaries, to provide the fans with the ultimate experience, and that's why our Resident champion will defends his title on Call to arms, but he won't defend it in a simple match, he will do so in a four way ladder match!

The crowd pops, no bigger.

DOBBS: His opponents will be...To be honest, I have not decided yet, everyone under RPW contract has until the end of the next episode of WNR to make his case.

WASHINGTON: Interesting, I cannot wait to see that match.

DOBBS: With that said, I need to address another topic...I'm out here to make a public apology.

The crowd starts booing, loud.

MURPHY: Jafaar al-Sultan demanded a public apology during the dirt sheet, apparently he's threatening to sue RPW for Dobbs changing the stipulations in his match last week in such short notice.

DOBBS: I'm here to apologize to the FORMER RPW Ironman Champion, Jafaar al-Sultan, I'm deeply sorry....

Dobbs sees himself interrupted by the crowd boos, he manages to power through them though.

DOBBS: I'm deeply sorry for allowing you to have such a piss poor manager.

And the crowd pops big.

DOBBS: If you want to challenge my decisions in court so be it, but the courts might just find that I did inform you in time, you might want to ask your "manager" about that. But if you wish to spend your time and money a bit better you could actually take a look at your contracts and realize that there is a rematch clause in them, although it says that in order for you to cash it in, you need to participate in every match you are scheduled, so I would think twice before no showing your tag team match against the Amazonian Invasion tonight.

MURPHY: Wow, the tables might just have been turned.

BRANDENBURG: Hold on Boss, I have something to add. I understand that you are doing what you think is best for the company and you have all the right to set-up my challengers as you see fit but I'm not afraid of Sultan. I don't have a problem with him having a rematch, and if he wants to face me one on one with a stipulation of his choosing, I say bring it.

DOBBS: I admire your courage John, but as long as you remain the Ironman Champion you have to defend your title every show and I'll continue providing quality opponents, you won't face Mr. Sultan until he sets up his guaranteed rematch or otherwise earns another crack at the title.

Brandenburg appears to have something to say, but Dobbs cuts him off.

DOBBS: before you ask, I won't have you wrestle two times on the same night just because Sultan is crying foul, I know you are a man of honor and...

Now it's Brand who cuts off the commissioner.

BRANDENBURG: I take on all comers, and I promise victory. If I can't handle him and his 1% goons, then I probably should not have this belt around my waist. Jack, let me handle my business, so you can get back to handling yours. RPW has other concerns than to deal with a rich megalomaniac who wants to sue his way to another championship.

DOBBS: You are right, RPW has other concerns...but that ties to the point, you see, last week Sir Charles Strickland issued a challenge to me for CALL TO ARMS, he said to choose any RPW wrestler to face a representative of his own, if his representative wins he would get to choose

the location of the next PPV, if mine won he promised to stop questioning my job as the commissioner. And that's one of the main concerns of RPW, everyone needs to stop second guessing my every move and let me do my job, and that's exactly why I'm gonna take him on with his challenge and that's why I NEED to win it. And to win it, I need to be represented by the best RPW has to offer.

Charlie... I present you my representative, John "THE BRAND" Brandenburg. The match at the PPV might just be an Ironman Title defense.

The approval of the crowd is evident as everyone seems pleased by this announcement.

DOBBS: But, this comes under a condition, you need to get Ian Jones to sign a contract for his title defense against Aron Scythe, I have included the rematch clause in the contract and the members of the empire may accompany him to the ring...if they manage to get a special managerial license from the Arizona State commission.

WASHINGTON: Commissioner Dobbs is really putting things in place here tonight.

Dobbs exits the ring as the camera cuts into the next scene.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO A LOCKER ROOM+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Kirk Cobain is spotted entering a lockerroom; he drops his gym back and sets his sights on a guitar that's placed on top of a chair, in the center of the room.

COBAIN: Sweet!

MURPHY: Looks like Cobain has found something to kill time before his match with Sirius Danger.

Cobain closes in to the instrument and holds it, he turns into the camera and starts playing, the guitar is not only horribly off-tune, it's also missing two strings.

COBAIN: Hmm, how strange.

A robotic voice emerges from inside the guitar and reveals an urgent message to Kirk Cobain.

" DANGER! DANGER! This device will self destruct in 10...9...8...7..."

WASHINGTON: Self Destruct?

With a puzzled look on his face, Kirk Cobain just holds the guitar and looks at the camera.


COBAIN: Holy....

Kirk Drops the guitar and exits the room, he closes it just in time for the countdown to expire and the sound of an explosion is deafening.

WASHINGTON: This is madness.

A very curious Kirk Cobain, enters back to the locker room to see what happened, the chair is still in place but a white flag with three letters has emerged from it, it reads simply.


Cobain shakes his head as we turn into the next segment.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE BACKSTAGE AREA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We cut into the backstage area and two rather unknown characters are seen, one of them is a blue eyed, black haired, white male in a cool looking plaid suit he's carrying a microphone and he addresses the camera.

?????: Here's your newest RPW backstage interviewer Matt Josham with RPW's latest signee Alex Monroe, Monroe's signing has had a lot of attention and there's a whole lot of Hype around it but there's also a considerable section of analyst calling him the most overrated wrestler of recent times, any comment on that Mr. Monroe?

Matt Josham extends his mic to Monroe, who gives him a cold stare, a few seconds pass and just when it looked like Monroe was going to speak, Josham pulls the mic and start talking again.

JOSHAM: No comment then, what people are saying is that Jack Dobbs has been feeling threatened by the recent critique of his work and is trying to divert attention by signing the biggest hype-job in wrestling today. People say that the reason you are so well travelled is because you kept switching promotions to duck people.

Matt Josham once again offers the microphone and you can see that Monroe is just fuming at him, he stars deep into his eyes and looks like he wants to kill him, but Josham is cool and just continues talking.

JOSHAM: RPW has signed big international stars before, Douglas Gallagher a prime example of it. I'm really looking forward to see if Monroe can really back up his hype, or if he's just a can crusher. Until the next time, this was Matt Josham, back to Harold Murphy and Benjamin Washington.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DUCKY: The Following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, already in the ring, Brett "The Chief" Bannion.

{Landons Music Hits Loudly}

DUCKY: And his opponent, representing the 1%, LANDON JACKSON!!!

Landon sprints into the ring. Slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle with his hands high in the air, Bannion is already standing in the ring and looks ready for a fight!

MURPHY: I don't think I've ever seen Bannion look this agitated. The theatrics of Jackson have not made him a friend in Bannion.

The bell rings and Bannion is all over Jackson. He hits him with a right, a left, a knee, and whips him into the corner. Haymaker, Haymaker, Haymaker, and Jackson slumps down.

MURPHY: He has exploded and Landon just doesn't look prepared. He will be feeling those tomorrow that's for sure!

Bannion runs to the opposite turnbuckle and comes running at Jackson with a drop kick to his prone body. Bannion looking please with his work Smiles to the applause of the crowd.

WASHINGTON: The crowd is just eating this up.

Bannion picks Landon up and bring him to the center of the ring. Snap suplex into a pin.




MURPHY: Landon has bought some fight with him it seems

Bannion is frustrated. He lets a hard right fly at Landon. Its blocked and Landon begins to fire back. Center of the ring exchanging blows; left, right, right , left. Landon gets the advantage, he hits him with a series of clotheslines and then a scoopslam. Bannion gets up and Landon hits him with a running knee. Landon gets to the corner and prepares a superkick. He waits. Bannion is stirring. Bannion gets up and turn toward Landon. Landon goes for the kick and its blocked! Bannion counters with a dragon screw. Bannion is sensing a big move here. He climbs to the top rope and waits for Landon to get up. Landon stands and sees Bannion. Bannion jumps with a cross body in mind. Landon catches him with The Finale in mid-air and lands flush on the mat.


WASHINGTON: He just locked the crossface in in mid air!

Bannion is trapped, center of the ring. Landon is arching back. Bannion taps.

The bell rings.

Landon Jackson celebrates in the ring while his music hits and the crowd boo him.

+++++++++++++++++++++++ CAMERA CUTS TO THE LOCKEROOM OF THE 1%+++++++++++++++++++++++

Ronnie Reynolds, his crew and Jafaar al-Sultan are all looking at a huge LCD screen where Landon Jackson can be seen celebrating in the ring, they clap in approval when Dominic Golden barges into the room.

SULTAN: There you are! What in the world was Dobbs talking about, I demand answers.

GOLDEN: Calm down champ, I was looking at your contracts and I've found something rather interesting.

SULTAN: What would that be?

GOLDEN: The wording on the rematch clause, we have an unique opportunity...

SULTAN: Tell me more...

GOLDEN: I will, but you and Reynolds better get ready for your match against the Amazonian Invasion.

SULTAN: We've been through this, we are not fighting them, I'll rather sue them.

GOLDEN: I promise you, it's gonna be worth it.

++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE LOCKER ROOM OF THE EMPIRE++++++++++++++++++

RPW Heavyweight Champion Ian Jones is seen talking on his cell phone, he's has his ring gear on and his face shows some worry.

JONES: Hey mate, where are you?

Jones expression quickly turns into anger.

JONES: Your flight was delayed? This has to be a joke...

We hear knocking on the door, Jones turns his attention to it.

JONES: Something came up, I need to go.

Jones hangs up and opens the door to reveal Sir Charles Strickland with what's presumably a contract on his hand.

STRICKLAND: I've managed to get you a Rematch Clause, Also the Empire will be able to accompany you at ringside provided that they get their managerial license, Finally....after I defeat Dobbs on our special challenge, RPW will finally go to our glorious country...all you have to do is sign.

Despite the good news, Ian Jones doesn't seem happy, he's rather angry but he signs the contract anyway.

JONES: I need something else Sir Charles...

STRICKLAND: What would that be?

JONES: Two tag team partners....

++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE+++++++++++++++++++++

MURPHY: If I had to guess, I'd say that it was MNG on the phone with the Delayed flight.

WASHINGTON: since Damien Wolfe is suspended, Ian Jones is gonna have to find himself two new partners to face off with Aron Scythe and the Art of War C.R.A.F.T

MURPHY: Good luck with that, at least he still has some time, we have two more matches to go before that 6 man tag team match.

WASHINGTON: One of them Sirius Danger vs. Kirk Cobain, and I remember you talking about how you had an exclusive with Cobain earlier tonight during the pre show.

MURPHY: Yes, and we have footage of it, in fact, we are gonna roll it right now.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO VIDEO PACKAGE++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"Ok, Kirk. Watch the video one more time. Tell me what you see."

Kirk Cobain is sat on a bench in the RPW locker room, staring at a tiny portable black and white TV from the early 90s. In one hand, there's a remote control. In the other, a piece of steak that's being pressed

over one eye. A vintage telephone / answering machine combi sits near to Kirk, its lights flashing away to show the call in progress.

"Well uh, alright. I see me! I'm sat front row for Wednesday Night Revival, I've got my 'Hi Mom!' sign, I've got a clean flannel shirt on, and I've got a big tub of popcorn just out of sight."

"Sounds like you were pretty relaxed for a guy who came to the show to confront Commissioner Dobbs."

"Yeah, well, by that time we'd already talked so I was pretty relaxed. I just wanted to enjoy the show and see what I was going to be up against."

On the TV, Sirius Danger vaults from the top rope of the ring and onto Kirk Cobain. Kirk's sign and popcorn go flying, and Danger delivers a series of heavy right-hands to the stunned Gen X'er.

"Kirk, after Danger vaulted back into the ring you look like you got straightened up pretty quickly. What kept you from returning the favour to Danger?"

Kirk pauses the VCR. From outside, the distant roar of the crowd and stamping of feet sounds like a storm.

"Well I figured that if I did, I was going to give the win to Sirius. I don't really know Lenny Knox, but I didn't think he'd like me costing him a chance to win."

"And what about afterwards? Once Knox had delivered that Spinebuster-"

Kirk unpauses the video, with the voice of Harold Murphy echoing his telephone comment... "Did you see that Spinebuster?"

"I thought about it. I didn't want to get it started like that, though. I don't want Sirius Danger to, y'know, have excuses after I beat him to paste on Wednesday."

"So you were just saving up your fighting spirit, is that it?"

"Well no. But I'm pretty mad about the whole thing."

"Pretty mad? Oh Kirk, you're going to have to do better than that if you want to win. Sirius Danger is... serious tr-"

"You know how puns get me riled up Mr Murphy! Dude cheap-shotted me. I'm gonna kick his ass for that!"


++++++++++++++++++++++++++COMMERCIAL-BREAK BACK INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++

WASHINGTON: We are back live on WNR. With Cobain already in the ring and ready to go, we're ready for the entrance of Sirius Danger. What are your thoughts on this one, Harold?

MURPHY: I'm hoping for a good clean fight. I don't expect I'll get one, but these two have some real crowd pleasing potential.

The Sound of an Alarm shoots over in the sound system. Out comes Sirius Danger in his black singlet.

DUCKY: and his opponent, from everywhere and nowhere, weighing in at 222 pounds, he's the manifestation of randomization, Sirius Danger!!

MURPHY: Sirius Danger makes his way down to the ring, I don't know what's on his mind but he's slapping at the hands of fans one moment and turning his back on them the next.

Sirius Danger slips into the ring under the top rope before bouncing back up to his feet and leaning back to test the ropes, eyeballing Cobain with obvious intent. The referee calls both competitors together, giving Cobain a few words to make him take his hands out of his pockets.

WASHINGTON: Sirius is unpredictable, and that makes him dangerous. With both competitors in the ring, I think that pending the referee's instructions we're ready to get underway.

The bell sounds and, with the swiftness of a man on a train track, the referee dashes back out of the way of the combatants. Cobain and Danger square up, trading what appear to be some particularly harsh words resulting in a hard shove from Cobain, which Danger comes bouncing back from with a flurry of punches.

WASHINGTON: Remind you of anything, Murphy?

MURPHY: Why yes, it looks like a very one-sided version of last fortnight's punching contest between Danger and Knox. Kirk Cobain seems to be weathering the storm, however. He hasn't even thrown a punch!

Danger rains punch after punch down on Cobain who sags back under the weight of so many blows, retreating towards the ropes step after step. A few steps away from the ropes Cobain's guard finally breaks, letting Danger land a square shot to Kirk Cobain's exposed jaw.

MURPHY: Was that a closed fist? Heck it looked like a closed fist from here.

WASHINGTON: If it was a closed fist, Murph, your boy would probably be taking a knee...

As Kirk Cobain staggers backwards to the ropes he lands a foot on the bottom rope and propels himself off of it and into the air for a huge superman punch that connects with enough force for Danger to crumple and roll away, shaking his head as he plays for time and distance.

WASHINGTON: Impressive! Picture-perfect superman punch from Cobain! That looked dangerously like a little ring-savvy.

Cobain doesn't let up, however, and whips Danger towards the ropes, chopping Sirius down with a hard clothesline.

MURPHY: Cobain now, gathering some momentum with a clothesline and trying to bundle Sirius Danger into the corner for I don't know what! I don't know if I want to know!

WASHINGTON: And I don't know if we'll see whatever Cobain had in mind. The referee tonight is on top of his game getting in there and separating the two combatants to give Sirius Danger the space to get free.

The referee has to bend at the waist to force Cobain away from the danger zone. With the referee's eyes averted, Danger reaches over the top to rake Cobain's face. He backs up onto the first turnbuckle and as soon as the opportunity presents itself leaps at the flailing Seattle native with a high elbow to the head. Cobain sinks to one knee, and then crumples to the mat as Sirius Danger applies a snap DDT. Danger kicks his opponent over onto his back with contempt, before a dropping an elbow into a cover.




WASHINGTON: Well the kid can certainly soak up a beating. The question on the lips of our fans is 'can he give as good as he gets?'

Danger gives the referee a look of derision and then, before Cobain can rise back to his feet, starts dropping double axe-handle blows to the exposed neck and shoulders than put Kirk Cobain back on the mat.

WASHINGTON: Looks as though Danger thinks he's in the zone now, rolling Cobain over for another cover attempt.



MURPHY: Danger stamps hard on the midsection of Cobain. Once. Twice. Three times before turning to remonstrate with the referee. I don't know what he's thinking, our officials ensure every match is unbiased and even-handedly umpired.

Behind Sirius Danger, Kirk Cobain scrambles back to his feet, balls his fists and nods his head to the beat of a tune that only he can hear. As soon as Sirius Danger turns around to see his opponent back on his feet, Kirk Cobain whips Danger into the ropes. Seizing the moment, Danger comes off the ropes with a head of speed and a flings his feet up for a picture-perfect dropkick.

WASHINGTON: I didn't see that coming! Cobain turned that dropkick into a side-slam backbreaker with effect.

MURPHY: Cobain skipping the mat work to bring Sirius Danger back to his feet. Back-to-back knife-edge chops right in the centre of the ring! The crowd's been hot all night, and they're showing no signs of cooling down just yet.

Kirk Cobain showboats a little too long, drawing out the wind-up for a final chop. As the blade of his hand slices towards his opponent, Sirius Danger somehow locks in an arm-bar, turning and falling to bring Cobain crashing face-first into the mat. Danger stands up and drops an elbow across Cobain's back, he gets back to his feet and repeats the move twice.

WASHIGNTON: Danger showing his aggressiveness here.

Kirk is forced to an upward position by Sirius Danger, who looks to finish things early with his patented package Piledriver, he starts setting it but Kirk Cobain is not falling for it, a back body drop is the perfect counter and Danger crashes on the mat. Cobain starts building up momentum with a couple of clotheslines and the crowd rallies on his side, he starts working for his double underhook DDT, but as soon as he gets one deep underhook on Danger, the chaotic one reverses into a hammerlock.

MURPHY: None of them are ending this match early.

The hammerlock is broken by elbows, and Cobain runs to the ropes, he rebounds and baseball slides under Danger's legs, Sirius Danger is caught completely off guard and Cobain jumps to his back with a sleeper hold, Danger throws him over the shoulder before Cobain can secure himself and the hold though, and the Grunge Lover rolls all the way into the ropes, Danger rushes in and ends up being back body dropped all the way to the outside.

WASHINGTON: Danger has a way of finding himself falling from high places all the time.

MURPHY: He surely does.

The referee starts a 10 count , and it reaches 3 without any sign from Danger, Cobain won't settle for the count out, Sirius Danger has to pay. Cobain exits the ring and goes after Danger who's half way under the ring, Cobain pulls him out and immediately receives a stream of fire extinguisher to the face, the crowd boos as the ref calls for the bell.

DUCKY: And your winner via DQ, Kirk Cobain.

Cobain blindly stumbles trying to clear his eyes, Danger gets up and is carrying the red fire extinguisher, he uses to blast Cobain in the head, Kirk looks to be knocked out by the blow.

MURPHY: What just happened here?

Danger starts dragging the KO'ed Cobain in front of the announce table, when Cobain starts to regain his senses Danger sends him back to la-la land via crash into the steel steps, Danger now sets up Cobain in the announce table.

MURPHY: What is he doing? Get out of our table!

WASHINGTON: I think we better move out of here.

Both of the announcers do, at least as soon as they notice Danger climbing to the top rope, Danger wastes no time launching himself as a weapon, he connects with a huge senton, it's not pretty but it's enough to crash the table. Danger immediately springs up to his feet and starts walking to the back to a chorus of boos; he favors his back as he makes his way up the ramp.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS BACKSTAGE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Malcolm Valenzuela is seen talking to Diego San Martin, El Omega 23 and The Amazonian Invasion are all in the background, warming up for their matches tonight.

VALENZUELA: Those mugrosos from the Empire are going to pay for what Damien Wolfe did to me, Don Diego. Estoy cansado of them going around acting like nothing else matters, treating everyone else, a todos nosotros, as if we were nothing.

SAN MARTIN: But you need back up muscle, verdad?

Malcolm "The Escape Artist" Valenzuela busts up a laugh, his serious face has turned into a smile.

VALENZUELA: It never hurts to have some Hermanos nearby.

SAN MARTIN: Glad to have you on Board.

VALENZUELA: Yeah, see you around.

Valenzuela exits the room and the camera follows him outside where he runs with a very suspicious looking The Flying Slappsman.

VALENZUELA: What are you doing here?

Slappy mumbles some gibberish and puts on an angry face, Valenzuela shrugs off and walks away, camera still following him. He runs into Sir Charles Strickland and Valenzuela has some choice words for the British Knight.

VALENZUELA: Strickland! You better tell your Empire boys to watch their backs. They are all gonna pay for that Crazy ass Damien Wolfe and his actions.

STRICKLAND: You better watch your words when you talk to me youngster, now bugger off, I have business to conduct.

Valenzuela gives Strickland a mean stare and walks away from camera, Strickland continues walking through the corridor and now the camera follows him, he finds Flying Slappsman looking through the door on San Martin's locker room.

STRICKLAND: Excuse me sir.

SLAPPSMAN: Watcha want? I'm busy here...

STRICKLAND: How would you like to be in a tag team match tonight?

SLAPPSMAN: What's in it for me?

STRICKLAND: What is it that you want?

SLAPPSMAN: Do you know where Espirito Animal is staying for the night?

STRICKLAND: Why should I know that? And why do you...

Strickland interrupts himself and looks to be thinking.

STRICKLAND: I can probably find it out, so are you in?

SLAPPSMAN: Sure, why not?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS BACKSTAGE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[The camera pans in backstage to see Aron Scythe wearing an old black "MLW" jacket, a Dragon Ball T-shirt and jeans. A wry look on his face as is arms are folded.]

ARON SCYTHE: Now last time on Revival I was more than a little bit unconvinced by the politicking going on with my next match. On one hand it seems Mr. Dobbs tried to slip in a "No Rematch" clause that frankly I didn't ask for...

On the other hand, I'm not that crazy Ian Jones and that little weasel Charles Strickland trying to hold up the match. So Ian Jones wants to do the rematch in England? GREAT! I'd love to perform before the British Fans. Heck we can do a match with the old "World of Sport" rules with rounds and everything! I'll wrestle Ian Jones anytime any place. Heck if he wants to move our first match to a SOOCER STADIUM on the MOON I'm all for it!

Now as for this stipulation that may allow the British Empire at ringside... I'd like to point out that *technically* they aren't supposed to be at ringside in the first place. The only person that's supposed to be in the corner of a wrestler is licensed manager. Now Charles I know you have a license and I know that my wife has a fully accredited manager's license, but contrary to popular belief they don't hand those things out in cereal boxes. So "No Empire At Ringside" seems to be kind of redundant.

But anyway tonight I'll be facing off with the British Empire by teaming up with non-other than the Craft Brothers one of the top two fulltime tag teams that RPW has under contract. And while the Crafts might not have the best win-loss record I've managed to give them a little coaching so we'll all be on the same page. They're going to be more than ready for the best that the Empire has to offer and they're promising to leave Ian Jones for me.

Jones I had some harsh words for you last week and I want you to know I meant every one of them. You may be on top now but... you can't keep burning bridges and taking shortcuts. When we finally meet I'll there's going to be no shortcut... no easy way out... no escape. Ian whether I win or lose when we get in the ring one-on-one I plan on taking you into some deep, deep waters that you have never been in before! Prepare for the fight of your life!

[Aron flashes a knowing grin at the camera as we fade to black.]

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DUCKY: The Following match is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall, introducing first...

The Amazon Rainforest invades the arena rising up the crowd, out comes the Invasion with Gustavo Gusmao looking relaxed and steady while Espírito do animal has both palms pressed against each other, both on top of his head resembling a shark.

DUCKY: Introducing first, from the Brazilian Amazon, at a combined weight of 390 pounds, they are Gustavo Gusmao and Espírito do animal, THE AMAZONIAN INVASION.

Espírito is frantically running circles around his partner on his way down the ramp, the reaction for this new tag team is warmer than during their debut.

Both men take the inside of the ring and they patiently await their opponents.

Nelly- "Must Be The Money" (Imperialist Beatz Remix) hits and it's instantly drowned by a chorus of boos, Former Ironman Champion Jafaar al-Sultan and Ronnie Reynolds make their way down the ramp. No theatrics this time, they look ready for a fight. DUCKY: And their opponents, representing the 1% , Jafaar al-Sultan and "Ravishing" Ronnie Reynolds. The bell rings and it is Reynolds and Gusmao who will be starting this match, they immediately lock up and the stocky Brazilian backs his ravishing opponent into the corner, Reynolds pulls the reversal at the last second and presses Gusmao against the corner instead. MURPHY: Gusmao showing his aggressiveness early, he's a master of throws. Reynolds unleashes with punches and goes for an Irish whip which Gusmao reverses; Reynolds goes back first into the opposite corner. "Great Gorilla" rushes into the corner but he eats two feet to the face in his way in, Gusmao staggers back to the center of the ring and it's now Reynolds who rushes in, Gusmao steps into him and catches him with a front waistlock, the overhead belly to belly soon follows and the crowd pops for it. Reynolds attempts to rush back to his feet and reset the action but he's caught by Gusmao in a front head lock, he sprawls down to keep the action in the mat and uses a gator roll to set up an anaconda choke, Gusmao's muscly arms are tight against the neck of Reynolds but the shoulders of the great gorilla are flat in the mat, the referee counts 1 and Gusmao has to roll back into the front headlock position. WASHINGTON: Gusmao almost pinned himself there. He uses the front headlock to lift Reynolds up and a snap suplex soon follows, Gusmao makes sure his opponent stays down and he clotheslines him just as he was propping himself up, Reynolds is a bit staggered from the constants crashes to the mat and he gets on all fours, trying to crawl to the ropes. Gusmao has other stuff in mind and he gets the rear waistlock and executes a deadly deadlift German suplex. MURPHY: Reynolds needs to find his groove here, otherwise he's in a world of trouble. WASHINGTON: He can always tag out. Gusmao picks his opponent once again and Reynolds really needs a break from the assault, he gets one via blatant eye rake, the referee warns him but Reynolds tries to get back into the match immediately with a knee to the mid section, he goes for the Irish whip into a corner but the stocky Brazilian hits the break, the Great Gorilla is not going anywhere. With the arms still connected by the hands, Gusmao pulls hard and gets an Irish whip of his own, Reynolds is sent crashing into his corner and the tag is made to Jafaar al-Sultan.

MURPHY: The former Ironman Champion is now entering the ring, and he isn't exactly happy in the conditions he lost his title. WASHINGTON: Indeed he's not, but he has his rematch clause and something tells me we will soon know when he will use it. Both men lock in the middle of the ring in a collar and elbow, Jafaar pushes one of Gusmao's big arms and secures a rear waistlock which is immediately reversed by Gusmao who goes behind and gets a rear waistlock of his own. Jafaar sits out and spins into a single leg, Gusmao goes down. Lateral press and not even a one count, both men meet again and this time it's Gusmao with a headlock takedown. Jafaar reverses with head scissors but Gusmao quickly escapes them, both men are back to his feet and looking to deliver punishment, Jafaar unleashes with the kicks, once, twice he connects, he goes to the well again and maybe once too often as Gusmao catches the kick and delivers a powerful capture suplex. MURPHY: Gusmao always wants to throw you, and he will end up doing so more often than not. Jafaar quickly spins into one knee and Gusmao urges him to get back up and into the fray, both men again go for a lock up but it's short lived as Jafaar secures a side headlock if only for an instant, Gusmao pushes his foe into the ropes and lowers down for a back body drop, Jafaar backflips over him and shoots another kick that once again gets caught, this time Jafaar is not waiting for Gusmao to throw him to the mat, instead he connects with a mean enzuigiri, Gusmao tumbles to the ropes. WASHINGTON: Nice kick by Jafaar, he's already wary of Gusmao's suplexes. But Gusmao is not one to waste any momentum and he bounces off the ropes and goes straight back at Jafaar with a clothesline, the oil magnate ducks under it and Gusmao hits the ropes on the far end, this time he returns into a trap, it's a drop toe hold by Sultan that plants Gusmao face first in the mat. MURPHY: Personally I find Jafaar to be a terrible person, can't deny he's a great wrestler though. WASHINGTON: He was the champion for a reason, maybe he still should be.

Jafaar wants to get out of this match fast, he has other business to conduct. He goes for the Camel Clutch, but before he can fully lock it in Gusmao shifts his hips, grabs Sultan's legs and sweeps them from within the oil magnate who falls on his butt, Gusmao bridges while holding on to the legs of Sultan who ends up with his back pressed against the mat.



Both men are up the their feet and Gusmao goes into the offence with a kick to the gut and a clubbing blow to the back, he pushes Sultan into the nearest corner and lays some hard strikes on him before whipping him to the other neutral corner. Gusmao rushes in but Sultan shows greats agility springing up to the top rope and jumping over him, Gusmao turns around to receive a skipping side kick to the gut and a flying forearm to the face, Sultan goes for the Irish whip but finds himself reversed and once again crashing the corner, Gusmao charges in again but Sultan lifts a boot just in time to thwart his attack.

MURPHY: Gusmao retreats to the center of the ring! Sultan gets back in his wrestling stance, this is just beginning.

A Greco-roman Knuckle lock is formed in the middle of the ring, Gusmao gets the early advantage but the Saudi kicks one of the arms free, with the other arm locked by the hand, Sultan runs into the ropes and jumps into them, he sits on the rope on mid air and the springs allows him to easily backflip back into the ring, the momentum make the locked arms work as an arm drag and Gusmao goes down.

WASHINGTON: Great move by Sultan.

And Sultan goes back to the ropes, he patiently awaits for Gusmao's rise and when it happens, Sultan springs into the ropes one more times and rebounds back with a huge dropkick that floors the Great Gorilla, Sultan heads to his corner and the tag is made to Ravishing Ronnie Reynolds, who climbs up to the top rope.

MURPHY: Let's see if Reynolds has better luck against Gusmao this time.

Reynolds launches himself with a huge double axe handle but Gusmao finds his mark first with a huge uppercut to the midsection of the flying 1%'er. Reynolds is doubled over by the belly and he becomes the victim of a huge Gut Wrench suplex, the Brazilians tag and Gusmao picks Reynolds up, he hooks him from behind setting up a leg hook belly to back suplex, Gusmao is ready to deliver the suplex, but he's waiting, keeping his foe standing which leaves Reynolds helpless to defend against Espirito's jumping calf kick to the face. The impact sends Reynolds backwards into the suplex that connects.

WASHIGNTON: Huge jumping kick into that release Regal-plex, I am impressed.

Espirito with the front flip leg drop and the pin attempt.




Espírito keeps his momentum rolling high and quickly drags a Dizzy Reynolds into his feet and whips him into the ropes, with feline speed Espirito rushes behind him and dumps him out of the ring with a clothesline as soon as they hit the ropes, The Animal Spirit doesn't know how to stop and he goes to bounce the far end ropes for momentum he comes back and leaps all the way over the top rope in a front flip seated senton.

MURPHY: Animal Go-Round!

The crowd's pop is fierce and Espírito is still running at top speed, he rolls Reynolds and immediately rushes into a corner, climbing his way into the top rope, Reynolds doesn't know where he's at but when he stands up he falls for a Dragonrana, the ref counts him.




WASHIGNTON: Reynolds hasn't been able to plant his feet on the mat in this match, whether it's due to Gusmao's throws or Espírito's frantic pace and aerial expertise.

MURPHY: They did the same to MNG that week, The Amazonian Invasion have brought their Rainforest style into RPW and they are surprisingly effective.

Espírito wants to keep up his frantic pace, they are not in the middle of the ring but he's not bothered and goes with an Irish whip, Reynolds hits the ropes, but he hits his partner Jafaar al-Sultan as well, knocking him off the apron. Espírito catches the running Reynolds and plants him with a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker, the crowd pops big as the small Brazilian plays it up to the crowd and starts to make his way to the top rope again. He gets there and throws his arms out quickly, wings come out of his full body wrestling suit.

WASHINGTON: The Animal impersonator seems to be looking for a finish here!

MURPHY: But he's got the wrong person, Reynolds is not the legal man!

WASHINGTON: What are you talking about?

MURPHY: When Reynolds and Sultan collided, Sultan was holding the tag rope and I saw the referee call the tag.

Murphy is 100% right, and that becomes a huge advantage for the 1%, Espirito is on the top rope ready to go flying and boy he does, Sultan appears from behind to a wave of boos and in one quick motion climbs to the ropes and plants the smaller half of the Invasion with the deadly ASP STRIKE, he goes for the pin.






The bell rings.

DUCKY: And the winners of this match, representing the 1%, Jafaar al Sultan and Ronnie Reynolds.

The 1% has won, but they are not happy with that, both men turn their attention to Gustavo Gusmao and start beating him up, the boos increase and increase with each blow, both men finally pick him up and throw him out of the ring, as Gusmao goes flying out, Landon Jackson slides into a ring with a steel chair in hand, Dominic Golden slides into the ring two and he is carrying a microphone.

MURPHY: This match is over, stop this madness.

Jackson starts to unleash a vicious beating on Espírito Animal, the crowd is raging and the members of the 1% have each taken a corner and climbed to top to pose. Chair shot after chairshot is delivered to Espírito, most of the blows seem to be targeting the legs. Landon Jackson finally sets the steel chair to trap one of Espírito's legs, the crowd seems to know what's gonna happen and they hate it, they let the 1% know.

The Camera suddenly shifts to the back, we get a shot of Diego San Martin, El Omega 23 and Malcolm Valenzuela desperate trying to knock over the door of their locker room, they seem to be trapped.

WASHINGTON: I'm sure the 1% is behind that locked door.

The Camera goes back to the ring where all members of the 1% are on top of a corner of the ring. Landon Jackson jumps off his and lands right on top of the chair that's wrapped over Espírito do Animal's ankle. The boos reach it's loudest as the small Brazilian screams in pain while holding his leg, Jackson gets the microphone from Dominic Golden and climbs to the top of his corner once again before uttering three simple words.


The lights in the arena go out. A large "Ǝ" appears on the screen.

MURPHY : Huh? Here we go again.. Looks like another mysterious promo coming up.. A large countdown timer appears on the screen. The timer is ticking down. Before anyone could make out what the timer read, the video switches to images of a decryption machine with rotating cogwheels. There are 8 wheels and it shows different combinations of numbers. Then suddenly the video starts flickering and alternate images of the timer and the decryption machine start appearing rapidly. Then finally the video glitches out and the screen goes blank. A blue flame appears on the screen and becomes a background to a decryption machine with the 8 wheels. The last 4 wheels slowly stop at the numbers -2-0-1-2.. The first four wheels keep turning. But before it stops, a large mysterious creature,

like a phoenix, rises up from the blue flame and engulfs the image of the still working decryptor. The screen goes to black, a huge '?' appears on the screen, and the lights in the arena slowly come back on.

The Amazonian Invasion is nowhere to be seen and the 1% stands in the center of the ring perplexed. WASHINGTON : Just when one thought it couldn't get weirder. The second consecutive WNR with this mysterious promo, an anonymous video message to Dominic Golden during last week's Dirt Sheet. It keeps getting mysterious. MURPHY : And don't forget, Ben. This is the same video that has been appearing in the hacked systems in the RPW office. These must be related. Somebody out there is trying to make a statement. But what is it ? And to whom is it ? The mystery remains and all we can do is wait for answers...

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS BACKSTAGE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sir Charles Strickland is roaming around the backstage area, he stumbles into Leonard Knox and Douglas Gallagher talking over in a corner. STRICKLAND: Good evening Douglas, Good luck in your Match against El Omega. Leonard, too bad about that questionable call earlier, you'll get back up. By any chance you want to be one of Ian Jones partners on his match tonight? KNOX: Sorry, no chance I'm helping Jones. Strickland shakes his head and continues his scouting of the backstage area, things look pretty empty but after turning a corner he reaches the catering table and he finds Ryan Mercy eating. STRICKLAND: Mr. Mercy, how would you like to earn a good pay day? MERCY: I'm listening... STRICKLAND: All you would have to do is be part of Ian Jones tag team against Aron Scythe and Art of WAR C.R.A.F.T. MERCY: Ian Jones? No way I'm associating myself with the empire, money or not I'd rather eat this whole table. STRICKLAND: Well, if that's your goal you are doing a fantastic job thus far.

Strickland starts looking increasingly desperate as he can't find the third member for Jones' team. He turns another corner and we meet a familiar face, Gary Grapplin is mopping the floor of the arena. STRICKLAND: Excuse me sir, have you seen any RPW wrestlers here? GRAPLIN: What? I'm an RPW wrestler. Sir Charles Strickland looks puzzled. STRICKLAND: Please kid, don't waste my time, you are mopping the floor. GRAPLIN: I'm Gary Graplin, RPW WRESTLER!! I haven't gotten a match in weeks, but Mr. Dobbs gave me this task. Strickland gets his monocle out and starts examining Gary. STRICKLAND: So you say that you can wrestle, and you are under contract? GRAPLIN: Yes, I am RPW MEGA STAR GARY GRAPLIN!!! I LIVE, BREATH AND EAT WRESTLING! The British Knight seems resigned by this point and he just says... STRICKLAND: How would you like to be in a match tonight? A HUGE smile is formed in Gary's face as we go to our next scene.

++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS NEAR THE CURTAINS++++++++++++++++++++++++++

<interviewer extraordinaire Brandy Swinson standing backstage with RPW's newest signee, "The Lethal Injection" Alex Monroe.>

BRANDY: I'm here with-

<Alex grabs the microphone from her.>

MONROE: Run along. I'll handle this myself.

<Brandy shrugs and walks off.>

WASHINGTON: Looks like Monroe wants to make sure he gets his point across this time.

MONROE: Some people thought my first impression on The Dirt Sheet was a little short winded. Please forgive me, for I am usually one to let my actions do the talking. But I figured I'd let you guys know a little more about the man who fancies himself as "The Lethal Injection."

<Alex clears his throat, and then continues.>

MONROE: I am a lone wolf. I've been a part of tag teams in the past, but they've all ended up badly, so I've been weary to trust anybody else. I also have no allegiances. I don't care if you are booed or cheered I will still kick your face off in a second. I'm here for one goal, and that's the ultimate prize. I'm here, just like everybody else should be, to prove to my peers that I am the best competitor in this sport. Nothing will stop me from accomplishing that goal. However, I do not believe in short-cuts. I don't need them. My knee being placed in your face is the only weapon I need to beat you, and you better believe it.

A lot of people here know about my background, but for those who don't, I'm just a guy who's been grinding away since he turned 18 to make a name for myself. I've been in sweat halls all across the world. England, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Japan, you name it, I've been there and I've knee'd somebody's face in. Before that I was homeless. I started out in a less than desirable home life and as a direct result of that, I ran away and grew up with no home to call my own.

Another thing you internet heads might be interested in, or already know, is that I've been considered for a few years now as Professional Wrestling's Hottest Free Agent. I've been approached by many companies in this time, but none of them really piqued my interest. Then I saw RPW. You may be

surprised that the "Hottest Free Agent" actually sent in his tape, and sought after RPW, and not the other way around. I saw what this company was all about, which is reviving what professional wrestling really is, and I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this movement. I eagerly await my debut to see where I stand with these top notch guys.

Suddenly Pegasus fantasy starts playing, and Aron Scythe and The Art of War C.R.A.F.T enter the scene as they get ready for their match which is up next.

MONROE: But let me make one thing clear. It doesn't matter to me how big you are, how strong you are, how "tough" you are, how "talented" you are, how much experience you have, or how crafty you are. You will become intimately acquainted with my knee. Period. I don't care who my first opponent is, whether it's some schmuck or whether it's the World Champion Ian Jones himself, I'm going to knee their face in, and show the entire world exactly why I am considered Pro Wrestling's Hottest Free Agent, and why I am the best competitor in this sport.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DUCKY: The following match is a 6 man tag team contest, introducing first. The team consisting of The Number 1 contender to the RPW heavyweight title, Aron Scythe!

The crowd pops big for Scythe.

DUCKY: And Billy and Jimmy Craft, the Art of War C.R.A.F.T!

All three men are energetic on their entrance; The Craft Twins look particularly excited to be teaming up with a star of Aron Scythe's caliber.

The Music for the Empire hits next.

DUCKY: And their opponents, representing the British Empire....Gary Graplin, The Flying Slappsman and Ian Jones!

Jones comes out and he doesn't look happy, he's flanked by Graplin and Slappsman when he should be accompanied by Mr. Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe.

MURPHY: Ian Jones had a major setback when Damien Wolfe got himself suspended for his repeated run-ins with American Law Enforcement, but he also suffering from Mr. Nice Guy's aerial transportation issues.

WASHINGTON: Mr. Nice Guy flew back to England for a emergency of the personal kind, he decided to stay home as long as possible but his last minute flight was delayed, and Jones had to work hard to even get partners for tonight.

The teams are on their respective corners discussing strategy and Gary Graplin can be heard loudly talking to Jones, "CHOOSE ME! I WANT TO START!" Jones obliges and the start will be Jimmy Craft vs. Gary Grapplin.

The bell rings and Graplin immediately charges in with a single leg attempt, he gets a hold of Jimmy's leg but he's unable to complete the takedown, Jimmy has good balance in one leg and he defends easily, after a few seconds of struggle Jimmy Craft connects with an enzuigiri, Graplin goes down to the mat for a 1 count, he kicks out!

MURPHY: Graplin failing early on, he needs to regroup.

Jimmy presses his advantage and secures a side headlock, Graplin looks to be in a world of trouble even if he's caught in one of the most basic moves ever, and still he needs to fight hard to push the red wearing Craft of off him. Jimmy bounces off the ropes and returns with a slick head scissors takedown, Graplin is sent crashing and he's had enough, he tags in the Flying Slappsman in.

WASHINGTON: Graplin not looking so eager now.

Flying Slappsman comes out swinging hard, he bulrushes Jimmy craft all the way into the face corner and punches both Billy Craft and Aron Scythe off the apron, he nails half a dozen body punches on Jimmy and proceeds to stomp a mud hole as the young Californian falls to a sitting position.

The referee warns Flying Slappsman and the former circus artist just yells at him, he's distracted enough for Jimmy Craft to work all the way back to his feet, Slappsman won't let him recover and once again puts pressure with heavy strikes, those are followed by an Irish whip into the heel corner, Slappsman connects a fierce cornered dropkick and Ian Jones is tagged in.

MURPHY: RPW Heavyweight Champion tags in, stay with us during the commercial break to see what Jones brings to the table. Jimmy Craft is in a world of trouble.

And the beginning of it comes in form of a bear hug, fully locked in; Jimmy craft is in certain pain as we go to commercial break.


++++++++++++++++++++++++COMMERCIAL-BREAK BACK INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++++

WASHINGTON: Welcome back to WNR, if you are wondering how Jimmy Craft managed to change his clothes and dye his hair during the break and while trapped in a bear hug, that's his twin brother Billy Craft.

MURPHY: Jimmy Craft managed to escape Ian Jones' bearhug and make the tag to his brother, but now the blue wearing Craft Twin has found himself in the same predicament.

Ian Jones is in no mood to play around and he drives Billy hard into the mat with a belly to belly suplex, a leg drop and a cover follow it up in quick succession.




Ian Jones stands up and points to the face corner, he wants Aron Scythe. Bold Statement!

WASHINGTON: Ian Jones wants to get his hands on Aron Scythe, the challenger has been calling out the champion, saying that he won't be able to keep taking shortcuts, Jones wants to settle the matter right now.

Billy is crawling towards his corner and Jones doesn't stop him, he does kick him hard in the ribs though, Billy endures the pain and makes the tag to Scythe who jumps over the ropes to a huge pop.

The cheers of the crowds are short lived as Scythe runs straight into Jones' right hand which sends him to the mat, he stands up and this time eats a left with the same result. Jones irish whips Scythe and receives him with a huge clothesline.

MURPHY: Scythe needs to be careful; you just cannot rush Ian Jones.

Jones is in control and he goes for an arm wrench, Scythe reverses and nails the champ with a huge jaw breaker, this leaves enough of an opening to use an Irish whip, Jones rebounds off the ropes and eats a huge dropkick to the face.

Scythe has put himself in control of the match up and he whips Jones into a neutral corner, huge running reverse elbow by Scythe, Scythe keeps pummeling away with 4 hard reverse elbows and Jones just walks off the corner, very dizzy. Scythe jumps over the ropes into the ring apron and just measures the dizzy champion. He jumps back up and connects a huge springboard clothesline.

WASHINGTON: This two are getting a first taste of what facing each other feels like, but at RPW call to arms they will have their plates full during their RPW heavyweight title match.

Jones sees himself whipped once again into the neutral corner, Scythe goes after the champion again but this time the pool is empty, Jones has moved out of the way, Scythe crashes into the corner and he's caught with a neckbreaker, Jones takes a stand in the middle of the ring.

Aron Scythe rushes all the way to his feet and valiantly charges at Jones, it's not a good idea, he ends up falling into a huge spinebuster, Jones with the cover.




A mixture of boos a cheers can be heard, some people boo Jones cover attempt, some people cheer Scythe's kick out, Jones drags a slightly winded Scythe into the corner of the team the champion leads and there he starts punishing his Call to Arms challenger.

MURPHY: Jones has taken complete control of this match-up.

Jones makes a quick tag to the Slappster and both men starts stomping away at Scythe, the ref warns Jones and the heavyweight champion exits the ring, Slappsman drops a few elbows and tags Jones back in, the crowd boos this tactic and the volume raises when Slappsman traps Scythe's arms, leaving him wide open to the punishment inflicted by Jones. Slappsman exits the ring and Jones plants Scythe with a body slam, another tag to Slappsman who slingshots himself back into the ring with a leg drop, quick tags come and go and the crowd boo their every blow, Salt Lake City rallies behind Aron Scythe.

WASHINGTON: This is bad news for Aron, the crowd might be behind him but Jones is orchestrating a brutal beating on him.

Finally Gary Graplin gets a chance to participate, the first thing he does is to drag Scythe to the center of the ring, Jones immediately starts yelling at him.

"Bloody idiot, what are you doing?"

Graplin makes a cutthroat sign, he wants to finish this and win his first match ever. Graplin goes for an standing fireman's carry lift, he needs two try twice, then thrice, he's having a lot of problems with lifting up Scythe, Ian Jones is seen facepalming.

MURPHY: Poor Gary.

Finally Gary manages to get his opponent up but it's only for a split second as Scythe slides out the back and jumps to make a tag to Jimmy Craft, Jimmy jumps into the ring and ducks a Gary Graplin running clothesline, he fires back with skipping side super kick to face that turns Graplin's lights out!

WASHINGTON: The 10000 kick! He practiced that at least 10000 times.

MURPHY: And it's over 9000...

Jimmy Craft drops down for the cover as Ian Jones is seen walking away from the ringside area.




DUCKY: And the winner of this bout, Aron Scythe and the Art of War C.R.A.F.T!

The fan favorites celebrate in the ring, Scythe is noticeably slowed down by the beating he just suffered at the hands of Jones and Slappsman but he still has a big smile on his face as he understand this win means a lot to the Craft Twins.

MURPHY: Aron Scythe is not only a great competitor, he's also a class act.

The winners bask in the admiration of the crowd as they keep celebrating, we turn into the next scene.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS BACKSTAGE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sir Charles Strickland is spotted outside a noticeably damaged door, it has a name plaque on it that reads Diego San Martin, Strickland knocks in the door and San Martin takes a few second to respond, he opens the door and takes a glance at Strickland.

SAN MARTIN: What do you want?

STRICKLAND: First and Foremost, I am here to wish you and El Omega 23 the best of luck on your match against "The Liverpool Sensation" Douglas Gallagher, Douglas and Omega are two of the best RPW have to offer and I have no doubt they will provide us with a match to remember.

SAN MARTIN: And I'm guessing you will be in Gallagher's corner for that match...

STRICKLAND: Right, but you need not to worry about me, I am a man of honor and integrity, just as a you are. I'm sure nobody but the wrestlers will take action tonight.

SAN MARTIN: So why are you here then?

STRICKLAND: As you might be aware by now, I have challenged Dobbs for the right to choose the location of RPW next PPV event, and I happen to have heard that you aren't happy about Call to Arms being in Phoenix.

SAN MARTIN: That much is right, we spent a lot of time touring through Texas and we had a huge response from the Latin demos, it was the perfect opportunity to take RPW to Mexico and deliver on his global scale promotion promise, but Dobbs blew it.

STRICKLAND: I knew that you would understand, at Call to Arms I'll fight for RPW's global expansion, but of course as you might have guessed, it is England where I want to take the show first. But I'm not gonna sit happy because I gave England one RPW show, I'm gonna keep fighting until Dobbs is removed and we can make RPW evolve into a truly global phenomenon, multiple European and South American tours, why not Asia? All I'm asking of you is support in my cause, surely you understand that at the bottom of it we want the same. What do you say?

Diego San Martin looks pensative, "The Alpha Brain" seems to be in heavy consideration of the proposal, but the door knocks once again and RPW's newest interviewer Matt Josham barges in the scene.

JOSHAM: Don Diego, please follow me, the Chairman of the Board wants to talk to you...wait, Sir Charles, what are you doing here? Your presence is also been requested, please follow me.

Both Don Diego and Sir Charles look completely surprised, but they follow Matt Josham out of the locker-room and off camera.

++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE ANNOUNCE "TABLE"+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Benjamin Washington and Harold Murphy are sitting in front of their now defunct announcer table which was destroyed earlier tonight by Sirius Danger and Kirk Cobain.

WASHINGTON: The Chairman of the board? That's huge news.

MURPHY: I wonder what that is all about.

WASHINGTON: I think we are all on the same boat Murph.

MURPHY: Well, I'm sure we'll find out sooner than later.

WASHINGTON: That's for sure, we've had a very entertaining show thus far, with really interesting developments, but I think the best is yet to come.

MURPHY: Our main event of the night will be a number one contender's match for the Ironman Title, El Omega 23 and Douglas Gallagher will go one on one and the winner will earn a shot at John Brandenburg and his Ironman Championship.

WASHINGTON: This is a huge match up, El Omega 23 has yet to be pinned or submitted in RPW. Douglas Gallagher on the other hand is fresh off a huge victory over Hakai Dragon.

MURPHY: These two behemoths will collide in our main event and there's been huge expectations of this match, especially in the internet circles.

WASHINGTON: I'm sure it will deliver, let's go to Ducky for the introductions.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CAMERA CUTS INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DUCKY: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall with the winner earning the right to challenge the RPW Ironman champion on the next Wednesday Night Revival...Introducing first...

The arena lights slowly dim and the crowd fades into silence. Once completely engulfed in darkness the audience starts to react in anticipation. Mostly cheers can be heard. Finally white letters flash brightly on the big screen, the voice of a woman can be heard reading them aloud.




"The End of all Hope" by Nightwish begins to blare throughout the arena. The heavy guitar riffs ignite the crowd as the masked man known as El Omega 23 walks through the curtain and out onto the entrance stage, Diego San Martin, his manager, follows closely behind. The lights slowly start to rise as El Omega 23 begins to make his way down the ramp. With more illumination we can see the South American a little more clearly. He looks pumped up for his contest and is wearing his usual ring gear; a custom basketball jersey numbered 23, black and white fight shorts and feline lucha mask, this man is ready for battle.

DUCKY: ...hailing from South America and weighing in at 110 kilograms...242 pounds...He is EL OMEGA VEIN-TEE-TRES!!!

EL Omega slides into the ring and takes a firm position in the center of the ring; his eyes set, staring the top of the stage, exactly from where his opponent will emerge soon.

DUCKY: And his opponent....

Queen's "One Vision" hits the speakers and anticipation starts to build up. The crowd knows who's coming out. The music continues to play but nobody emerges from the curtains. The crowd's anticipation rises higher. As the guitar finally enters the song a beautiful display of white pyrotechnics shoot up and down the entrance ramp. It is now when Douglas Gallagher emerges. The crowd reacts with thunderous cheers. Wearing his white hooded robe Gallagher appears, pointing to the sky with two of his finger while looking down at the stage.

DUCKY: ...from Liverpool, England....weighing in at seventeen and a half stones... 245 pounds..."The Liverpool Sensation"...DOUGLAS GAAALLLLLLAAAGGGHHHEEERRR.

Gallagher whips off his hood; his multiple light-brown braids flail over and land toward his back. All smiles, he starts making his way down the entrance ramp to the rhythm of the music. The energy of the entrance just powers the cheers from the crowd. A red cross runs down the length of the back of his flowing white robe, appearing as if he is wearing an English flag to the ring.

WASHINGTON: Here comes Douglas Gallagher, ready to earn himself another shot at the RPW Ironman Title. He failed to capture it in his debut against Jafaar al-Sultan a few weeks back, but the resulting match was one of RPW's best. Tonight's match should be a treat.

Both men shake hands in the middle of the ring before heading to their respective corners. Referee Shen Lee calls for the bell.


Both men slowly start to circle each other. Every step careful measured, the two competitors are looking to gain the first advantage. Omega raises his hand for a knuckle lock as he takes a few tentative steps into the middle of the ring. Gallagher lifts his hand as well, but as they are about to lock "The Liverpool Sensation" charges forward into a clinch. Both men are on the 50-50 position, but it is Gallagher who exploits his forward momentum and pushes his masked South American foe against the ropes. Gallagher leans on him. Shen Lee ineffectively tries to separate the two and then begins to count to five. Gallagher breaks cleanly, stepping back towards the middle of the ring.

WASHINGTON: Both men with similar builds, styles not too contrasting, this should be a good one.

MURPHY: Two powerhouses...and a bit of a story considering the relationship Diego San Martin has with both men.

Once again the action starts in the middle of the ring and this time both men waste little time before engaging in a knuckle lock. Both men play the power game but they are evenly matched. Quickly alternating the advantage, the knuckle lock is a stalemate. We can still appreciate the amount of effort both men are putting towards besting each other. Where power does not suffice, wit and technique takes hold; El Omega 23 decides to spice things up and drops Gallagher to the mat with a release elegant suplex.

WASHINGTON: Nice Northern Lights Variation from the Knuckle Lock by Omega.

Both men rush back to their feet, Gallagher considering that suplex a temporary setback. Omega keeps the upper hand with a clothesline that bumps Gallagher right back to the mat. The Brit rolls out of the ring to take a breather and reevaluate the situation but he's quickly met with a baseball slide that sends him back first into the barricade. The crowd rises to their feet as El Omega starts running towards the ropes. Omega bounces off and is running full speed towards Gallagher. He launches himself between the top and middle ropes, like a torpedo, and connects with a huge suicide tope. Cheers echo all over the arena.


Omega stands tall on the outside as the cameras zoom into his proud expression. Not one to bask in the crowd admiration Omega quickly gets back to the task at hand. Gallagher is not an easy man to drag around but Omega handles him just fine and rolls him back into the ring. Omega follows up and goes for a lateral press pin attempt.



WASHINGTON: Quick two, Omega stacking the pressure early on.

Gallagher follows through with the kickout and tries to immediately get back to his feet, but Omega is onto him and delivers a hard punch to the midsection. Omega goes for the sidewalk slam but Gallagher shows great awareness jumping on it and back flipping. The Scouser gets a rear waistlock and pushes Omega all the way to the ropes. He goes for a roll up, but Omega holds onto the top rope and Gallagher is sent rolling backwards alone. Omega turns around quickly and Gallagher gets to a vertical base just as fast; we are back where we started with both men circling each other. The crowd is hot and split between the two fan favorites.

MURPHY: I seriously don't know how to predict this match, this is a coin toss.

WASHINGTON: With the winner getting an Ironman title shot, I doubt these two want to leave the result to lady luck.

The action continues in the middle of the ring as the two lock-up once again. The Masked South American introduces some strikes to this contest, driving some knees deep into Gallagher's midsection. A swift snapmare and a chin lock put Omega in firm control of the action. Gallagher quickly scoots over to a side of the ring and puts a foot on the bottom rope. Referee Shen Lee leans in and forces Omega to break the hold.

Gallagher rises to his feet, with the aid of the ropes. Omega leans into him on the ropes and gets a hold of an arm. Omega attempts to Irish whip his opponent, but Gallagher hits the breaks and reverses into a fireman carry takedown, followed by a surprising lateral press!


Omega tries to spin out onto his feet but he's caught midway with a front face lock. Omega is able to power to his feet regardless and tries to peel Gallagher hands away to break the hold. The two struggles briefly, but Omega finally creates an opening and spins around with a hammerlock. Before the masked South American powerhouse can settle into the hammerlock his opponent, "The Liverpool Sensation", offers a beautiful technical counter and ends up applying the hammerlock of his own. Omega finds his way out of that hold in a much less technical way as a barrage of back elbows free him from Gallagher's grasp.

WASHINGTON: Gallagher might be looking for a technical masterpiece of a match but Omega certainly doesn't mind turning this into a pier six brawl.

In one swift motion Omega spins around with a clothesline that grounds the Scouser. Gallagher does everything in his power to ensure a quick rise, but regardless of his attempts Omega is right on him, sending him back first into the far corner via a stinging Irish Whip. Omega turns up the speed and rushes the corner for his patented corner splash, but Gallagher lifts a boot that sends the masked South American tumbling backwards. With a quick hop Gallagher finds himself on the second rope. From there he launches himself, cracking a charging El Omega 23 with a double axe handle. Omega goes down.

MURPHY: Gallagher fending off Omega's initial assault, let's see how this develops.

Scrambling to his feet is El Omega 23, but Gallagher swiftly secures a front waistlock clinch. The Brit uses it to push his South American foe into the ropes and Referee Shen Lee has to intervene, starting is count...1...2...3...4...

Gallagher releases, steps back, and slaps the taste out of Omega's mouth. The crowd reacts in unison.


The crowd falls into a loud, mixed reaction as Gallagher backs off a few steps. Omega slowly turns his head towards the Liverpool native.

WASHINGTON: Things are getting testy here; El Omega 23 did not like that one bit!

Both men walk towards each other. They meet in the center of the ring, butting heads. The two lock up in an intense staring contest and the crowd is eating it up. Omega shoves Gallagher, who gives no quarter. The two quickly lean in and a lock up is formed. The South American seizes the early advantage and backs the European into a corner.

MURPHY: Gallagher with his back against the corner, Omega fires a hard right and misses. Gallagher has ducked out of the corner and the positions are reversed.

With Omega now in the corner it is Gallagher who starts unleashing vicious forearm shots. One! Two! Three! Omega seems unfazed by all off this. He shoots a mean look at Gallagher from behind his mask. Gallagher, thinking: ‘What do I have to do to get through this man?', pauses a brief moment. The moment is all Diego San Martin's associate needs. Omega starts lighting up Gallagher's chest with vicious knife-edge chops that take the action out of the corner and back towards the center of the ring.

WASHINGTON: Those are gonna leave some marks.

Omega keeps backing up Gallagher, but by the fourth chop Gallagher has had enough. A huge knee to the gut doubles over Omega. A hard kick behind the knees sends the masked powerhouse knee first to the mat. Then Gallagher runs into the ropes, jumps into them, springboards back into the action, and drives a huge diving European uppercut to the back of Omega's neck. The crowd goes wild for the move!


"The Liverpool Sensation" just stands on his knees, basking in the appreciation of the crowd. A dizzy Omega can barely hold himself up in all fours. Gallagher snaps into reality and stands up, closing the distance between he and his opponent. He holds Omega in position and starts delivering heavy knees to the head. After three strikes he pulls Omega up to his feet.

MURPHY: We expected a match full of technical exchanges but this is plain carnage.

Standing, but doubled over at the midsection, Omega receives a huge knee from Gallagher that sends him all the way into a straight up position and even slightly backwards. Omega manages to balance himself. Still reeling the South American powerhouse starts firing back with hard, desperate chops. One! Two! Three! Omega roars, chest out and his arms bent at his sides. The crowd explodes with his roar. Omega takes a big step forward and connects with a stiff rolling knife-edge chop. The painful expression on Gallagher's face explains the sheer power of the move, but somehow "The Liverpool Sensation" sucks it up and once again grabs Omega by the head so viciously that he manages to bend him at the middle again. Two hard knees and a huge European uppercut finally manage to put Omega down; he crashes hard to the mat with a thud and the crowd is still going strong.

WASHINGTON: I don't know what to say to that.

Gallagher looks to be in control as he analyzes the situation. Omega starts to sit up as Gallagher springs into action. The ropes serve as a speed boost for Gallagher who nearly runs through Omega with a huge knee to the head that puts him flat on mat. Not satisfied, Gallagher goes to bounces off of the ropes again. He returns, and with a huge vertical leap, comes crashing down with a vicious knee strike to the masked face of Omega. Gallagher rolls back to a vertical base as Omega holds his forehead in pain, twitching exaggeratedly on the mat and rolling out of the ring to catch a breather.

MURPHY: What a match we are witnessing here live on Wednesday Night Revival. You won't want to miss its conclusion, stay with us as we go into a commercial break.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++COMMERCIAL-BREAK BACK INTO THE RING++++++++++++++++++++++

As we return live to WNR, a rather weary El Omega 23 is rolling Douglas Gallagher inside of the ring.

MURPHY: Welcome back to WNR and the tables have surely turned during this ironman title eliminator.

WASHINGTON: Take a look at what happened during the break.

A split screen shows Gallagher kicking out of a lazy cover live. It also shows how Omega was barely being held standing by the ring post on the outside. First Gallagher slapped hands with a member of the audience that was wearing one of his T-Shirts, and then he charged at the South American. Omega moved out of the way at the last second and Gallagher crashed hard against the post and then was brutally sent to the floor with a huge release tiger suplex.

Back with a live full screen El Omega 23 is breathing heavily as he pushes Gallagher backwards, hooking his arms on the tope rope, leaving his chest completely exposed for some more knife-edge chops. After a couple of stinging chops, asuccessful Irish Whip sends Gallagher on the run. Omega receives his running opponent with an Inverted Atomic Drop in the middle of the ring. It's now the masked powerhouse's turn to run. He bounces off the far ropes, returning to simply reshape Gallagher's face with a vicious big boot. The crowd pops big and Omega drops down, hooking a leg for a pin attempt.




Gallagher has proven too tough a competitor for Omega to let him regroup even for a second. That's why he uses a front face lock to try and control him, but Gallagher has an undying fighting spirit and he won't be kept down that easily. The Scouser bangs his fist in the mat repeatedly rallying the support of the crowd. A guttural scream from Gallagher announces his return to his feet. Omega switches his grip and tries to send the recovering Gallagher back to the mat with a vertical suplex, but he's only able to lift him halfway through. A second attempt on the suplex is even worse as Omega isn't even able to get Gallagher to move. The crowd explodes when it is Gallagher who delivers the suplex. Both men are

down on the mat and both men look spent. Referee Shen Lee tries to stir them both to their feet. Realizing they may both be out he begins his count. The crowd counts along.






Both men begin to stir and Shen Lee slows his count, allowing for ample opportunity for this match to continue.

MURPHY: What a struggle by Gallagher there, but I'm afraid he might have blown the remains of his gas tank on that suplex.


There's too much pride involved in this match for either man to give up. Both El Omega 23 and Douglas Gallagher will themselves awake.



Both slowly, but surely, make their way into their feet. They meet in the middle of the ring and Omega strikes first with yet another hard knife-edge chop. The sound of the impact reverberates throughout the arena. It is not enough to put down Gallagher who tumbles backward, but stays vertical. Gallagher quickly returns and fires back with a European uppercut. An unfazed Omega immediately unleashes another hard chop just to receive another European uppercut in return. The hits are coming and going and the crowd totally loves the exchange.

WASHINGTON: This is an insane match if I've ever seen one!

These two just won't get bored of hitting each other with everything they've got. El Omega 23 seems to have packed an infinite amount of knife-edge chops as he unleashes yet another one over Gallagher's

bruising, red chest. The Scouser once again is on the verge of going down, but stabilizes and comes back with two stiff forearms to the face of Omega. The masked South American takes them like a boss and ups the ante with three hard chops to the massive pectorals of Gallagher. "The Liverpool Sensation" is on rubber legs, but once again comes strong with a forearm to the face. He chains it with a chop of his own and a European uppercut that sends his masked foe reeling backwards.

MURPHY: Gallagher finally backing up Omega.

Omega doesn't waste this momentum. Instead he hits the ropes and comes back with a huge open handed slap to the chest of Gallagher. This time Gallagher has planted his feet well on the ground and he doesn't lose an inch. Gallagher fires back with a slap of his own to the chest of Omega. The two men plant their feet on the mat and just start swinging. Chop after chop, both men trade in the middle of the ring. Everyone in the Salt Lake City arena is on their feet and cheering for one or the other. Dueling chants of "Let's go Douglas!" and "Vein-Tee-Tres" are the soundtrack to this chopping madness. After a dozen or so chops by each man, neither looks to be slowing down. Six more chops come and go and now Gallagher lands a right hand to the jaw of Omega. The South American fires back with a stiff right hand of his own. These two are on a mission and they look to be willing to trade until one cannot take any more.

WASHINGTON: A great match, but in what condition will either of these men be in when they have to challenge for the title? A victory earns a shot, but at what cost?

Finally Omega blocks Gallagher's right hand with his left and swiftly uses that hand to establish a collar hold. He then fires a right of his own, but Gallagher parries. Gallagher looks like a mirror as he grabs Omega behind the neck with the left hand as well. Both men then start throwing right hands relentlessly while having a half Thai Clinch with the left.

MURPHY: This doesn't look like a wrestling match anymore, this is a bar room brawl!

The referee is so sucked into the action that he doesn't even warn them about the use of close fists. The crowd reaches a fever pitch. Omega finally breaks the monotony of the exchanges with a hard forearm strike to the face of his foe. Gallagher is sent tumbling all the way into the ropes but there's no wasted motion as he bounces back...spins...DISCUS LARIAT! THE CRIMSON TORNADO!!!


The impact is high! The thud of the blow is loud! The sound of Omega crashing back first into the canvas loud! Gallagher collapses into the mat chest first. His foe is down and out but he's just too tired to capitalize. The crowd is going crazy, anticipating the finish of the match. Gallagher reaches into the deep-most corner of his soul for that ounce of strength that will allow him to finish this grueling bout. Pulling all of his weight on his massive arms Gallagher slowly crawls his way over to the fallen Omega and throws his arm over him.






And the crowd explodes once again; this match somehow is still going on.

WASHINGTON: You gotta be kidding me...I'm at a loss for words here!

The expression of complete and utter disbelief in Gallagher's face is truly disheartening. He's given El Omega 23 everything he's got and he still hasn't been able to put him out for good. Gallagher is on his knees and resting his head on his hands. He looks mentally beaten as the camera catches him breathing hard. Meanwhile, Omega is recovering his energy on the mat and this task is not hard at all with nobody to put pressure on him. El Omega 23 starts to rise to his knees and this is Gallagher's cue to snap back into the match. A newfound determination shows on his face as both men make it to their feet. Gallagher reaches for Omega, securing n sleeper hold.

MURPHY: Sleeper hold...set in; can Gallagher force Omega into an early nap?

That seems to be the plan for Gallagher, but El Omega isn't going to go down that easy. He constantly moves around trying to free himself and trying to reach the ropes. Referee Shen Lee watches closely as Omega's fingertips near the top rope. Gallagher yanks hard, pulling the move back to the center of the ring. Gallagher shifts from Omega's back to his side preventing his foe from getting to close to any set of ropes again. Omega continues to struggle, reaching at air. After many failed attempts at reaching for a rope Omega grabs at Shen Lee's shirt, but the alert referee steps back while simultaneously leaning in. Omega is slowly fading away. Omega, in a last gasp feints going to one side and shifts to the other. The masked powerhouse would've made his way to the ropes had Gallagher not used this momentum to transition into a full nelson. The Brit pauses to cinch his fingers together and then uses all of his might to

drop Omega head first on the mat with a thunderous release Dragon Suplex. Omega's head neck and shoulders bounce hard off mat and the impact causes his limp body to complete a full roll. The South American is once again staring at the lights.

WASHINGTON: What a suplex!

Gallagher is on his knees and he smashes both the palms of his hands on the mat. The crowd makes some noise as a completely winded Gallagher gets up and tumbles to a corner. He's barely able to stand and looks as if the only thing keeping him upright is the turnbuckle and the ropes he's grasping. Still Gallagher finds it in himself to start a climb on to the second rope. The crowd is expectant, feverish in their anticipation. Gallagher raises both arms, fingers pointing to the sky; he lowers the left arm as he closes his right fist and shakes it over his head to massive cheers. All of this is a prelude to him finally leaping off the rope towards Omega. He appears to be in the air for an eternity, but he finally lands with a solid falling fist on the face of his resilient opponent.

MURPHY: The Flight of the Liver Bird!

With a deep, deep breath, Douglas Gallagher drags himself on top of el Omega and hooks the leg.



WASHINGTON: This is it!!



Gallagher looks as if his soul was stolen from him. What does a man have to do to defeat El Omega 23? Exhaustion and despair give way to anger on Gallagher's face as his South American foe once again tries to slowly rise to his feet. If El Omega 23 wants to get to his feet, he's going to get on them all right. Gallagher works his way up to his feet and just drags Omega to the center of the ring by the mask and simply starts unleashing fierce forearms to his face in sync with his hard breaths.

WASHINGTON: Gallagher showing some of a mean streak here.

After six blows Gallagher backs away from a groggy and barely standing El Omega. He bounces himself off of the ropes, building momentum as he rebounds, and runs straight at Omega. He once again spins, and the crowd rises! DISCUS LARIAT! THE CRIMSON TORNADO!!!!

WASHINGTON: Here we go again!

Omega somehow manages to duck under it, hook Gallagher's arms, lift...and dump him with a huge bridging Tiger Suplex pin. The crowd shudders at the impact as Referee Shen Lee drops to the mat for the count!




The crowd explodes again. Fans are high fiving each other and jumping up and down. They are no longer cheering for their favorite, instead cheering for the will that both men are showing tonight. Even the referee seems pleased, and exhausted.

MURPHY: This is almost too much!

WASHINGTON: Listen to this reaction Murphy!

Although Gallagher managed to kick out in time, Omega refuses to let go of his double chickenwing hold and uses it to lift Gallagher back to his feet. Omega's movements are noticeably slower but they are still enough to handle Gallagher who's just as tired.

MURPHY: Omega usually goes for three Tigers but does he have the gas in the tank to pull them off?

We are about to find out. Omega struggles to lift his opponent. It takes three tries before the masked South American is able to deliver a second picture perfect tiger suplex to Gallagher. From there things

turn out a bit easier for Omega as he performs a sloppy roll through and forces Gallagher up for a third suplex. Still holding onto Gallagher's arms, Omega rolls over him and takes the back mount; from there he hooks a crossface chicken wing and flips over into a bridge. We have a submission attempt!

WASHINGTON: Bridging Crossface Chickenwing, that's what Omega used to tap out Landon Jackson at End of the World!

The wear and tear in both competitors is reaching massive proportions. Their bodies are bruised and battered, their wills pushed to the limit. At this point one would expect an average man to tap and end the suffering, but Douglas Gallagher isn't an average man and despite being put through hell during this grueling contest he's still looking to emerge victorious and reaching the ropes is his utmost priority. The crowd, already on their feet, awaits a tap out.

But Gallagher starts to turn his body around...

He starts reaching with his legs...

With his free arm he tries to push off, gaining a few inches...

Gallagher tries to put his foot on the bottom rope...

He reaches....


His foot barely touches the rope. Shen Lee forces Omega to break the hold.

MURPHY: The Match Continues!

Both men are exhausted on the ground after the hold is broken. Neither of them is getting up and the referee is forced to start a ten count. The crowd counts along again.





The sound of the crowd chanting numbers and they possibility of losing is enough to get these two brave competitors to stir. They both struggle to regain their standing position.




WASHINGTON: I don't know how they are doing this!

MURPHY: Their drive to be the best will allow them to do things most wouldn't be able to.


Omega is the first back to his feet. Gallagher, following closely behind is just about to regain his footing when Omega drags him the rest of the way up by the head. Spent, Omega pauses briefly, allowing Gallagher to explode up and slap the taste out of his mouth! The crowd can take no more.


Omega might have been woken up by that smack and fires back with a hard clothesline. Gallagher ducks under, spins, and answers with a stiff jab to the face followed by a knife edge chop. A forearm strike to the face of Omega and another chop to his chest cause the South American to start backing up. Another stiff jab, chop to the chest combo continue to drive Omega into the corner. A stiff forearm finally presses the masked Powerhouse against the corner. Both juggernauts are breathing heavy but Gallagher still has his desire burning and that's just enough to keep him on the offensive. Three hard chops now echo all over the arena. Gallagher then pulls Omega out of the corner and sends him right back in with a European uppercut. Omega's back collides with the corner and he just simply cannot hold himself up any longer, the masked combatant falls to his knees, breathing heavily.

WASHINGTON: That might have finally done it Murph.

Gallagher can finally smell victory; all of his efforts will finally come to fruition. Gallagher uses his knees to trap the kneeling Omega's head and then secures a waist lock. Gallagher is setting up a powerbomb! But Omega resists the lift. Once! Twice! Three times Gallagher fails to bring the massive frame of Omega up onto his shoulders. Gallagher switches tactics and starts viciously kneeing Omega in the side of the head instead. A trio of knees weakens the South American and now Gallagher goes back to the Powerbomb. Time slows as Gallagher spins Omega skyward, pauses at the top and then drives him into the corner turnbuckles with a stunning Powerbomb. The crowd goes bonkers for it! Gallagher with the cover...




WAIT! Omega has his foot on the bottom rope!!!

MURPHY: My old heart is gonna give out if this continues.

The bell doesn't ring. A bewildered Gallagher turns his attention to referee Shen Lee, demanding answers. Lee can only point at El Omega, shrug and shake his head. When Gallagher turns to realize what has just happened, his face falls apart. He points at the Lee, who has all the rights to feel threatened by it. Gallagher stands up and gets in Lee's face, the referee can only retreat into the corner.

WASHINGTON: Gallagher has to calm down now. He doesn't want to throw away everything he's fought so hard for with a DQ here.

The camera closes into Gallagher's angry face as he repeatedly yells one word at the referee...




Gallagher has always been an honest competitor and he'd never put a hand on a referee, but his frustrations are reaching an epic level. Gallagher passes his hands through his sweaty braided hair; he looks to the sky and lets a deep breath go.

MURPHY: "The Liverpool Sensation" is losing valuable time here; he needs to go after El Omega.

That much is true as El Omega is crawling towards the middle of the ring. Gallagher finally turns his attention back to the match and helps Omega to his feet, likely to put him down one final time. Gallagher sends his foe to the ropes; he catches him on the rebound and sends him all the way up to a military press.

But it's not a wise choice so deep into this match. Gallagher's strength faults him and Omega squirms out of his hold and lands safely behind. Almost immediately Omega grabs hold of an inverted facelock and uses it to pull Gallagher into an inverted suplex. "The Liverpool Sensation" lands hard - gut first - in the ropes, where he's left hanging.

WASHINGTON: Unbelievable! How are these two still pulling this off?

MURPHY: We've seen this from El Omega, we know what comes next, I don't want to be Gallagher right now.

And El Omega doesn't keep the people waiting. He explodes up and limps his way to the ropes. He bounces off of them gaining some speed. He rushes back towards Gallagher, going for his patented jumping knee strike to the side of the head. But he doesn't have enough gas on the tank to jump for it. Instead he settles for a knee lift to the nose that sends Gallagher crashing to the outside of the ring. Omega keeps on tumbling forward and falls into the ropes from where he holds tight to prevent himself from collapsing.

WASHINGTON: He couldn't even jump, that's how banged up this guy is. Look at him, he's barely able to stand yet he still has the drive to try and win this match.

MURPHY: He just might win it via Countout; I don't see Gallagher getting in any time soon.

Referee Shen Lee checks on Omega and then turns his attention to Gallagher, who is not moving. Once again the crowd counts along with the referee.




Omega is having a hard time standing, but manages to pull himself to his feet with the aid of the top rope.



WASHINGTON: You might just be right here Murph.


Gallagher starts crawling towards the apron.



He pulls himself up.

MURPHY: Will he make it back inside in time?


The crowd gasps and as they exhale a count of ten Gallagher slides under the bottom rope, breaking the count.

WASHINGTON: Sheer will Murphy; this is truly amazing!

Gallagher rises to his knees and shoots a glance at El Omega 23. Both men stare each other down from opposite corners. Tension elevates in the arena and both men nod at each other. It's as if they had engaged in some sort of gentleman's agreement; it's time to end this once and for all, may the best man win.

Both men start charging against each other and the crowd is on fire. They men meet at full speed in the middle of the ring and collide with monstrous opposed lariats. Time is frozen, as both men stand tall in front of each other for a microsecond. A faint smile creeps across Gallagher's face just before he collapsed lifeless to the mat. El Omega 23 crumbles as well but his mask lets him show no emotion in doing so. What happens next is just a wild stroke of luck. As both warriors collapse one just happens to fall right on top of the other. The referee detects this and drops down for a pin count.






EL OMEGA 23!!!

WASHINGTON: Unbelievable match, unbelievable ending...

MURPHY: I couldn't agree more; my hat is off two both of these warriors.

WASHINGTON: El Omega 23 has earned a shot at Brandenburg's Ironman championship.

Shen Lee tries to inform the fallen Omega of his victory, raisin his arm too. This proves futile as the bulky masked South American is nonresponsive. "The Liverpool Sensation" is also out cold. Lee insists, pulling at El Omega 23's arm, but all of his efforts are useless. The tone in the arena gets serious as Lee makes the dreaded X symbol to the back, signaling an injury.

WASHINGTON: I don't like the looks of this...

The passing seconds seem eternal. A half a minute, which seemed like hours, passes. Finally, a crew of EMTs comes out, stretchers ready, and they storm the ring and start tending to the fallen warriors. Both men are loaded to the stretchers, albeit not without a great deal of effort from the EMT team, and they are carried out to the back to a standing ovation that neither of them can hear.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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