E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival for April 25, 2012


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WNR Review: 04/25/12

*Spoilers ahead*

Another Wednesday Night Revival is in the books and it was another great showcase of RPW talent. San Antonio, Texas was hot throughout most of the night, witnessing another series of brutal matches whose outcomes had meaningful title implications.

The night started off with a bang as eight RPW superstars crashed and bashed in an intense Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the RPW Iron Man Championship, which is currently around the waist of the nearly unbeatable Jafaar al-Sultan. Newly acquired color commentator Benjamin Washington was barely in his seat when the action kicked off.

Kurt Cobain, Sirius Danger, John 'The Brand' Brandenburg, Aron Scythe, Malcom 'The, Escape Artist' Valenzuela, Sketchy Dan, Landon Jackson, and Damien Wolfe all had near moments of glory, but it was Scyth, Wolfe, and Brandenburg that stole the show. After Sirius Danger and Kurt Cobain eliminated each other (both of whose fantastic showing should not go unmentioned) Damien Wolfe went on a tear.

Wolfe, who lost his No Limits championship last week, certainly had something to prove this week. And prove it he did, eliminating Malcom Valenzuela, delivering German suplexes to what seemed like the entire roster, and nearly taking the whole thing. Unfortunately for him while he tried to eliminate Brandenburg Aron Scythe caught him from behind and dumped him over the top ropes.

The final two competitors, Brandenburg and Scythe, tore into each other and amassed several near eliminations. But in the end it was Brandenburg, with a modified ‘Signature Brand’, that took home the match. His victory guarantees he gets a title shot against Jafaar al-Sultan.

Jafaar al-Sultan and Dominic Golden came out to taunt the newly minted number one contender. They also chose to take the time to get al-Sultan’s mandatory title defense out of the way but it wasn't against "BRAND", to everyone's surprise (and dislike) Gary Grapplin came out. al-Sultan used the camel clutch to eradicate and embarrass his lesser, unqualified, amateur opponent. I’m sure Golden and al-Sultan were proud of themselves but next week they will have to deal with Brandenburg.

After talking about their match with their representation, Sir Charles Strickland, Len’ard Knox and Douglas Gallagher beat up on The Art of WARC.R.A.F.T in tag action. The Brits, who unlike their other European counterparts, received a warm reaction from the audience and looked completely dominant throughout their contest.

In mixed singles action ‘Sunshine’ Leanna Morningside and ‘Ravishing’ Ronnie Reynolds squared off. It was a lopsided affair that saw Reynolds end it with a full-nelson driver. Following a nice video package we got to see a different side of the affable Kirk Cobain as he demanded a match, for next week, against Sirius Danger.

“The Alpha Brain” Diego San Martin accompanied El Omega 23 for his non title contest against Mr. Nice Guy. The two were ready to lock horns, but before the match got going it was none other than Damien Wolfe that made the impact. After weaving his way through the crowd Wolfe blitzed San Martin with a chair shot and then laid into El Omega three as well. I guess speculation of a rift between the British Empire was premature.

It appeared that the Southern Americans were headed for some pain, but the attack was thwarted by the debut arrival of the Amazon invasion. We have seen snippets of promos from this duo on the Dirt Sheet the last few weeks, and it looks like they picked a good time to make their first appearance. It looks like RPW may be headed for an international war as an irate San Martin and El Omega were granted a No Limits match against Mr. Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe for next week.

The main event of the evening was a return match of sorts as Hakai Dragon and Ian Jones squared off for the RPW Heavyweight Title. Dragon was looking to become the first multiple title winner in RPW history, but he’d have to go through Ian Jones and the British Empire to do so.

The trio emerged together and after a passionate, if not misguided rant by Damien Wolfe, the match was about ready to begin. I say about because after working the crowd into foamy lather Wolfe proceeded to show a video, one in which he showed himself urinating on The Alamo, a renowned Texas landmark. The already hot crowd nearly rioted, resulting in a half dozen arrests, including that of Damien Wolfe. Once Wolfe was removed from ringside the crowd settled back into their seats and the match was under way.

The combatants were enclosed in the ‘Prison Cell’; a five sided steel structure that keeps the riffraff out as much as locking the wrestlers in. The match was punishing and fast paced. Hakai Dragon fought valiantly, but in the end it was Jones retaining his title via the Punisher.

Things are heating up as we get ready for our next PPV. Tun in next week for the RPW Dirt Sheet, and the following week for what is shaping up to be a great Wednesday Night Revival card. Till then, let the revival continue!

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