TNA Impact spoilers for May 10, 2012: What stipulation will Sacrifice's World Heavyweight title match have?

We're less than two weeks away from TNA's Sacrifice pay-per-view (PPV) so of course, all the episodes of Impact leading up to the show have been taped. The main event has been set, of course, and there appears to be a Knockouts title match but beyond that, not much is known about the card. That doesn't exactly whet one's appetite, does it?

And on top of that, it's on Mother's Day! Talk about Dixie Carter really not wanting you to see the show.

Buy your mama some flowers, take her out to P.F. Changs and then join us for some rasslin' anyway! To find out what leads into the PPV, read on.

Full spoilers -- courtesy of TNAsylum -- after the jump.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode starts off the show bragging about how he is the longest reigning champ. That brings out Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy who all look to get a piece of Roode. Anderson and Hardy also manage to sneak in some shots at each other. Hulk Hogan comes out and announces the four of them will face off and if either Anderson or Hardy win, they take RVD's place at Sacrifice. If Roode wins, he gets to pick which of the three he faces and if RVD wins, he keeps his spot and also gets to pick the stipulation.

Brooke Tessmacher defeats Velvet Sky but suffers a post-match beatdown from Gail Kim.

Matt Morgan versus Crimson doesn't get started as Bully Ray attacks Morgan on his way to the ring. "The Blueprint" is stretchered out but Crimson forces the referee to count him out anyway.

Austin Aries beats Zema Ion. This... this is what remains of the X Division. Sigh.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out and called out AJ Styles to admit his secret. He makes his way out but says the two are bluffing. The rulebreakers then reveal some pictures of Styles and TNA President Dixie Carter. Don't blame the guy, what a foxy cougar she is. Dumb as a pile of rocks, though

Devon retains his TV title against Robbie E but gets beaten down by Robbie T afterwards.

Joseph Park is looking for his brother -- Abyss -- but only ends up finding Bully Ray's fist in his face.

Rob Van Dam wins the four-way match and pulled out a ladder which would indicate the title bout is now a ladder match. Okay, that should be pretty good.

As RVD posed on the ladder, flames shot out and Kane Abyss came out and talked trash about his little brother or something. Huh?

Aside from the nonsensical ending, it looks to be a decent go home for Sacrifice. TNA really needs to get in the habit of solidifying their PPV cards in advance, though.

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