WWE Smackdown spoilers for May 4, 2012, featuring Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Photo via WWE.com

We've only got a little over two weeks until Over the Limit and while Raw is plugging along nicely, booking their top stars into matches, Smackdown seems to be lagging behind.

Sure, Alberto Del Rio already has a title shot he can cash in so after Sheamus retained his World Heavyweight title against Daniel Bryan, it was assumed the Mexican and the Irishman would begin their program.

But what of newly crowned United States Champion Cody Rhodes? What about Randy Orton?

Are they going to continue their respective feuds with The Big Show and Kane? Another match with Rhodes and Show would make sense but Orton seemed to definitively his rivalry with "The Big Red Machine" this past Sunday.

Unfortunately, if you're expecting answers to those questions, the Smackdown taping won't help.

Find out what happens on Friday -- courtesy of ProWrestling.net -- after the jump.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus comes out and cuts a promo which brings Daniel Bryan out. They jaw back and forth and a match begins!

Sheamus and Bryan go to a No Contest after Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez interfered. All three rulebreakers got their licks in before referees stopped the beatdown.

New tag champs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retained against Hunico and Camacho. Former champs Primo and Epico came to ringside to check out the match.

Brodus Clay defeats Jack Swagger by DQ after Dolph Ziggler interfered.

Damien Sandow walks to the ring to Leonard Cohen's Handel's "Hallelujah" for a match with Derrick Bateman. Awesome. Sandow said he wasn't going to "indulge" the fans with a match and left. Bateman still wanted to wrestle so Ryback came out and destroyed him.

Randy Orton and The Big Show defeat United States Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Kane

There was a backstage segment with Sheamus nursing a bum shoulder but said he came to fight.

WWE Divas Champion Layla defeats Natalya in a 16 minute mat classic.

Backstage, there was a photo shoot for Antonio Cesaro which Eve was overseeing. Eve complained Cesaro looked to dry and eventually ended up making Teddy Long oil him up.

The lovely AJ and Kaitlyn have a heart to heart with the little sparkplug smacking Kaitlyn across the face.

And in the maaaain event, Sheamus retains against Bryan. Del Rio, who was doing guest commentary, tried to get Rodriguez to distract Sheamus while Bryan climbed the top rope but "The American Dragon" leapt right into a Brogue Kick.

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