Three-Hour RAW Fears and Doubts

With the announcement of Monday Night RAW extending to three hours today, many people are already worried with how WWE will distribute their material with an extra hour, including myself. I thought of 7 different ways how the new RAW this July could possibly change the foundation of the show for the worse. Because believe me, we can't count on them to be productive with another hour on RAW.

Smackdown to Get Relegated.

Now that RAW will soon be a three-hour show, that leaves Smackdown a show with one hour less time. What will because of Smackdown considering that it's already a pre-taped show to begin with, and they don't book any big names on that show anymore? Everybody is gonna want to be on RAW now. Smackdown will feel like a 2-hour Superstars with all the matches crammed in one taping.

More Time will go to Main Eventers.

In an unwise decision, WWE would likely permanently move all the main eventers to RAW. Cena, Orton, Punk, Sheamus, Bryan, Alby, etc. and guys that WWE wants much focus on. Smackdown will be the B show and whatever they can't fit on RAW will then get booked for Smackdown. The thoughts on having some great, long tag team matches, they may not even make RAW at all. If somebody like Tyson Kidd were to make RAW, someone like Del Rio would make short work of them.

Recap Central.

I couldn't describe how irritated I was at all the times RAW played that utterly ridiculous "Laurinaitis bumping Show" segment! We saw it three times, then it was included in a vignette, then later we saw the director's cut, deleted scenes, and a Sparta remix. Just imagine if that would have been from a three-hour RAW. They'll likely recap many more storylines at once and worse the storyline is, the more it will get shoved down our throats.

Divas Still to Get Brief Matches; Internet Fans Continue to Bawl.

Yeah. Don't count on it, oh loyal fans and marks. Maybe they'll book a longer match for a week or two because they'll have extra time, but then they'll decide to make them shorter again after viewership sinks and crowds still remain quiet. In response to this, fans that fail to understand the booking decision will cry twice as hard, twice as long.

More "Entertainment".

There would likely be a limit to how much wrestling they'll allow on RAW. As expressed just a while ago, many people said they can't handle three hours of wrestling. What will they show instead of wrestling? More promos, maybe, or more garbage? What if they booked more guests hosts and they take their time to promote a book or a movie? Or what if RAW had a "halftime show" and they hired some performer(s) to do something other than wrestle in the ring? Terrible, right?

Showing YouTube Footage.

When WWE showed us an entire episode of Santino's Foreign Exchange on RAW, I did not like it one bit. When they have some time to spare, they'll use it to advertise one of their brands instead of adding another match we're curious to see or extend a match already booked. It's a live show, so show us some live shit. We'll watch the YouTube shows at another time.

Limited Fan Interaction.

They'll promise that the WWE Universe "will have more ways to get involved", but how much of that statement is legit? I can't guarantee WWE will just book exactly what people tell them to via Twitter. Just like they've done in the past, WWE would likely provide fans with one crazy option out of three in their favor. Who would seriously pass up seeing Sheamus vs the Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match over a Trivia Challenge and a game of Double Dutch?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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