The Tag Team Championship

The current WWE tag champs are _____________? How you answer that question says a lot about you. Did you go for the team, or did you use a verb to describe that team? Either way, just like the tag team championship, it doesn’t matter.

The belts is held by two former US/Intercontinental Champs, and it doesn’t matter. How can the WWE make them matter? Vince’s forbidden word, planning.

Let me set the scene for you, TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, September 16th, 2012, it’s the Night of Champions pay per view. NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS, the name says it all. Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler just beat Kane and Brodus Clay for the vacant tag team titles. This is after earlier in the evening both teams already won hard fought semi-finals matches that put over who they beat as much as the winners. It wasn’t about this team won, it was about establishing legitimacy for a title and a division.

All it takes is one month. One month of sticking to the plans. One month of furthering existing feuds, creating new feuds, creating new stars, and showing the audience what you got in the pipe down in FCW.

August 20th, night after Summer Slam, the Raw Authority figure comes out and announces he is stripping the tag belts from the champions Primo and Epico after their dirty ways got them their titles the previous night. But he’s a good guy, so he’ll give them a chance to w in it back… in a SIXTEEN TEAM TAG TOURNAMENT. (Bet you just read that in Teddy Long’s voice, holla holla playa, we can call it the Teddy Long Invitational.)

16 teams may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. Starting the next Monday, Raw and Smackdown have two first round matches a week for two weeks, and then two quarter final matches a show for the next week, leading up to the semi-finals and finals at Night of Champions.

The time slots are there to be given to the tournament, but who should be in it? Let’s break it down to 8 actual tag teams, 5 from WWE roster, and 3 from FCW to give the fans a glimpse, and then 8 strange bed fellow teams.

The Smackdown after the announcement, the strange bed fellow teams are put together via the Wheel of Destiny where 8 superstars spin the wheel to select their teammate for the upcoming tournament. There are 3 points to these teams, further an existing feud such as Santino and Swagger with an early exit, create a new feud like Brodus and Kane with a blow up after a loss, or simply create a new team to add credibility to the division like Rhodes and Ziggler who might be champs for 4 months before moving on to better things after the Royal Rumble.

This isn’t about who gets tagged with who though, the names used are all just examples, it’s about the WWE actually giving the time and patience to this thing and letting it play out. It will further their mid card single feuds, create some new ones, show off the next team they want to call up from FCW with an improbable semi-finals run over an early favorite, and add that ever elusive credibility to the titles.

It's not really as hard as WWE makes it seem. If they just give it a month....

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