WWE Smackdown spoilers for May 18, 2012, featuring World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs Randy Orton

This Monday's Raw was a big waste of time but maybe Smackdown might lead us into Sunday's (May 20) Over the Limit show on the right foot?

They already announced Sheamus taking on Randy Orton so that's a good sign. Plus Damien Sandow makes another appearance which is also a plus.

What else can you expect?

CM Punk opens his big mouth to John Laurinaitis and has to take on Kane as a result. The tag team champs see action as do Santino and Cody Rhodes, who end up taking on each other.

Aside from Layla, every single champion appears in action on Friday's (May 18) installment of Smackdown.
Normally, I wouldn't care if we didn't see the Divas champ but good gravy, is Layla easy on the eyes.

Full spoilers -- courtesy of ProWrestling.net -- after the jump.

WWE Champion CM Punk kicks off the show by talking about how glad he is John Laurinaitis will be gone after he loses to John Cena at Over the Limit. He wants to be the first to wish the General Manager the best in his future endeavors. Laurinaitis responds by booking the champ against Kane later on in the show.

Tag team champs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeat Titus O'Neil and Darren Young.

Backstage, Zack Ryder is in the middle of filming his YouTube show no one cares about anymore when Damien Sandow walks past. Sandow makes his way to the ring and says Yoshi Tatsu isn't worthy of facing him. Tatsu calls his opponent a chicken so Sandow nails him with a chickenwing neckbreaker.

Sheamus and Randy Orton cut a promo on each other, hyping up the four-way World Heavyweight Championship match on Sunday.

Daniel Bryan squashes Ryder.

Kane defeats Punk by disqualification. Bryan was providing commentary and went to hit his Over the Limit opponent with a chair but instead hit Kane. He absconded up the ramp and Kane, thinking Punk had hit him, began laying into him.

Santino defeats Cody Rhodes. Hmmm, maybe they are going to unify the titles?

And in the maaaaain event, Sheamus beats Orton after countering an RKO with a schoolboy roll-up. They shook hands after the match but "Apex Predator" gonna "Apex Predator" and the champ eats an RKO anyway.

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