Warrior reveals his true feelings: "I respect Vince [McMahon] more than anybody else."


Everyone's favorite face-painting Republican, Warrior, was recently a guest on the MLW Radio Network and never being at a loss for words, the interview ended up being two separate hour long segments.

One topic of conversation was the lawsuit which started in 1996 between Warrior and WWE concerning who really owned the trademark, character mannerisms, etc. behind the former WWE Champion.

According to Warrior, the legal battle lasted nearly half a decade and included thousands upon thousands of court documents as well as several dozen depositions. Over the course of the lawsuits, Warrior claimed to have sunk a million dollars in legal fees.

That's a nice chunk of change.

Even to someone who experienced a massive amount of success in the wrestling business, a million bucks is a lot of money. But someone like Vince McMahon, at one point a certified billionaire, could probably find that much between his couch cushions. This is something Warrior attributed to his success in the lawsuit.

"...Vince has the money to throw at them all day long. He doesn't really sit and think about the consequence. It was different for me because I was so close to it..."

Warrior went on to say Linda McMahon and others testified the problems between her husband and his former employer stemmed from the fact they were so similar in personality.

These similarities might, in part, explain what Warrior went on to say about his former boss:

"At the end of the day, after all the fighting and everything, I respect Vince more than anybody else. The writing is on the wall while you're there. All the guys that are bitter about where they ended up in their lives, that wasn't Vince's responsibility. Vince's loyalty was to his company, himself and his family. He wasn't going to let anybody stand in the way and even though outsiders can see some of the things he did as vicious, I happen to admire that."

Respect? Admiration? This couldn't possibly be Warrior talking about McMahon, could it?

Stranger things have happened and one can never say never in this business.

Warrior for 2013 Hall of Fame?

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