TNA Sacrifice results and live match coverage TONIGHT (May 13) from Orlando


TNA Sacrifice is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., May 13, 2012) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Sacrifice below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode taking on Rob Van Dam in a ladder match, Kurt Angle going one on one with AJ Styles and Bully Ray colliding with "The Greatest Man To Ever Live" Austin Aries. Those three matches alone make this a show worth not missing. Then again, most TNA PPVs, unlike episodes of Impact, are actually pretty good.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


World Heavyweight title ladder match: Bobby Roode (c) def. Rob Van Dam
Kurt Angle def. A.J. Styles
World Tag Team title match: Daniels and Kazarian def. Samoa Joe and Magnus
Mr. Anderson def. Jeff Hardy
Austin Aries def. Bully Ray

Knockouts title match: Gail Kim (c) def. Brooke Tessmacher
TV title handicap match: Devon (c) def. Robbie E and Robbie T

Sergio here, Cagesiders. See you tonight.


I'll explain everything on the post-Sacrifice edition of Cageside Live~!

I pop in just in time to see the team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian becoming new tag champs after beating Magnus and Samoa Joe.

Winners and NEW champions: Daniels and Kazarian

Taz and Mike Tenay talk up the main event. The ladies are up next.

Knockouts title match: Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Um, Tessmacher is pretty damn foxy. What a donk.

Kim shoves the challenger down to start and begins working her over. Tessmacher off the ropes and reverses an arm drag into a monkey flip. Headscissors from the challenger and Kim ducks out of the ring. The champ makes her way back to apron and is brought in by the hair. Pull that weave, grrrrrl!

Slowly executed springboard off the turnbuckle into a clothesline by Tessmacher. Still nice to see a newbie trying new things, though. Kim turns the tables on her opponent and once again takes control, however.

Nice splash by Kim in the corner and follows it up with a gnarly backbreaker. Tessmacher knees her way out of it but eats a clothesline.

The challenger whipped against the ropes, ducks a clothesline and comes back with a cross body. Both Knockouts on their feet now and Tessmacher is on fire! Forearms! Clothesline! Kim whipped into the corner and the challenger follows her in, hopping on the second rope and hitting a facebuster. Elbow drop from the top rope gets a two count.

They go back and forth and Kim tries to nail Eat Defeat but Tessmacher counters and hits it herself! Kim spills to the outside and the challenger is forced to roll her back in. She only gets a two count. She walks over to Kim and gets quickly rolled up and the champion uses the top rope for leverage! Three count!

Winner and STILL champion: Gail Kim via pinfall

Backstage interview with the new tag champs. They talk trash on AJ Styles for swapping spit with Dixie Carter. Kazarian has a cute line about "whistlin' Dixie."

2 on 1 handicap Three-way dance (?) TV title match: Devon (c) vs. Robbie E and Robbie T

Digging the cardigans.

Wait, Tenay says it's a three way dance. Hmm.

Devon in control early and he clotheslines Robbie T to the outside. Robbie E begs off but gets punched into the corner.

Robbie T tries to get back in but Devon knocks him off the apron. Robbie E is slammed down but the champ only gets a two count. He pounds on Robbie E some more, bounces off the ropes but is held up by Robbie T. Devon is dragged to the outside and eats a clothesline.

Robbie T rolls Devon back in and the two get to work on the champ. Sidewalk slam from Robbie T is followed up with a top rope forearm by his smaller partner. Devon kicks out at two however. Double irish whip but Devon comes off the ropes with a kick to Robbie E. He ducks a clothesline from Robbie T and nails the big guy with a spear.

Devon is cleaning house right now but turns his back on Robbie T and gets clubbed in the back. Robbie T hits a huge powerslam and just about gets the three count but Robbie E breaks up the count.

Uh oh, Trouble in Newark!

It looks like Robbie T is upset about being second fiddle. They back into a corner and Devon smacks them from behind and rolls up the big guy for the pin.

Winner and STILL champion: Devon

Robbie T looks pissed. Robbie E jumps into his arms. Bro grabs! And Robbie T forgives him! They're still buddies hooray!

Video package for the Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Did they pack an entirely different crowd inside the Impact Zone tonight? They are loving the shit out of EVERYTHING tonight.

They lock up. They're working over each other's arm until Anderson gets dumped to the outside. A dropkick through the ropes knocks Anderson against the guard rail and then his skull is slammed against the steel steps.

Hardy backs up, looking to springboard off the steps and into his opponent but Anderson moves out of the way. Hardy catches himself and nails Anderson with a clothesline. Back inside the ring, Anderson takes controls momentarily but Hardy prevents the shift in momentum.

Anderson in the corner and Hardy tries to boot him in the gut but Anderson counters. Clotheslines by the former Mr. Kennedy and he begins to work "The Charismatic Enigma" over by working over his arm.

I'm unsure what the point of working Hardy's arm is. I mean, most of his most effective offense is off the top rope, right? So wouldn't taking out of his legs work better for Anderson?

Regardless, he continues to to do until the crowd helps Hardy fight back. He hits a variation of Anderson's finisher but is still reeling. Anderson gets to his feet first and takes control. Irish whip reversal by Hardy but Anderson gives him a boot. Hardy fights back and ends up hitting Anderson with a flying clothesline off the ropes.

Hardy charges Anderson in the corner but eats an elbow. Anderson does the same and gets the same result. Hardy misses off the top rope and Anderson hits a Twist of Fate on his opponent for a two count! Anderson gets to the top rope and goes for a Swanton but Hardy gets his knees up.

Hardy climbs up to the top and hits his own but Anderson manages to kick out at two.

Both men on their knees, exchanging punches. Hardy hits a Manhattan drop and goes for his his split-legged leg drop thing but Anderson blocks it and quickly rolls Hardy up, getting the three by a hair!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall

That was a photo finish. Replay looks to show Hardy kicking out before the three count. They shake hands, no shenanigans.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Austin Aries. "A Double" cuts a great promo on Bully Ray.

Footage from last Thursday when Abyss returned. Everyone looks scared. I'm still wondering why Abyss is still a thing.

His little brother, Joseph Park, is being interviewed by Jeremy Borash.

I prefer Abyss as Joseph Park to be honest.

Crimson is out. He's pretty much issuing an open challenge, I guess?

The crowd is chanting "We want Steiner." Awesome.

Eric Young and ODB come out. ODB says she's beaten bigger broads than Crimson. Young jumps in instead and locks up with the referee, ha!

Crimson vs. Eric Young

Young whipped into the corner and he does a headstand on the top turnbuckle. Headscissors takedown from the Knockouts Tag Team champ is followed up by a dropkick and then a clothesline over the top rope. Crimson back inside and he literally tosses Young outside the ring.

ODB makes her presence known but the referee steps in between her and Crimson. Back inside the ring and Young kicks out at a two count. Young slammed down again and once again, kicks out at two.

Crimson tossing Young around until ODB shows up and shoves Crimson. The undefeated star shoves her back and into the turnbuckle which causes Young to go nuts. He strips down to his Speedo and nearly lays Crimson out with a bevy of moves ending in a top rope elbow drop.

Young looks after his blushing bride but Crimson attacks him from behind, knocking ODB to the outside. Red Sky finishes Young off.

Winner: Crimson via pinfall

Borash backstage with Bully Ray. "I don't do Twittah!" Haha, nice. Also, the URL he gave out isn't his site. Tsk, tsk.

Video package for the Aries/Ray feud.

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

Ray starts off by jawing at Aries but "A Double" is all, whatevs and chillaxes in the corner. They go to lock up but Ray keeps heading towards the ropes, eventually leaving the ring altogether.

Aries finally gets to him and crotches him on the second rope. Aries comes off the top but is caught and slammed down by Ray. Slap from the big man and it's answered back by Aries. The former X-Division champ starts to open up but is dropped again by Ray.

Aries then begins biting the calf of Ray and drops him, throat first, along the top rope. He gets to the top rope and Ray BOOTS HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE! Holy shit, that was fuggin' naaaaaaasty.

Damn, Aries is already bruised up something fierce. Cheese and rice.

Ray working over Aries now. Boots to the back, bear hug and then a vicious chop. Aries gets back up and screams at Ray. Another huge chop! Aries is up again! He chops back but then eats another chop. Ray tells him to stay down but Aries is back to his feet and Ray is calling him crazy.

Instead of another chop, he rakes Aries' eyes. Aries is able to turn the momentum, though and gets Ray into the corner. He charges in but eats a HUGE boot. Aries is slammed down hard for a two count. Ray goes for a powerbomb but Aries floats over and avoids it. He doesn't avoid a one-man 3D, though. Aries still kicks out at two!

Ray gets a chain out but Joseph Park makes his way to the front and gets his attention. Ray leaves the ring and grabs Park, dropping him to the floor. Ray grabs a chair and is about to go to town but is hit by a suicide dive from Aries. Back inside the ring and Aries hits a missile dropkick, a dropkick in the corner and then a brainbuster!

One, two, thre.... NO! Kick out!

Ray goes for the Bully Bomb but trips up and falls to the mat. Aries locks in the Last Chancery for the submission win!

Winner: Austin Aries via submission

Really good match.

Styles backstage with Borash is followed up by a video package highlighting Style's cougar hunting habits.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Some ammy wrestling stuff to start. Styles eventually leaves the ring to collect his head.

Back inside, Angle offers his leg for a single leg takedown. Styles fakes him out and ends up punching him into the corner. Dixie Carter's smooch partner goes for a Styles Clash but Angle rolls out of it and nearly into an Ankle Lock but Styles kicks him off.

Headlocks from Angle until Styles is able to get him off and against the ropes. Dropkick from Styles is followed by a bodyslam slam and a knee to the head for two. Styles answers the kick out with a huge powerbomb but only manages to get two again.

Chinlock from Styles. Elbows in the gut gets Angle out but he's forearmed to the outside of the ring. Styles hops out but Angle dodges him and goes for a German on the outside. Styles flips out of it and onto his feet and comes back with a huge punch.

Back inside the ring, Angle dodges a splash from Styles in the corner. Styles hits the top turnbuckle and gets suplexed for his trouble. Boots and punches from Angle to his opponent on the mat. Styles tries to get some momentum but eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ouch, love that move.

Angle working Styles over with a body scissors and more headlocks.

Styles is able to elbow Angle and both men are on the canvas. Clothesline from Styles and he hits a nice backbreaker for two. He makes his way to the apron and springboard forearms his opponent for another two count. Styles dumps Angle to the outside and hits a HUGE springboard forearm to the outside.

Angle is rolled back in but Styles gets kicked as he makes his own way in. Styles suplexed onto his back for two. Angle sits his opponent on the top rope and follows him but Styles fights him off. Angle hops up quickly and tosses Styles to the canvas for a two count.

Angle goes for another German but Styles counters into a Pele kick and then a Styles Clash. Two count! Both back on their feet and Angle hits a huge release German.

Back on their feet and they're exchanging punches. They jockey for position, reversing and countering each other until the Olympic gold medalist hits the Angle Slam for two. Angle gets his opponent to his feet and looks to his a Styles Clash but Styles flips him over.

Hurricanrana attempt from Styles is countered into a Styles Clash but NO! Styles kicks out at two! Angle MISSES with a moonsault! Styles with a springboard splash onto Angle for another two count!

Styles back to the top rope but Daniels and Kazarian run to ringside and distract Styles. Daniels takes out Styles legs and he rolls into the ring and into an Angle Slam. Two count! Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock, dropping down and grapevining the leg! Styles taps!

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

Post-match beatdown by Daniels and Kazarian. Angle cleans house!

Slammiversary Top 10 Moment? It's Angle missing the moonsault off the top of the cage. Yikes.

Video package for the main event.

Bobby Roode vs. Rob Vam Dam

Milking the entrances, jeez.

Boots and punches from the champ to start. RVD gains the advantage and brutalizes Roode in the corner before tossing him to the outside. RVD goes to get the ladder but is attacked from behind by the champ.

RVD blocks getting slammed into the ring post and gets the upper hand. He suplexes Roode onto the guardrail and hits a leg lariat across the back from the apron. As the make their way back inside the ring, the champ is able to boot RVD and lay him out.

Roode goes to the outside and gets the ladder but gets it dropkicked into his face by the challengers. RVD then splashes his opponent to the outside.

The challenger sets up the ladder but is attacked from behind by Roode. The champ sets the ladder up in the corner and tries to whip RVD into it after some chops and punches. RVD reverses the irish whip and Roode eats ladder. RVD sets the ladder up between the second and top ropes and looks to whip the champ into it.

Roode reverses but RVD ducks under. Roode gets the advantage and drops RVD onto his back. Slingshot into the ladder, YES! Ladder set up along the middle rope and the champ looks to suplex his opponent onto it. Reversal! Roode dropped onto the ladder! Splash from RVD onto Roode on the ladder!

Ladder back in the corner and RVD nails Roode with a flying body scissors, slamming the champion against the ladder! Now the challenger has Roode propped in the corner with the ladder keeping him in place. He grabs a chair and dropkicks it into the ladder. Taz and Tenay talk up the damage but I fail to see the point of the chair in that move.

Another ladder is introduced by RVD.

He sets the ladder up but Roode is able to knock him off and climb up. RVD returns the favor. Spinebuster from Roode onto the ladder~!

RVD is able to counter some offense from Roode and nails him with a monkey flip onto the first ladder. Rolling Thunder on Roode! RVD's elbow is busted up.

Roode is tripped up on top of a ladder. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH MISSES!!!!!

RVD makes his way back to the apron but is knocked off by Roode and a ladder. Roode sets up the ladder and starts climbing. RVD hops to the top rope but his leg slips through the rungs and the ladder falls over. That looked bad. RVD grabbing his knee and Roode grabs and sets up the other ladder. RVD follows him up but Roode boots at him and the challenger falls back, hitting his head on the chair. That was flawlessly executed.

Roode grabs the belt!

Winner and STILL champion: Boody Roode

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