Brock Lesnar backstage blow up a work? WWE reportedly walking thin line with its big star

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Earlier today, we brought word from PWInsider that Brock Lesnar absolutely blew up backstage in the dressing room at WWE Extreme Rules because he felt he had been double crossed. Apparently, the plan was for John Cena to win in the main event but to go out on a stretcher so both guys got over but Lesnar more so than Cena.

What actually happened was Cena won the match and instead of doing a stretcher job, he cut a big babyface promo about leaving because he might be injured and he just wanted to say thanks and he loves everyone and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Because of this, Brock went nuts and threw a tantrum backstage. He reportedly threatened to quit and was pissed enough at what happened to wreck shop in the dressing room.

Now, we've got a conflicting story from the Wrestling Observer (naturally) who are claiming almost all of it was a work designed to swerve everyone into thinking Lesnar had quit the company. Apparently, they were trying to work the boys in the back so word would get out that Brock had quit and everyone would watch Raw to find out the story, at which point Lesnar would come out and ultimately (kayfabe) break Triple H's arm to both get him off TV for a while and set up a match between those two at SummerSlam.

According to the Observer, there's a ton of weird information flying. Lesnar was reportedly screaming at John Laurinaitis' assistant, telling him he thought Cena pulled the rope down on the spot where Brock went flying out of the ring and almost injured himself. However, the Observer is saying there's no real heat between the two and they were just working the match to make it as good as possible.

But -- and this is a big but -- there were comments made by Lesnar that were real and there has been a legitimate fear that Lesnar will fly off the rails and quit for real because he may not like how things are working out for him and hey, that's kind of been his M.O.

WWE's attitude all along, apparently, hasn't been to build Brock into a big star to job him out at WrestleMania but to make sure he does jobs throughout the next year for the guys who are currently on the roster who will be there long after he bails after his one year is up.

Ultimately, the company is going to make money doing what it does and while they could have built Lesnar up to make him a bigger drawing star, the mindset is that money is still coming in so everything is fine.

Go ahead and try to make sense of this whole thing, Cagesiders. It's all apparently a work except for the parts that are a shoot, like Lesnar not being happy about Cena going over on him with that promo and WWE being legitimately worried about how much they can trust him.

Can we really expect Brock Lesnar to do jobs from now until he leaves next year? I suppose if they convince him he'll look good and then pull the rug out from under him, that's one way to go about it, right? Right?

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