TNA Impact spoilers for May 3, 2012, featuring Bobby Roode vs Mr. Anderson

The stars of TNA keep marching towards Sacrifice on May 13.

They set up shop once again last night in the Impact Zone, set to film the last two episodes of their weekly program before the pay-per-view (PPV) goes down in a couple of weeks.

What can you expect?

The situation between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and Rob Van Dam becomes even more tense and RVD brings up a little piece of history the champ might not want to hear. An indie wrestler also gets his crack at the number two wrestling company in the country and we might actually find out what secret Christopher Daniels is holding over AJ Styles' head.

Courtesy of TNAsylum, check out full spoilers from this week's show.

The show opens with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair cutting promos on each other. It feels like they're building up to a match at Slammiversary.

Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

Another promo, this time with TNA World Heavyweight Champion and his opponent at Sacrifice, Rob Van Dam. RVD brings up getting stripped of the title due to injuries and never having lost it inside the ring. They get to pick each other's opponent for the evening with Roode selecting Jeff Hardy and RVD picking Mr. Anderson to take on the champ.

Devon retains his TV title against Robbie T after some interference from Robbie E causes a disqualification.

There's an American Idol/The Voice-type segment where Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Ric Flair determine if Ohio Valley Wrestling product Alex Silva will get a TNA contract. Snow is behind him but the other two aren't and need some coaxing. Silva cuts a promo and ends up getting the deal.

Van Dam defeats Hardy thanks to some interference from Roode.

Bull Ray lives up to his name with Jeremy Borash until Austin Aries comes out to defend poor JB. They jaw at each other until Ray spits in Aries' face, causing a huge brawl.

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian after Kazarian tagged himself in while Angle had the Ankle Lock on Styles. His former Fortune stablemate picked up the pinfall but Daniels announces they would reveal Styles' secret next week if he didn't do it himself.

Roode beat Anderson in a No DQ match which Hardy tries to interfere in. Afterwards, Roode attacked both fan favorites with a chair until RVD showed up. The poor stoner ended up getting pelted with the chair too, though.

Pretty standard fare from the Impact Zone, I'd say.

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