Cageside Catch Up for week ending April 8, 2012: WrestleMania 28 fallout and Brock Lesnar

What a week it's been.

This time seven days ago, we were all watching WrestleMania 28, the biggest event in the pro wrestling business. Whether you thought it was good or bad, you had opinions on it. And that kind of chatter translated to lots of money for WWE and tons of hits for your favorite wrestling wrestling website.

Thanks, by the way!

And it that wasn't enough, some dude named Brock Lesnar showed up the next night on Raw and shook up the main event scene by F5ing John Cena.

Tons of WWE news this past week but TNA managed to sneak in some stories thanks to a Twitter happy, insane(ly awesome) ex-employee and a torn hammy.

We cap it off with some Ring of Honor news complete with two matches from last weekend's Showdown in the Sun event.

If you happened to have missed any of it, here's your chance to fill in the blanks!

WrestleMania 28

WrestleMania 28 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (April 1) from Miami

Wrestlemania 28 results: Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds to become new world heavyweight champion

WrestleMania 28 results: Undertaker's streak now 20-0 after defeating Triple H

Wrestlemania 28 results: CM Punk retains his WWE title by submitting Chris Jericho

WrestleMania 28 results: The Rock pins John Cena in Miami

WrestleMania 28 results and reactions from last night (April 1): The showcase of the immortals

WrestleMania 28 results: WWE breaks gate and attendance records in Miami

WrestleMania 28 results: Event photos gallery from Sun Life Stadium in Miami

20 questions about WrestleMania 28


WWE Raw results and live blog for tonight (April 2): The WrestleMania 28 fallout show

WWE Raw results and reactions from last night (April 2): Brock Lesnar is back

Brock Lesnar returns to WWE on Raw, gives John Cena an F-5

Video: Brock Lesnar returns to WWE by hitting John Cena with an F-5

Contract details emerge on Brock Lesnar's return to WWE; how often will we see the big guy?

Brock Lesnar returns to WWE and the stories of his past start popping up

WWE news: Randy Orton's 'Marine 3' movie role pulled due to dishonorable discharge

WWE Smackdown spoilers for April 6, 2012, featuring World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

Wade Barrett eyes late summer return, may have been the reason Money in the Bank pulled from WrestleMania 28

WWE's FCW conundrum: How do you pull out without making Triple H look like a liar?


TNA and Spike TV announce new multi-year agreement

TNA fails to get mentioned on WWE television despite Ric Flair's Hall Of Fame appearance

TNA's Kurt Angle reinjures his hamstring before Lockdown and Olympic trials

Scott Steiner leaves TNA, shoots on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff on Twitter

Ring of Honor, CHIKARA and others

Ring of Honor (ROH) issues mea culpa, offers two 'lost' Showdown in the Sun matches for free

Ring of Honor (ROH) newswire for April 5, 2012: What's on tap for the promotion in the coming weeks?

Ring of Honor (ROH) TV spoilers from April 7, featuring The Briscoe Brothers, Davey Richards and Kevin Steen

Former WWE star Maven Huffman arrested for doctor shopping

Cageside Podcasts

Cageside Live podcast post-WrestleMania 28 featuring The Rock vs John Cena

Cageside Live post-Raw April 2, 2012: WrestleMania 28 chatter, Sergio reports on the weekend in wrestling and more

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