Cageside Fave Five: If God doesn't save the queen, these British wrestlers can

Sometimes I wish I was born in England.

For one, I'd have a dope accent American girls would go goo goo gaga over and for two, my obsession with footy wouldn't seem strange.

England also has a rich tradition in professional wrestling dating all the way back to the 19th century. Since then, they've produced a ton of excellent talent but none have held a world title in WWE, the pinnacle of the industry.

What follows is a list of my favorite wrestlers from across the pond, from current day to the past. Think you can guess who made the list?

If you know anything about me, you should be able to guess who sits in the number one spot.

Full list after the jump.

Honorable mention: Layla

Why? Because she's insanely gorgeous, what's why.

5. Wade Barrett


The newest addition to the list, Wade Barrett is the latest British hope for an English world champion. Having debuted in WWE with the first season of NXT, he looked ready to storm the main event thanks to the Nexus storyline. One John Cena squashing later and he was stuck in the second-rate Corre. Since the stable disbanded, he's slowly but surely developed himself into a surefire prospect. So much so that WWE looked to crown him the latest Money in the Bank winner effectively ensuring a world title run. Snobby, elitist foreigner is a tried and true gimmick in pro wrestling and Barrett is beginning to fill those shoes rather nicely.

4. Davey Boy Smith


Who watched SummerSlam 1992 and didn't become a fan of Davey Boy Smith? The now single "British Bulldog" started off his WWE career with partner Dynamite Kid -- more on him later -- and had a star-making match with brother in law Bret Hart in London. His glory was short-lived, however, as he was released soon after for receiving questionable "supplement" shipments. He returned to WWE a couple of years later -- sans dreadlocks -- and found success mostly as a tag team wrestler before once again leaving in protest for Survivor Series 1997. He showed up in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), got paralyzed by Warrior and got fired for his trouble. One last run in WWE saw him wearing blue jeans and sleeveless shirts, pretty much shedding any hint of Britannia aside from his name. He passed away in 2002.

3. Nigel McGuinness


Nigel McGuinness is as close to a British world champion as one can get. Having a Ring of Honor (ROH) World Championship reign under his belt, he's accomplished something many of his fellow countrymen have failed to do. Of course, it all depends on if you consider ROH's top strap a true "world title." Regardless, McGuinness did battle with some of the best in the world including Daniel Bryan, Takeshi Morishima, Austin Aeries and KENTA. Unfortunately, the style he utilized left his body unfit for competition. He currently commentates for ROH and is preparing to release a documentary covering his "farewell tour" from last year.

2. Dynamite Kid


In the late 1990s, when the internet wrestling community was in its infancy, a whole other wrestling world was opened for me. I discovered promotions like Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) as well as the awesomeness that is puroresu. One phrase that kept popping up was "Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask." When I finally got my hands on the series of matches, I wondered why I had been wasting my time with anything else. By that point, the matches were nearly two decades old but more exciting than 90% of the current wrestling climate. Dynamite Kid put his body on the line every single time he stepped inside the ring and ended up in a wheelchair as a result. A sad fate for one of the greatest talents I've ever seen but it serves as a lesson to young wrestlers even today. Wrestling is supposed to look like it hurts, it's not actually supposed to hurt.

1. William Regal


Was there really any doubt? I've made it no secret I am a huge mark for Regal and watch anything he's in from NXT to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Not only if he an amazing talent inside the ring, he's got the classic British sense of humor, dry and often ridiculous. There's nothing I don't like about Regal. From his shoot-style match with Goldberg back in WCW to his revelation that he keeps his siamese twin daughters locked in his attic, there's very few wrestlers -- English or otherwise -- that can match up with Regal.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Agree? Disagree? Open the discussion but any list that doesn't have Regal at the top will be disregarded.

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