Former WWE star Maven Huffman arrested for doctor shopping

Maven Huffman, the latest former WWE star to fall foul of the law due to his drug addictions. Photo via

It's very depressing how many former WWE stars fall on hard times and become addicted to high strength painkillers after their five minutes of fame are over. Just under six months ago, Tyson Tomko was arrested for stealing Oxycodone from a pharmacist and shortly thereafter underwent WWE sponsored rehab to help him clean his act up. Now, fellow WWE alumni Maven Huffman has unfortunately followed down the same dangerous path of opiate addiction.

Yes, according to TMZ, Maven was arrested on Monday for the crime of doctor shopping to fraudulently obtain more prescription pills than necessary for normal dosages:

Former "Surreal Life" star Maven Huffman -- a former WWE superstar -- was arrested in Florida on Monday after cops say he was "doctor shopping" to get his fix of painkillers.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops uncovered Huffman had gone to 3 doctors in 2 weeks and scored multiple prescriptions for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.

35-year-old Huffman allegedly went to multiple pharmacies to fill his prescriptions -- in what appears to be a ploy to conceal his activity. In total, cops believe Maven scored more than 1000 pills.

The huge amount of pills obtained in such a short space of time suggests that he's got a major substance abuse problem and needs rehab urgently. Thankfully, WWE has already offered to give him the help he so clearly needs:

The WWE tells us ... the organization has already reached out to Maven to offer "rehab assistance" as part of the WWE's Former Talent Rehab program....

As part of the WWE's policy, the organization will pay for 100% of any rehab or treatment program for former WWE wrestlers ... as long as the wrestler wants the help.

We at Cageside Seats hope Maven takes up this genuine offer of rehab and gets his life back on track as soon as possible.

Ten years ago, the future looked so bright for the likeable Maven, after he won the first ever season of Tough Enough, WWE's reality TV show where young athletes undergo professional wrestling training and compete for a WWE contract, in September 2001. But he never lived up to the raw potential he demonstrated on that show. Coming off the exposure on MTV, Maven was soon rushed onto WWE's other programming, but he was too green to take full advantage of that opportunity. After eliminating The Undertaker at the 2002 Royal Rumble and taking Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho to the distance a week later on Raw, he soon lost momentum and got bogged down in mid card purgatory, which he never fully escaped from.

In late October 2004, he finally got another significant push by upsetting Batista on Raw and featured in the main event of Survivor Series, an elimination match where he got pinned by Triple H. There was rumours that the payoff to this storyline would be Maven turning heel and joining Evolution, but only the former happened. From a character stand point he did well to begin with in the new role, but was fired by WWE in early July 2005 when they did their annual round of cuts, due to a concern that he wasn't progressing fast enough in the ring and was more interested in partying with friends than perfecting his craft. Since then, he's done a few independent wrestling dates for Hermie Sadler's UWF Live promotion, but he had largely left the wrestling business, concentrating on breaking into television instead, which included an appearance on the sixth season of The Surreal Life and featuring as an exercise and wellness expert for the Home Shopping Network.

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