The S3 Part III: Last Week's Winner, 1st Year-to-Date Standings and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

What up, smarks? In our second week, the Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) saw a new weekly champ (YES!), a lively debate in the comments about our "huge poll" and a precipitous drop in the total number of votes.

Make with the clicking to check out last week's winners and the first standings for our annual award, and see what ideas the S3 home office has for staying relevant as we head into the future - then pop for the ones you like and put some heat on us for the ones you don't.

Oh yeah, and VOTE for the performer YOU think had the best week and talk about it in the comments.

The S3 are YOUR Standings, Smarks!

Even that oxygen thief AJ couldn't cost our vegan hero this week's championship. Being in the best relationship drama on TV, working circles around the champ he's chasing and rocking a ref shirt like it was Armani made Daniel Bryan the S3 champ last week.


The S3 - Week Ending April 22

1. Daniel Bryan
2. CM Punk
3. Lord Tensai
4. (tie) Brock Lesnar
4. (tie) Mark Henry
5. (tie) Bobby Roode
5. (tie) Dolph Ziggler
5. (tie) AJ Lee
5. (tie) Austin Aires
5. (tie) RVD

We also have a couple weeks worth of results, so without further adieu, here are YOUR very first...

The S3 Wrestler of the Year - through the Week Ending April 22

1. Daniel Bryan - 19 points
2. CM Punk - 17
3. Brock Lesnar - 16.5
4. Mark Henry - 11.5
5. Lord Tensai - 9.5
6. Bobby Roode - 8
7. Chris Jericho - 7
8. Dolph Ziggler - 6
9. Robbie E - 5
10. Three tied with 3

An explanation of the point system for Wrestler of the Year can be found here in last week's post.

As was already mentioned, there was a good discussion of how many wrestlers to list on the weekly S3 survey and the criteria for earning a spot. Thanks again to all the Cagesiders voting and/or chiming in to help make this thing the best it can be. We've got a lot of concerns about fairness, but those are trumped by the fear that the concept will get stale and lead to people not voting. No votes = No S3. But, while we're not quite John Cena...We! Will! Fight!

YOUR latest tweaks to methodology of the Smark's Shoot Standings are:

A wrestler must appear on a nationally televised pro wrestling program (currently WWE RAW, Smackdown or TNA Impact) or a PPV promoted on one of those shows to be included. Those receiving votes in the prior week will appear in the poll, unless they do not appear on television during the week that the poll covers. Wrestlers playing a major role in a story or angle, given significant promo time or involved in a lengthy and/or widely acclaimed match will be listed on the poll regardless of whether or not they received votes in the prior week. Yes, I'm introducing authorial fiat to the S3. If YOU smarks think we've excluded someone - cast YOUR vote for that person in the comments, and state YOUR case for why that vote should count. Provided a decent justification, YOUR vote will be tabulated and that wrestler will be listed in the next poll.

Is that clear, Mr Bender?


Or not. If YOU just feel like it's a bunch of crap, or won't work, or whatever - that's what the comments are for.

Remember, the poll is for the previous week - the April 23rd RAW, Impact! from April 26th, the Smackdown that aired on Friday the 27th and the Extreme Rules PPV from May 29th.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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