The S3 Rolls On: Last Week's Winner and YOUR Vote for April 16 - April 22

Well, we got a greater than zero number of votes, didn't break the internet and Showed Tolerance And Respect! We also had a decisive winner for the week of April 9 (Cagesiders really like seeing John Cena get racked, apparently).

The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are back for a second week!

Clear the jump for YOUR chance to pick the next winner and lobby for your favorites in the comments. Feedback is still welcome on format, rules and regulations. Will the poll ever get any smaller? Why can't I vote for Danny Merman? Who the heck voted for RVD?

These are YOUR Standings, Smarks!

Brock Lesnar crushed the competition in our first poll. I'm still kicking around ideas about what (if anything) to do about the first two weeks post-Wrestlemania as it pertains to the year-long quest for the S3's Wrestler of the Year - but something tells me that, regardless of the method, the result would be 20 more points for the Ass-Kicker.


The S3 - Week Ending April 15

1. Brock Lesnar
2. Daniel Bryan
3. CM Punk
4. Chris Jericho
5. (tie) Bobby Roode
5. (tie) Mark Henry
5. (tie) Robbie E
8. Dolph Ziggler
9. (tie) Alberto Del Rio
9. (tie) John Cena
9. (tie) Lord Tensai
9. (tie) Santino Marella

We really are a bunch of smarks, aren't we?

Beginning next week, the S3 will include our first year-to-date standings in addition to the weekly winners. The annual ranking will be based on the weekly results, with a first place finish being worth ten points, a second worth nine, and so on. Ties will result in the points that each spot would have received being distributed equally among the number of wrestlers involved in the tie. Using this week as an example: Roode, Henry and Robbie E - seriously, WTF y'all? - tied for fifth in the poll and occupy spots five (5 points), six (4 points) and seven (3 points) in the standings. The twelve points awarded for those spots are split three ways, and they each receive four points toward Wrestler of the Year.

Clear as mud?

Please use the comments to not only explain your vote and try to sway your fellow Cagesiders to your camp, but also to chime in on the rules and methodology. These are YOUR standings! Last week, CJ Bradford suggested removing wrestlers who don't receive votes from the poll. What do you think about Bradford's Baseline™? Should performers be removed after one week without a vote, or should they need to go two or three polls before getting the axe?

Remember, the poll is for the previous week - the RAW that aired April 16th, Impact! from April 19th and Smackdown from Friday the 20th.

Make your mark! Or should I say...smake your smark? (Probably not...)

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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