E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Wednesday Night Revival (11/04/12)


This is Dannie Ray, Head of Creative for Revival Pro Wrestling and Chief operating officer.

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RPW is a group of cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment, everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other weekly for RPW supremacy.

RPW is drama, RPW is comedy, RPW is passion and RPW is wrestling but most importantly RPW is fun.

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WNR Review 11/04:

Wednesday Night Revival emanated from Dallas, Texas last night, and
what amazing and controversial conclusion it had!

The arena was jam packed and the tension was thick. The audience was
treated to one of the greatest nights in Revival Pro Wrestling history
as two titles were up for grabs and a third’s number one contender was

The night kicked off with Jafaar al-Sultan defending his RPW Iron Man
Championship against the ‘Liverpool Sensation’ Douglas Gallagher. The
back and forth contest would have been a main event caliber match on
any other night as the two nearly stole the show and really got the
fans on their feet. This match proved to be a tasty appetizer for what
was to come later.

With no less than eight near falls the two combatants pulled out all
the stops and so did the men that accompanied them to the ring. Sir
Charles Strickland, representing Gallagher, and former RPW color man
Dominic Golden, representing the Iron Man champion, were both ejected
from ring side after both men made several attempts to alter the
course of the match. The two even got into it with each other before
getting the heave-ho.

The end came when a bewildered Jafaar al-Sultan countered gallagher’s
‘Crimson Tornado’ with a backslide for the three count. Al-Sultan
retained his title, but this hotly contested match may just be the
first of a budding rivalry between two of RPW’s rising stars.

After a brief interlude where Aron Scythe made it known that his sites
are set squarely on Ian Jones and The British Empire, Dominic Golden
gloated about his man al-Sultan defending his title and the prospect
of his other man ‘Ravishing’ Ronnie Reynolds also taking home a

Back from the break Golden’s wishes came true as the team of Sirius
Danger, Landon Jackson and Ronnie Reynolds beat the team of El Omega
23, Kirk Cobain and Aron Scythe when Reynolds scored a clean pin on
Aron Scythe. The pin is a huge feather in the cap of Reynolds, whose
visits to a sports psychologist have been well documented.

The next match on the card saw Hakai Dragon escape with a relatively
quick submission victory over his much larger opponent Hyperion
Rushmore. The RPW Heavyweight Champion had a special interest in this
match and was on hand to provide color commentary. He learned who his
opponent will be next week in a ‘Prison Cell’ match for the coveted
RPW Heavyweight strap when Hakai Dragon notched the win.

In the Main Event of the evening the No Limits Championship was
contested via a 'Hardcore Advantage Match'. The rules were simple, pin
the champ and gain the advantage. The man with the advantage when the
final bell rang gets the strap.

With half of the four competitors comprised of two thirds of The
British Empire the odds were squarely in favor of 'The Beast' Damien
Wolfe retaining his title. And through the first ten minutes of the
twenty minute contest it appeared like Wolfe would do just that. He
and Mr. Nice Guy gave John "The Brand" Brandenburg and Leonard "Len
'Ard" Knox all they could handle. Capped off by a miraculous suicide
dive by Mr. Nice Guy, the early parts of the match saw The British
Empire solo out and dissect their opponents. Moments before the
plancha to the outside it appeared Mr. Nice Guy and Damien Wolfe were
going to tussle. Instead the two shares a laugh, and left us asking
‘What if?’

As the action picked up it became clear that Wolfe would have to earn
the right to keep his title, sheer numbers were not going to be enough
to keep the determined Knox and Brandenburg from achieving their
dreams. After a devastating double soccer kick left Knox unconscious,
the despicable duo looked to permanently damage him by putting him
through a table. Only the righteous courage of Brandenburg prevented
carnage as he made the save by delivering a picture perfect enzugiri
that sent Mr. Nice Guy all the way to the outside and through the
table. As the table exploded in front of him, Wolfe knew he’d have to
put Brandenburg down himself.

As the clock ticked pas the fifteen minute mark Brandenburg threw
everything he had at the champion. A fisherman’s suplex was bridged
into a pin, but Wolfe kicked out at two. A DDT and a mad scramble to
lock in the ‘Signature Brand’ was thwarted, but the quick thinking
Brandenburg leveraged the attempt into small package and reaped the
rewards of a three count and the momentary advantage in the match.

Sensing his title slipping away Wolfe was able to regain the momentum
as the bell signified the restart of the match. The two locked horns,
to the delight of those in attendance, but then a miscommunication
with Mr. Nice Guy cost Wolfe precious seconds, seconds that became
priceless as the clock ticked below a minute remaining.

Wolfe seemed to steal the advantage back in the closing seconds by
delivering a vicious avalanche German suplex from the top rope, but he
was too battle weary to secure a pinfall. Instead it was Mr. Nice Guy
that draped his arm around a nearly lifeless Brandenburg. The
referee’s hand slapped the mat a third time just as the final second
ticked off the clock, giving Mr. Nice Guy the advantage and his first
RPW Title! The crowd was stunned. Damien Wolfe was stunned. I’m sure
Mr. Nice Guy was stunned.

The fallout from the victory has yet to be felt as Damien Wolfe has
gone incommunicado. A jubilant Mr. Nice Guy has also gone silent,
leading many to speculate that The British Empire may address the
situation together on the next Dirt Sheet, scheduled to release next

I was in attendance back stage after the broadcast and I can say,
without question, that there was a distinct tension in the locker
room. Wolfe said all the right things, but it was obvious he was not
pleased. I may be reading too much into the situation, but I sensed
rising temperatures.

The next Wednesday Night Revival’s card has already been set and it is
going to be a doozy. Tune in Wednesday for the live show and check
back here the next night for a full review. Till then, let the revival

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