Mike Mooneyham details Scott Hall's history of domestic abuse

When news broke last week that Scott Hall had been arrested for choking his current girlfriend, Lisa Howell, in a drunken rage, it was widely believed that this was a new low in Hall's increasingly turbulent, out of control life and that he had never actually struck a woman before. But according to wrestling journalist Mike Mooneyham, Hall was involved in a similar incident before he had ever stepped foot in the squared circle.

It wasn't surprising that his ex-wife and the mother of his two children, Dana Hall, came out of the woodwork to pour scorn on his lawyer's dubious claim that his current relationship is "peaceful and amicable":

I know for a fact ... this relationship is not peaceful and amicable, but sick, unhealthy, disturbing, disgusting, unstable, violent and enabling, just to name a few. I completely believe he did this to her, as he has tried to do it to me in the past and to others. It's deplorable.

It is a sick/codependent/abusive relationship of major proportions that needs to be seriously addressed, not schmoozed over so that the sickness can continue.

Maybe if she was a lone voice in the wind, then the naive could chalk this up as merely a bitter ex with an ax to grind, but a former girlfriend of Hall's, Marsha Field, corroborated Dana's claims that he had been involved in domestic abuse in the past.

Field, who planned to marry Hall in 1979 while undergoing a religious conversion, claimed that "a very evil presence" emerged whenever Hall drank, which led to an argument once where he tried to choke her to death:

He put his hands around my neck and with all his strength tried to choke me, but I had just been saved a few weeks before this happened, and when he choked me I cried out, ‘Help me Jesus,' and as strong as Scott is, he could not put any pressure on my neck because the angels of the Lord were protecting my neck and throat.

Unfortunately, like Howell, she decided to continue the relationship, but Hall's demons remained and she was scarred for life when he broke a brandy glass full of fruit punch in her face:

A fraction of an inch closer and the stem would have cut my jugular vein. I thank God it did not put my eyesight out because he smashed the glass into my face, and when he saw what happened, he took his bloody hand and rubbed it in my face ... My concern was the glass going into my eyes as he crushed it with his large hands, and in the process he had to have, I believe, 18 stitches.

Interestingly, this incident happened several years before he killed a man in a gun fight over a girl, believed to have been in self defence, an anecdote which was revealed on the Scott Hall ESPN E:60 documentary last October and was blamed for his substance abuse problems in later life. This suggests that alcoholism has been a life long problem for Hall, one that it is likely impossible for him to kick now. We just have to wish for the best and hope that he can keep his problems better in check in future, unlikely as that may be.

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