Smark's Shoot Standings: Week Ending April 15, 2012


Excited by the Wrestler Wrankings, but either (A) so appreciative of the other elements of the art form like promos & work rate, and/or (B) too jaded by your knowledge of the business to match Hollywood Wallace's impressive maintenance of kayfabe? Then Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) may be just the accompaniment you're looking for!

Here at the S3, YOU - the Internet Wrestling Community at Cageside Seats - can vote for your "Wrestler of the Week" from among all of the athlete/entertainers who appeared on national TV in the prior week. YOU can vote based on whatever criteria you choose. YOU can explain your vote and try to sway your fellow Cagesiders in the comments, or just weigh in and resume lurking.

The idea is, if it works, that S3 would follow the same "season" calendar as the Wrankings and we'll be working toward a reader-elected Wrestler of the Year. My initial thought is that points will be assigned to the top ten vote-getters each week: ten points for 1st place, nine for 2nd, and so on, with points accumulating toward the year-end standings.

Poll, as well as a some author thoughts and disclaimers, after the jump.

What about the first two weeks of the "season"?

Well, if people seem to dig it and some of the potential pitfalls that I fear don't crop up, we'll worry about it. The three alternatives I see are: (1) ignore 'em and call year one a fifty-week "season", (2) conduct retroactive polls or (3) survey the show recaps and reaction columns to see who is "most talked about". None of these is a perfect solution, but having the problem would mean that the idea is a hit, so I'm willing to figure it out.

What if nobody votes?

I'll move on. As with the answer to the next question, this would be too much work if folks aren't enjoying it.

What if somebody floods the poll with votes for Benny Camer?

As big of a mark as I am for Ryback's victim from last week - look, I know that we in the IWC are a bunch of smarta...lecs. I likewise know that some of us develop less-than-rational fixations on new guys of questionable potential (coughgarettbischoffcough). If the poll gets taken over by either phenomenon, or hacked by the RAW anonymous GM, or whatever, that'll be that for me.

How long will each poll stay open?

I'm thinking until Saturday of each week. That would give me Sunday to do the standings and put out the next week's poll. Plus, smarks have long memories but quickly cycling opinions. I think five-to-six days is a good window to get our reaction. The bigger risk that I see is that the current week's shows will effect people's votes on each poll, which are for the prior week's shows. But I don't see any other way to regulate against bias towards whoever has a hot RAW if we were voting on each week as it happened.

What about Davey Richards, Dasher Hatfield, Johnny Gargano, etc, etc?

Look, I love indy wrestling as much as the next guy (as long as the next guy isn't Sergio Hernandez or Thomas Holzerman). But I was pretty amazed at how many people get on the shows that air nationally on cable systems each week. Trying to include syndicated shows like ROH or every iPPV that Chikara or Dragon Gate/Evolve put on would be too much. We're going to have to keep it pretty mainstream for this.

Who do I complain to about ____________?

Use the comments to question, complain or lobby. I love the back & forth or I wouldn't hang out here at cSs. But, and not to put too blunt a point on it, I don't get paid for this and am using my spare time to give this idea a shot. I personally don't have a real high tolerance for negativity, so I hope we can have some fun with this without lowering ourselves to internet stereotypes.

Let's find out.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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