Cageside Catch Up for week ending April 15, 2012: Extreme Rules, Twitter feuds and a moving tribute

After last week's attack on John Cena, everyone was wondering why Brock Lesnar returned to mess up Cena's day.

We got some answers this week on Raw, a great pull apart brawl and also a live Smackdown. We also got two great matches set up for Extreme Rules (April 29) in Cena/Lesnar and a two out of three falls match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.


We also got word TNA's pay-per-view last month bombed -- but what else is new? -- and Kurt Angle ended up not doing something he promised to do. Again, what else is new?

Combine all that with some sweet Ring of Honor news and some CHIKARA and EVOLVE results and you got yourself a full plate full of wrestling yummyness.

Dig in.

WWE Raw results and live blog for tonight (April 9): YES! YES! YES!
WWE Raw results and reactions from last night (April 9, 2012): Brock and brawl for all
WWE Smackdown results and live blog tonight (April 10): The Blast from the Past
20 questions on Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena and the week in WWE
CM Punk: Brock Lesnar has a cloud hanging over him for 'cracking under the pressure of being WWE champion'
WWE: Rey Mysterio targets May return to the ring
Latest news on how many buys WrestleMania 28 did
Twitter angle: WWE sends Dean Ambrose home thanks to Mick Foley
FCW update: WWE developmental territory still in limbo

TNA news: Sting vs Robert Roode at Victory Road bombs on PPV
Kurt Angle officially bows out of Olympic bid, promises to still wrestle at Lockdown
TNA news: Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter meet with Spike TV executives

Ring of Honor (ROH), CHIKARA and others
Remembering 'Sweet and Sour' Larry Sweeney
Ring of Honor (ROH) planning to switch internet pay-per-view providers
EVOLVE 11 results and reactions from tonight (April 13): Finlay and Low Ki come out victorious, Taylor submits Gargano
CHIKARA results: I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle from New Jersey sees another Gekido victory
Video: CHIKARA's Podcast-A-Go-Go takes a look at The Trial of Akuma as he takes on Chuck Taylor
Scott Hall's lawyer claims that he's not guilty of domestic abuse

Cageside Podcasts
Cageside Live post-Raw April 9, 2012: A new logo, Brock Lesnar is back, and much more
The Wrestling Aficionado podcast for April 14, 2012: A funny thing happened on the way to WrestleMania...

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