Wrestler Wrankings: 2012-2013 Season, Week 2


Welcome to the second edition of Wrestler Wrankings, the sports column where we rate the greatest athletes in the world based solely on their in-ring results. We'll treat the time from last week until WrestleMania 29 as a "season" of wrestling. Each week we will examine the match results of televised RAW, Smackdown, and PPV events and assign and tally points to determine who is, without any doubt, the most successful wrestler in WWE.

An explanation of the formula, updated Wrankings, and a little People Power after the jump...


ANY WIN = 2 points



NON "BIG 4" PPV BONUS = x1.5

"BIG 4" PPV BONUS = see below

For example, if Magnum TA defended his US title against Dick Slater on Smackdown, than both competitors would receive 1 point just for being in a title bout and the victor would receive the normal 2 points for winning. Note that the the title need not change hands for the win points to be awarded. For our purposes, only winning, in any form, is important.

To account for the increased stakes, if said match took place at a normal non "Big 4" PPV like the upcoming Extreme Rules event, then all point totals would be multiplied by 1.5. So if, for instance, Slater was to win by DQ (or in any way) at a PPV than he would get a total of 4.5 points.

It's important to remember that the Wrankings are for men's singles competitors only, though handicap matches are counted as long as one of the teams consists of just one wrestler, with the winning team dividing the applicable points amongst all members evenly. Sorry Divas and tag teams, these Wrankings aren't for you.

Now without further delay, let's get to this weeks scores:

RAW 4/9/2012

- Mark Henry -- 5 points (3 for WWE title bout, 2 for win)

- CM Punk -- 3 points (WWE title bout, no win)

- R-Truth -- 2 points (win)

- Lord Tensai -- 2 points (win)

- Alberto Del Rio -- 2 points (win)

- John Cena -- 2 points (win)

Smackdown 4/10/2012

- Ryback -- 2 points (win)

- Hunico -- 2 points (win)

- Mark Henry -- 0 points (no contest, ring posts exploded)

- Randy Orton -- 0 points (no contest, ring posts exploded)



1. MARK HENRY -- 11 points

2. CM Punk -- 6 points

T3. Alberto Del Rio -- 4 points

T3. Lord Tensai -- 4 points

T3. Ryback -- 4 points

And now for your chance to be a part of wrestling history...

I believe that the "Big 4" PPV shows merit a little more weight in the Wrankings. Channeling my inner John Laurinaitis, we'll use People Power to decide just how much.

Three options are presented in the poll below. In one, each subsequent Big 4 show is weighted a bit more (2x, 3x, 4x) as the year goes on until WrestleMania 29 would be worth a whopping five times the normal points.

Too much for you? In that case, choose the flat 2x bonus option with Mania counting triple.

Or if you are a purist and think that all events are created equal, then we can also merely offer the 1.5x bonus for all PPV events regardless of their prestige. Please vote in the poll and the results will reflect in all future editions of Wrestler Wrankings.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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