FCW update: WWE developmental territory still in limbo

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Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) is the new WWE Network.

That's because the developmental territory is now in a state of limbo after WWE officials were apparently poised to pull the plug but decided not to once word leaked that that was the plan. Now, it appears no one quite knows exactly what to do, at least not for the time being.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer talked about the clusterfuck:

If you're looking for more strange goings on regarding WWE and developmental, WWE called Bright House (the network that carries FCW that they canceled a few weeks back saying they were pulling out of Florida and moving everything to Stamford, then denied it when we reported it), and asked if they could continue airing the shows in the same time slot for the time being. WWE gave them the impression this is only a short-term thing but didn't outright say it. No new deal has been signed and the feeling is that right now they have no idea what they are doing, and that the story getting out the way it did forced a panic change of plans.

What an interesting way of operating a business, right? Make plans, word leaks on those plans, reverse said plans just because of said leak, ???, profit!

Or something like that.

The plan now seems to call for FCW to operate business as usual until Triple H and company actually have a plan set in place that they can effectively execute whether the story leaks or not. The idea seems to be something along the lines of a complete overhaul of the entire system, including moving facilities to Stamford, Connecticut, and upgrading staff and training practices in a significant way. Kevin Kelly has noted in the past that this was always something they've wanted to do but didn't because of high rent costs in Stamford. So there's no telling if they will actually go through with it.

Just like no one can tell anyone with absolute certainty that a WWE Network will ever come to fruition, despite ad spots playing for months.

Either way, WWE once again looks terrible for the way they've handled this entire situation. Triple H has been promising major changes but so far, all we've seen are a few call ups to the main roster and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.

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