Twitter angle: WWE sends Dean Ambrose home thanks to Mick Foley

Will Mick Foley have one last serious grudge match on a high profile WWE pay-per-view with Dean Ambrose? Photo via

Twitter angles are all the rage nowadays. Just last week, we had a disgruntled Scott Steiner "shooting" on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in what is now believed to be an angle to set up Big Poppa Pump's TNA return, while WWE's tag team champion Epico voiced his displeasure about being consigned to a dark match at WrestleMania 28. Now, it's Dean Ambrose's turn, as he takes to the next level his underground feud with Mick Foley, which is a very unique way for WWE to get a developmental talent exposure before he debuts on the main roster and shows that they have big plans in store for the former Jon Moxley.

Ambrose made the news over WrestleMania weekend by staging a highly believable confrontation with Foley at a hotel while he was chatting with fans. After introducing himself, Ambrose got in Foley's face and told him he was a criminal and needed to be held accountable for the lost generation of teenagers who ruined their lives by emulating his stunts in backyard wrestling matches, which left Foley flustered before Ambrose was shoved away by an official. This seems to be a storyline that Foley can really sink his teeth into and maybe have one last serious grudge match on a high profile WWE pay-per-view, given how open he's been about regretting some of the risks he took in the ring that caused him to suffer "dozens to up to a hundred concussions" and have left him with permanent neurological issues.

After WrestleMania, the two kept the feud simmering by sniping back and forth via Twitter, which eventually led to *wink wink* WWE having to send Ambrose home from Tuesday night's Smackdown tapings that Foley was also a part of when Ambrose presumably confronted him again backstage. After the jump, you can see how this worked shoot angle escalated tweet by tweet. What do you think Cagesiders, are you digging this new style of storyline telling that blurs the edge between fiction and reality or would you rather WWE kept all their major angles onscreen?

Mick Foley: Having a blast with my kids at Disney. Not really concerned about some guy I've never heard of.
Dean Ambrose: Must be nice to be so arrogant and oblivious. Guilt free family funtime. Just great. Good for you. @realMickFoley
Mick Foley: Three months ago,people asked me about facing TAKER at Mania - now, it's a guy from FCW. TITANIC 3D isn't the only ship sinking this week.

Dean Ambrose: Nah, In a perfect world id rather see his house repoed and his family starved than see Mick make another dime off wrestling @StevieChanMan

#wwe I Just watched Edge's full Hof speech. Big fan of Edge, too bad he had to retire so young #ThanksMick

Everything. He raised the bar of stupidity so high everyone ruined themselves tryin 2 get 2 it"@ihatedarren.: what's Mick gotta do with it?"

Lazy " @RichMilner: @TheDeanAmbrose If you had to use one word to describe Mick what would it be?"

140 characters isnt enough space for a real answer #wwe"@KalikiLopo: @TheDeanAmbrose what are you actually accusing Foley of?"

#wwe likes to pretend Mick Foley never existed. Wwe is still apologizing for him by sterilizing the product. #raw

Mick Foley: In other news, I continue not to give a crap about a cheap promotional stunt, even if @CMPunk thought it was interesting. #nocuttingtheline

Well @Stevie_Looney , if @RealKingRegal is a fan of his, let Regal wrestle him.

Dean Ambrose: Btw..I have zero fear of reprisals from the office for wat ive said about mick foley cuz nobody high up in #wwe has any respect for him

Fun morning trying to explain gross barbwire scars and excessive nerve damage to #wwe doctors,#thanksmick

#wwe Looks like they must have been in a hurry to get me outta Virginia tonight. #senthome #pissed #thanksmick

Fuming in atl airport over a jack n coke. Hey #wwe was it something i said? #smackdown

Too angry to type. Will discuss more when i feel like it #lostgeneration.

Mick Foley: I had a slight problem at Smackdown, so I took care of it. I didn't ask WWE to send him home, but I'm glad they did. Sayanora scumbag :)
Dean Ambrose: ok,so I get sent home from tvs? cuz MICK feels uncomfortable? like I did something wrong? like I'M a criminal? #hardcorelegend=softcorebitch

I realized Im really good at getting chewed out on the phone. The key is to put it on speaker and walk away, occasionally saying "uh huh" #thanksmick

Mick Foley: Ever wonder how Veruca Salt felt when she blew her chance with the Wonka Golden Ticket? Ask @TheDeanAmbrose - I'm pretty sure he'd know.

Wonka couldn't hand over the keys to The Kingdom to someone with so little respect. No lifetime supply of Wonka bars for @TheDeanAmbrose

I don't have the power or desire to hold anyone back @dajerseyboy . But I do have the right to say no. He is welcome to get over without me

Yes @CamilliusCaesar I hear very good things about @TheDeanAmbrose - which is why he will likely be an asset to @WWE without my involvement.
Dean Ambrose: I wonder if Mick would be so happy sitting on his high horse if it was his kids in wheelchairs.

I'd rather go work in a gas station than apologize for what I said in Miami, Spin it however you want cuz I didnt ask for anybodys opinion

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