WrestleMania 28 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (April 1) from Miami

It's finally here.

WWE WrestleMania 28 is all set to pop off TONIGHT (Sun., April 1, 2012) from Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida, at 7 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view.

CagesideSeats.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania 28 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature the long awaited match between The Rock and John Cena. The co-main event of the evening features Triple H vs. Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee. CM Punk defends his WWE championship against Chris Jericho while Daniel Bryan puts his world heavyweight title on the line against Royal Rumble winner Sheamus.

Other matches booked for the card include Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy, Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show, Kane vs. Randy Orton and a tag team Divas match that will see Kelly Kelly team with Extra host Maria Menounos against Eve and Beth Phoenix.

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


The Rock def. John Cena
Undertaker def. Triple H
CM Punk def. Chris Jericho to retain the WWE championship
Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan to become world heavyweight champion
Big Show def. Cody Rhodes become Intercontinental champion
Kane def. Randy Orton
Team Johnny def. Team Teddy
Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos def. Eve and Beth Phoenix

Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Lilian Garcia opens the show with her rendition of America the Beautiful. She is super hot.

Justin Gabriel starts us off and the world heavyweight championship match will get us rolling.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus -- Sheamus actually gets a few boos on his way out. Bryan looks awesome with his ring gear and the stage set-up is freaking amazing.

Bryan hits the Brogue Kick right out of the gate and pins Bryan to become the new champion.

What in the blue hell is that?

Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan to win world heavyweight championship.

That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Ever. Quad main event, huh, WWE?

Backstage skit with Team Johnny and The Miz is trying to do a pep talk. They all ignore him until David Otunga shows up. He introduces John Laurinaitis, who is decked out in an all white suit.

He's giving a nice little speech to his boys (and girls) and telling them to go make their own WrestleMania moment.

Kane vs. Randy Orton -- Absolutely no reaction for Kane. Orton gets a solid pop. Kane starts things out getting the offense in and already they've gone longer than Bryan and Sheamus did. Orton battles back and starts working over Kane's leg.

Orton looked for the draping DDT but Kane countered by throwing Orton on the ropes. He looks for a pin shortly after a big boot but only gets two.

He keeps working Orton over. Now they're doing the back and forth punches spot with the crowd booing and cheering accordingly. Kane ultimately gets the better of it and they're building to the big babyface comeback.

Orton makes it after a short headlock and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Kane comes back but Orton returns fire with a backbreaker.

Terribly slow spot in the corner. Orton looking for clotheslines and that leads to the powerslam off the ropes. They stall like crazy just to get to the draping DDT. Crowd gets hot knowing the finish is coming. They go insane when he drops down to tease the RKO.

Kane counters, of course, and hits a big boot. That gets a two count.

Up top he goes and Orton hits a dropkick as Kane comes down. Orton sells a leg injury while Kane is laid out. He sees Kane prone and lines Kane up for the Punt. He goes for it, too, but Kane pops up and hits the Chokeslam.

Still, only a two count.

They tease another Orton RKO but Kane pushes out. Right back to the top rope but Orton stops him. Punches on the top rope and now Orton gets up top too.

Holy hell, Kane hits a chokeslam from the second rope and that gets the pin. I can't believe Orton just jobbed to Kane at WrestleMania.

Kane def. Randy Orton

Another backstage segment and Santino Marella and Mick Foley are hanging with a guy from Deadliest Catch. They've got plates of crab legs in front of them.

We get dumbass skits like this while Bryan gets squashed by Sheamus in 18 seconds? Okay, WWE.

The three guys attack their food with their finishers, with Deadliest Catch guy's being an elbow, before Ron Simmons shows up and does his "DAMN" spot.

Gets a big laugh.

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show -- They show old clips of Big Show getting embarrassed at WrestleMania. Which makes this feel like he's winning here. Show gets some cheers but word we're hearing out of Miami is this is a heel leaning crowd.

Rhodes runs away from Show to start but ends up getting tossed by Show after trying to dive off. Show takes control and makes sure to do his chest slap spot. Miami got quiet for him, too.

Now Show's doing a stinkface. Seriously.

Rhodes finally takes over the action and the crowd is dead as can be now. Rhodes is working Show's left leg. Michael Cole smartly points out why this is a good game plan. It's what Cody should be doing but it's not keeping the crowd involved. At this point, they sound like they couldn't give a shit less.

Out of nowhere, Show pops up and stops selling his leg. Rhodes hits the Disaster Kick but it doesn't even put Show down. He goes for another one and Show hits an awkward spear. Shortly after, Show hits the WMD and gets the pin to win the title.

Big Show def. Cody Rhodes to win the Intercontinental title.

Time for the Diva's match.

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Eve and Beth Phoenix -- The heels are out first. No one cares. Odd pacing to this show so far. Kelly and Maria come out and Menounos looks okay despite her busted up ribs.

Surprisingly, Maria is doing work and they're even working over her bad ribs. Hey, psychology!

Meanwhile, the crowd cares so little about this match they're chanting, "DANIEL BRY-AN!" This was followed shortly after by a simple, "YES! YES! YES!" chant.


They set up a hot tag and Maria gets to Kelly but takes a long time to stand up. She's not even standing up, actually, and she's obviously in pain. Kelly hits a flip from the top rope on Beth but only gets two thanks to Eve making the save.

Beth sets up for the Glam Slam but Kelly counters to a bulldog. That wasn't bad. Kelly wants to tag to Maria and she gets up just enough for the tag. Now she's going to climb up top and Jerry Lawler is literally shouting for her not to do it. Beth gets to her and they set up a roll up on Beth that gets the pin.

Maria either sold her ribs really, really well or she's in a shit ton of pain in there.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos def. Eve and Beth Phoenix

Props where it's due, that wasn't a terrible match, all things considered.

Backstage interview with Shawn Michaels. Matt Stryker says they're just moments away, so it looks like they're next. Michaels puts over how he can decide who wins this match.

Justin Roberts puts over how the Sun Life Stadium crowd set the record for a live audience. Over 78,000 people and they get a big fireworks show.

Jim Ross is announced and it looks like he'll be calling the match with Undertaker.

Triple H vs. Undertaker -- Shawn Michaels out first and his referee uniform has sleeves. Ross jumps in on commentary and I think we can safely assume that his presence was requested by the men in the match. It's only fitting, after all.

Triple H gets a pretty sweet entrance prop and he looks like he's in good shape for this one.

Big pop for Undertaker. Huge hood on his head with a badass suit with spikes coming out of the arms. This just feels so damn special.

They show a spot of the stadium from up high and it looks incredible.

Off with the hood and Triple H backs up like he's surprised. He looks insanely bad bald. The crowd chants for him anyway.

The Hell in a Cell cage comes down to the tune of Metallica's Memory Remains.

They get underway and to hell with pacing, they're brawling like crazy. Crowd absolutely loving it. A second angle shows us that Undertaker actually has a mohawk with the little bit of hair that's left. They do a spot on the outside with Taker hitting a back body drop and Triple H taking it straight on the floor but the camera was in the way and didn't catch much.

Announcers keep putting over the fact that this is the End of an Era but they're conveniently forgetting that Rock is back at next year's WrestleMania, as will be all three guys in this match.

The first bit of dissension is teased with Undertaker pushing Michaels out of the way to get to Triple H. Michaels sells like he's really unhappy about it.

Trips hits the facebreaker on the knee but 'Taker doesn't sell it at all. Instead he comes back with Old School. This gets the crowd to chime in with an Undertaker chant. They go to the outside and 'Taker uses the steel steps.

They set up the leg drop on the apron. Always a great looking spot. Triple He sells huge for it.

Once Undertaker gets back in the ring, Triple H hits a DDT to get back in it. He looks for the Pedigree on the steel steps that are now in the ring but gets sent over with another back body drop from 'Taker.

'Taker beats on Triple H but "The Game" gets a counter with a spinebuster on the steel steps. Triple H looks to take advantage but Undertaker locks in the "Hells Gate." Triple H gets out with a pick up powerbomb.

Triple H gets some chairs in the ring and hits 'Taker to the gut and the back. Steel steps are set up in the corner and Trips sends 'Taker into them. They've slowed down considerably. Triple H has now taken to using a chair to just beat the living hell out of Taker.

Michaels pulls Triple H off him and they set it up for Trips telling Shawn to just end it. "This is what you wanted. End it!"

Michaels goes to Undertaker and he's expressly told not to stop the match. "Do not stop this match."

Triple H hits another chair shot but only gets a two count. He just keeps hitting 'Taker with more and more shots to the back. All while Michaels is pleading with 'Taker to end it. Triple H yells at Michaels to "end it or I will."

Now he's got the sledgehammer. Michaels goes over and pleads with him not to use it. Triple H says he doesn't care, he's ending this one way or the other.

Michaels tells Undertaker he really wants to ring the bell. "Please let me ring the bell."

Undertaker won't let him, though, and this results in a shot from the sledgehammer. Once again, the ensuing pin only gets two.

Triple H acts like he's going to hit Undertaker in the head with the sledgehammer from way up high but Michaels grabs the sledgehammer and throws it away. Triple H just keeps telling him to end it. Shawn acts like that's what he's going to do but he continues to check on Undertaker.

In lieu of letting him stop the match, Undertaker locks in the Hell's Gate. Triple H shows up to make the save with a sledgehammer shot. He checks on Shawn and then moves over to Undertaker, who quickly locks on the Hell's Gate.

Triple H grabs the sledgehammer again while Michaels sells his injuries. They're teasing the finish. Triple H goes out, or at least he appears to. They get a good shot of Undertaker screaming. He lets go of the submission but Michaels is still out. Now Charles Robinson runs down to get in the Cell just as both men are getting back up to their feet.

Undertaker hits the chokeslam on Triple H and Robinson counts TWO. Closest two count I've ever seen.

In response to this near fall, 'Taker now choke slams Charles Robinson. What the hell is going on?

Undertaker picks up Triple H for the Tombstone and he reverses. Out of nowhere, Shawn comes back to hit Sweet Chin Music. Triple H hits the Pedigree right behind it. Pinfall attempt.




This crowd is insane.

Michaels gets in Triple H's way and gets tossed out of the ring for it. Undertaker does his "sit up deadman" spot and Triple H literally falls over in fear. He beats on him and hits the boot off the ropes. Leg drop right behind it.

Undertaker picks him up and hits the Tombstone.

Time for the pin. Michaels climbs back in and counts.




Trips is bleeding. They both slowly get up and exchange shots.

Punches exchanged and Undertaker is getting the cheers with Trips getting the boos. Off the ropes and a Tombstone misses. Triple H hits the Pedigree. Another pinfall attempt and AGAIN it only gets two.

Triple H gets over to the sledgehammer as they take forever to get up. 'Taker gets to a chair. Undertaker steps on the sledgehammer and ends up blasting Triple H with the chair. Awesome visual there.

Now it's Undertaker's turn to beat the hell out of Trips with the chair. Michaels pleads with him to stop. it's too much. 'Taker keeps going anyway. Pinfall attempt from Undertaker and Triple H kicks out.

Now it's 'Taker telling Triple H to stop. Just die, "Game."

They stare down after both getting up and Triple H lunges forward with the sledgehammer. Undertaker grabs hit and shakes his head. Triple H pushes him away. He knows he can't do it. Trips does the crotch chop and eats a sledgehammer shot to the chin as Shawn Michaels turns away.


Triple H climbs up Undertaker's leg and 'Taker picks his head up with one hand and cuts his throat with the other.





Undertaker def. Triple H.

Match of the Year. Match of the Decade. I'm in the moment but that was unbelievable.

Michaels helps Undertaker to his feet and they embrace with Michaels kissing 'Taker's head.

Undertaker does his tongue out urn celebration as the lights dim and Michaels checks on Triple H, who is selling flat on his back like he's dead while 'Taker's music plays.

Now 'Taker comes over and helps Michaels pick Triple H up off the mat. They put him over their shoulders to carry him out.

Every single thing about this match was phenomenal.

They all stand at the top of the ramp and look out at the crowd. They receive a standing ovation and they deserve every single clap.

Hall of Fame induction ceremony highlight. Now they're going to get trotted out for their applause.

They do a backstage segment with Heath Slater getting popped by Flo Rida. Nice.

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy -- They announce each guy as they come out but none of them get individual entrances. That's for both teams.

All 12 guys are going to wear their blue and red shirts representing their respective team. Which is good, I guess, because it makes it easier on us to tell who's for who. We still don't know if this is an elimination match or not.

Kofi Kingston works over Dolph Ziggler before tagging in R-Truth, who does his thing by dancing around and hitting a leg drop. Ziggler pops up and gets a drop kick that allows him to tag in Drew McIntyre. Truth tags Great Khali, who smashes McIntyre just long enough to get Booker T in on this action.

He comes in to a decent pop and kills McIntyre with the Bookend. Sideways suplex and a two count.

Booker tries to set up the scissors kick but David Otunga interferes. This leads to Booker knocking Team Johnny off the apron but getting taken out by Otunga ultimately. Swagger tags in and starts beating on Booker. A short comeback from Booker is snuffed out and he's dragged over to Team Johnny's corner where Mark Henry tags in and takes over.

He's screaming at Booker and generally scaring the shit out of everyone. He distracts the referee long enough to get his corner to do some work on Booker. Miz finally tags in and hits some of the worst knees I've ever seen. He follows up with a running knee and a near fall.

Booker continues getting beat on until Henry hits the World's Strongest Slam. This leads to Khali coming in and hitting his big chop. Time for the tag match to break down into everyone hitting finishers and utter chaos.

They set up a big spot on the outside and that leads to all the women ringside going crazy and brawling while the men sell.

Meanwhile in the ring, Santino Marella is begging for the tag from Booker and he gets it. Now it's Marella in against Miz.

He goes to work and hits a flying headbutt off the top rope. He gets out the Cobra and hits it on Miz. They botch the ensuing pinfall attempt with Ziggler supposed to make the save but he was late.

They run a few cool finishers and get to the end with Eve costing Team Teddy the match by distracting Zack Ryder just as he was about to hit the boot in the corner. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale and that gets the pin.

Team Johnny def. Team Teddy and John Laurinaitis becomes General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler sold a couple of spots like a god. Seriously, he's so amazing I can't take it.

After Team Johnny walks out, Team Teddy is left in the ring. Eve kicks Ryder in his junk and the crowd chants "Hoeski" at her as she walks out smiling.

Backstage they show Team Johnny celebrating as they walk past CM Punk. Laurinaitis stops and says Punk looks kind of angry. Like he wants to go out and beat Chris Jericho up. "Ace" says he doesn't want a brawl but a wrestling match. So if Punk loses his temper and gets disqualified, he'll lose his title.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho -- Jericho debuts his new light up jacket, complete with red colors. Punk's entrance comes with fireworks outside the stadium.

Jericho has "Best in the World" on his trunks. Looks like he's got glitter all over it, too. Kind of makes it lame. Punk takes the early edge, and he's getting vicious with what he's doing. This is obviously so the announcers can put over the fact that if he gets disqualified, he'll lose the title.

Jericho stands up and smacks Punk across the face. This leads to Punk going nuts and hitting with a closed fist to a four count. Remember, he only has to the count of five.

Jericho smacks him again to incite him. Jericho then asks Punk, "How's your father?" This leads to Punk snapping again and he's visibly shaken in the ring. I'm guessing this means his anger will get the better of him at some point and cost him the match. He goes to the top rope for the Macho Man flying elbow but Jericho slides to the outside. Punk comes off the ropes anyway and hits the forearm from the outside.

Jericho again incites Punk to get himself disqualified by bringing up Punk's sister. Punk grabs a chair but before he can use it, the referee reminds him he'll get disqualified and lose his belt. So he stops, despite Jericho's continued taunts.

Finally, Punk runs into a Jericho dropkick and Y2J takes the advantage for the first time in the match. He sets up a suplex to the outside and instead of reversing it, they actually go through with it and Punk hits hard on the outside padding.

Padding or not, that had to hurt like hell. Punk immediately sits up and looks like he got the wind knocked out of him.

They get back in the ring and Jericho keeps going to work. They replay the suplex to the outside and seriously, that looked like it hurt like hell.

Punk gets back in with a slap and these two are legitimately kicking the hell out of each other. Now Punk gets tossed and his head smacks off the mat. This is just brutal. WWE shows the replay and that was ugly. Punk getting beaten up bad here.

Jericho looks for the running bulldog spot but Punk tosses him off and just falls to the ground. He's holding onto his head and considering how slow he's moving, he might be really hurting.

They set up Punk's high knee and bulldog spot. Jericho counters and goes for the spot off the ropes but gets countered with Punk's legs up. Jericho counters that by locking in the Walls of Jericho, but Punk spins out. He goes up top for the flying elbow but gets countered.

Codebreaker from Jericho. Punk rolls out of the ring and it takes Jericho some time to get him back in there. Once tehy get back in, Punk hits the GTS out of nowhere. The pinfall attempt gets two before the referee sees Jericho's leg on the bottom rope.

They battle back before Punk hits a scoop slam coming off the ropes. Pinfall attempt gets two.

Jericho battles back and hits the Lionsault but he only gets two on that.

Holy shit, Punk tries a hurricanrana off the top rope and Jericho reverses by dropping down off the top and locking in the Walls of Jericho. Crowd finally gets really hot anticipating the finish. But no, Punk manages to get to the ropes.

Jericho gets sent to the outside by Punk after complaining at the ref that Punk tapped. Suicide dive from Punk has them both hurting on the outside. Spot in the corner with Jericho getting his head smashed off the ring post. Punk jumps in off the top rope and Jericho hits the Codebreaker.

Pinfall attempt gets two. Wow.

Punk looks for the GTS again but gets reversed. They still set it up for Punk to hit the GTS but he says "Best in the World" before going for it. Jericho reverses into the LionTamer and then the Walls of Jericho. Crowd super hot again and this has to be it.

Punk trying hard to get to the ropes but he's a long ways away. He drags over a bit but Jericho locks him in. Punk pulls himself through. Cradle gets two. Jericho reverses and gets two. Another reversal gets two. Punk reverses again and he's got the Anaconda Vice. They exchange more roll ups. Another two count. And another. Jericho again looking for the Walls. Punk kicking him in the head. Again he gets the Vice.

Jericho holds on but Punk repositions so Jericho can't reach Punk's head with his legs. Jericho fights but taps.

CM Punk def. Chris Jericho to retain the WWE championship.

Took a while but that was a damn good match by the end.


He's actually got a mic this time. He says they're going to do something special tonight. He wants everyone to reach down and pull out their phones. Because they're going to call somebody. And not just anybody ... they're going to call their mommas.

They show a donk in the crowd actually calling his mom. Everyone laughs at him.

Clay calls his mom and he says they're at WrestleMania. He says he wishes she was here. Turns out she is there. He introduces her as "Momma Clay." Out she comes and she starts dancing with a big fake suit.

This is hilarious.

Oh, god, his mom's entire Bridge Club comes out and starts dancing.

This is kind of awesome but also a weird thing to do before the main event.

Time for promos leading into the main event.

Machine Gun Kelly comes out to perform Invincible. The dude performs his song and he says tonight isn't just a wrestling match it's an overrated ego getting beat by the underdog. Crowd didn't like that at all.

Cena's music hits shortly after and the crowd is mixed. Not a ton of cheers and you can audibly hear the boos. The people booing are trying hard to drown out the cheers from the sounds of my television.

Reports from Miami are that Cena is getting booed out of the building but my TV sounds like plenty of cheers. When the music stops, the boos get really loud.

This place is going to go crazy for The Rock.

Oh, wait, Flo Rida has to perform before Rock can come out. This was the stupidest idea ever, by the way.

God, this is hideous. The crowd just wants Rock and they've had to sit through this garbage first.

Big pop for Rock when he finally comes out. He's got his chest puffed out. He's also killing time like crazy because they obviously ran short on their previous matches.

They get individual intros after the music stops and Cena gets booed heavily. Rock, meanwhile, gets a TON of cheers.

They get up close and staredown. Finally, it's time. The crowd is NUTS. They look at both sides of the crowd and who will throw first? The bell rings and the crowd goes crazy.

Finally, they lock up and no one gets the edge early. Cena throws Rock across the ring. Crowd boos as Rock gets back to his feet.

The dueling Cena chants start. It literally sounds like the same people saying "Let's Go Cena" are the ones saying "Cena Sucks."

Naturally, they tie up again and Rock tosses Cena across the ring, which Cena reacts to with that goofy ass smile. Side headlock now and this crowd is so electric, it don't matter what they do.

Rock hits a couple arm drags and a cradle pin with shocking efficiency and gets a two count. Cena pops out and has a look of surprise on his face, like he didn't expect Rock to be capable of such a thing.

Shoulder block from Rock into a hip toss from Cena. Another one into a headlock and they're on the canvas.

Rock sends Cena into the ropes and looks to send him over for a drop but Cena kicks him to stand him up. So Rock pops him. Cena snaps and runs after Rock but gets taken down. Rock looks for the sharpshooter but Cena kicks his legs furiously and slides to the outside.

He comes back in and takes control with spears in the corner. Clothesline hits hard. Cena goes into a bear hug on the mat, which looks terrible and awkward and confuses the crowd because it looked like a pin the referee wasn't counting.

They stand up and Rock battles back. He rushes Cena and gets sent to the outside when Cena pulls the top ring rope down.

To the outside and Rock gets his head bounced off the barricade. Now Cena does the same on the announce table. The ref isn't even counting. Cena gets back in the ring and just sits there while Rock sells on the outside. He hit on the ribs and Rock is selling accordingly.

The ref is asking Rock if he wants to continue like this is 'Taker vs. Triple H. He does, obviously.

Back in the ring they go and Cena has control. Belly to belly suplex gets a two count. Cena sizing Rock up while Rock sells just seems odd. Like Cena is a technical killer when that's not really his thing.

Rock battles back with punches but they run the ropes and Cena locks in another bear hug. What's up with all these bear hugs? Rock is bigger than Cena.

They drag this out forever before Rock finally comes back and hits a DDT. The ensuing pinfall attempt garners no reaction from the crowd. They don't seem all that interested in the actual match at this point. A few unruly idiots are trying to get a "Fruity Pebbles" chant going.

Not really the time for it.

Punches exchanged and Rock hits the spinebuster. He looks for the People's Elbow but Cena counters and looks for the STF. Now he hits the Five Moves of Doom and he's looking for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Still with the goofy ass smile.

Rock actually lets him hit and flops to sell for it.

They take a minute to build to Rock getting up and Cena tries the Attitude Adjustment (AA). No go and they hit the double clothesline and sell big for each other.

Time to exchange blows again. Spit flying and the crowd booing and cheering. Out of nowhere, Cena hits the AA.



OH, Rock kicks out.

Cena goes to get Rock up and Rock hits the Rock Bottom.



Oh, Cena kicks out.

It's getting crazy, folks.

Cena hits a side slam and gets a two count. The crowd pops for the big spots but isn't sustaining itself like it was in the beginning. Cena goes to the top rope and hits his leg drop as Rock sits up. That was nice.

Ensuing pin gets just two. Michael Cole is going just a tad too crazy for these pinfall attempts.

Rock locks in the sharpshooter but he barely has it locked in. Cena manages to get to the ropes and Rock has to let go. Rock resorts to the crazy punching on top move and now he's locking in the sharpshooter again.

This is for the nice visual pics and Cena provides as much. Still, the sharpshooter looks terrible. Cena gets out and Rock takes it to the outside to beat on Cena as he sells the effects of the sharpshooter.

Rock sends Cena into the steel steps. They've slowed down considerably, despite the fact that they were never really at a strong pace. Rock looks a little tired, frankly. Cena sunset flips his way into the ring and locks in the STF. They're in the middle of the ring, too.

Rock slowly makes his way over. He's talking to Cena and telling him to move to the left. They do so and Cena just gets up and repositions anyway. This looks almost as awkward as the sharpshooter.

Rock acts like he's fading out. He's not tapping but he's making it look like he's falling out. The referee is going to do the three arm lifts gimmick. Rock's arm drops the first time.

And the second, too.

But not the third. Suddenly, he's awake again and he drags his way over to the ropes. He makes it in dramatic fashion and the crowd pops for him.

If nothing else, that was a nice little rest spot for two guys who look tired as hell.

Rock hits a Samoan drop. This sets up another rest spot until they get back up and exchange boo and cheer shots again. Rock Bottom tease, AA tease and Rock hits the spinebuster. He does it on the wrong side of the hard camera but here it comes anyway.

Cole tells us Rock beat Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin with this move. Can he beat John Cena with it?

Nope. Just a two count.

They get back up and Cena tries a roll up but it only gets two.

With the crowd the way it is and the way this match has played out, we almost need a run in.

Cena catapults Rock into the corner and rolls him up but only gets two.

Cena picks Rock up and puts him on the top rope. Superplex set up but Rock knocks him off. Rock comes off the top with a crossbody and Cena rolls through and picks Rock up for the AA. He hits it.

Holy shit, the ref only gets to two. That was an insanely close count. Thought that was it.

Cena gets up and looks at his wristband. He nods his head and pushes Rock's arms in. He's going to hit the People's Elbow. Holy shit, he does it. Rock pops up and hits the Rock Bottom.




Holy shit, Rock wins. Rock wins. Rock wins.

Michael Cole: "He solidifies himself as "The Great One."

Cena didn't sell at all, he slid out of the ring and he's now staring at Rock in the ring. Cole now saying he doesn't feel like there was a loser in this thing. It was more like the last team that got the ball won. That's a shit explanation but I suppose it works for what they want to do.

The Rock celebrates in the ring as they fade out.


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