WrestleMania 28 betting odds for complete match card: John Cena, Undertaker, CM Punk all favorites

via www.wrestlingvalley.org

Believe it or not, betting sites like Bovada have released lines for all eight matches currently scheduled to take place at WrestleMania 28 on April 1, 2012, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

If you're truly confident in your theory that The Rock is going to pin John Cena in the center of the ring, hey, you can make some money on it. He's an underdog, too.

But if you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt -- like Sergio and I do -- that Cena is going over clean because there just isn't another acceptable outcome, then lay your money on him.

But, as stated, there are seven other matches ripe for the picking as well.

Let's break 'em down one by one after the jump (betting lines are current as of this writing):

The Rock (+150) vs. John Cena (-200)

According to reports from mostly reliable pro wrestling websites, the plan for a while now has been to have Cena go over here. And, really, there aren't a lot of other options. The only way Rock wins is if he's going to be around for yet another extended program and at this point, it looks extremely unlikely that's what we're headed for.

Undertaker (-900) vs. Triple H (+500)

The most obvious outcome of any match on the card. Triple H is not going to be the guy to end the Streak. They've done as much as possible to make us believe as much but we're to the point now that we're just not buying it anymore.

CM Punk (-200) vs. Chris Jericho (+150)

There's a very real chance here that Punk drops the title so he can win it back at Extreme Rules next month in Chicago to wrap filming on his DVD. Or they go the other way and he wins here to lose it in his hometown, which certainly wouldn't be beneath WWE.

Daniel Bryan (+170) vs. Sheamus (-250)

WWE has spent entirely too much time pushing Sheamus -- almost a full year -- to not pay this off. That's without mentioning the fact they had him win the Royal Rumble, even if it was just a swerve to trick fans who had figured out that Chris Jericho was originally set to win it. That could mean Bryan will win here just because it seems so obvious Sheamus is going over but WrestleMania isn't the time to pull moves like that.

Team Johnny (-300) vs. Team Teddy (+200)

The heel team (Johnny) looks so much better than the babyface team, it's hard to imagine a scenario that sees Team Teddy coming away victorious here. Teddy Long is getting up there in age and John Laurinaitis is the hot new heel act fans can really make use of. Time to move on.

Cody Rhodes (-140) vs. Big Show (EVEN)

No one quite knows how the hell this thing is going to play out. Does Show win the Intercontinental title despite the fact that he was just chasing the world heavyweight championship and spent so much time in the main event on Smackdown? Or does Rhodes go over clean and get a rub from the big man? What's more desirable? Figure this one out, Cagesiders. We certainly can't.

Randy Orton (-500) vs. Kane (+300)

In the biggest "who cares" match of the night, Randy Orton is likely going to steamroll Kane because, well, who cares?

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos (-300) vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve (+200)

With the news that Menounos broke two ribs during training for Dancing With The Stars recently, this match went from bad to worse. She's still set to compete, by all accounts, but she won't get much time in the ring and the others will be relied on for the heavy lifting. That means the heels might just end up going over here simply because they can work more.

Those are the betting lines as of today, folks. Anyone actually going to try to win some money?

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