Who will induct who at this Saturday's (March 31, 2012) WWE Hall of Fame ceremony?

WWE Hall of Fame logo

Earlier today, my Cageside colleague Keith Harris reported a slight change in plans regarding who would be inducting former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was long suspected "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would get the honors but as Harris wrote in his article, the duty has switched over to D-Generation X members Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

The duo were pegged to induct The Four Horsemen -- Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and J.J. Dillon -- but have since been replaced in that slot by "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

But what of the other inductees? Four other "Class of 2012" members remain so who will usher them into WWE immortality? The Wrestling Observer has the skinny on the not too surpising list.

  • Edge - Longtime partner and former "brother" Christian will have the honor of inducting "The Rated R Superstar." This should come as no surprise as their friendship dates back all the way to their high school days.
  • Ron Simmons - In another no-brainer, the first African American world champion will be inducted by fellow Acolyte and APA member John Bradshaw Layfield. Before "JBL" broke out as one of the top rulebreakers in WWE, his tandem with Simmons provided bone-crunching matches and belly-aching laughs.
  • Yokozuna - The late Superstar is set to be ushered in by his cousin, former WWE Superstar Rikishi and his twin sons, current WWE tag team Jimmy and Jey Uso. While rumors that Yokozuna's iconic WrestleMania IX and X opponent, Bret Hart, might get the honors, it seems Vince McMahon and company preferred to keep the matter inside the family.
  • Mil Mascaras - The lucha libre legend will be inducted by his nephew, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Having last competed in October in Japan, Mil Mascaras enters the Hall of Fame as one of the, if the most iconic figure in all of Mexican wrestling. Del Rio, having been on the shelf with an injury since December, has only showed up once on WWE TV since. A return for the Mexican wrestler can't be far off.

Hard to argue with the list WWE put together. As opposed to when William Shatner infamously inducted Jerry "The King" Lawler, each entrant has a close and personal history with whomever they're paired off with.

The ceremony won't see airwaves until next Monday but Cageside will be providing live notes since we love you all so much.

Who's speech are you looking forward to the most, Cagesiders?

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